It’s A Long Way Back Raising A Four Year Old At 52…

It’s a long way back finding myself raising a four year old. I have no idea how long this will be my circumstance. This all hinges on Mom and Dad. If they can get it together enough to have her back. If not, I’m in it for the long haul.

I have been raising kids and taking care of people my whole life. My Mom, my kids and now a grandchild. I’m not complaining, it simply is what I have done. Just when I thought I was going to have the time to work on me as a person I find my life is taking another detour. I was so hoping to be able to make money with music somehow. I keep working on it and submitting my stuff everywhere I find that is free to do. I even enter jingle contests and promotional stuff lol. My God I just want to get paid! Pay me in freakin chocolate, at this point I don’t care! I just want to know that what I do with these two hands is worth something to someone! I have this need to be compensated. Finding how and where to put my enterprising efforts seems to be my quandary.

When I look into the eyes of this beautiful child I see desperation and real need. I am happy to be able to make a positive difference in this little gals life. I have spent the week trying to get her on a life schedule that she will be able to count on. She seems to love the routine of a nightly bath and bedtime story. Along with plenty of home-cooked and meals out! The kid has been eating like crazy. She has had a bad cold with a nasty cough the last few days. We have been sleeping very little… I took her to the Dr Friday.
She just has been coughing like crazy. Can’t wait to be done with sick…this is a long way back…up all night with a sick little one.



Author: tynajoymetzner

I've been a stay at home Mom for many years...Have earned a PhD in life experience. My oldest is 33 and my youngest is 15. This year, I adopted my 5 year old Granddaughter. On a quest to see all that I can be now. I am a musician, singer/ songwriter. In the process of trying to become marketable. Please visit and subscribe to my YouTube channel Would love to make money doing what I love! I love to do many domestic things also. Nothing I do seems to be profitable. Guess I am at a point in life that I would like to be compensated . My whole life I have given freely. I recently had a the wonderful opportunity to submit my music to Warner Bros Records for consideration to the label! They liked my music but requested that I get in the game by acquiring 20k followers. Appearantly, that what it takes to get signed to a major label! Sure WB, I'm working on it! You have to have a huge following to land a recording contract. Gone are the days where a label can and will make you...

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