Universe Hear My Plea

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I always say that I have a PhD in life experience. I keep gaining more of that experience the older I get. I’m looking for a way to change my life circumstances as I find that I am sorely dissatisfied. I greatly wish to command personal satisfac

tion through achieving something that I create. I wish to find empowerment through sharing my life experience.  One of these fine days I’m going to find my niche and create a better path for myself. Surely the Universe hears my plea for change? I have chosen to convey my current life circumstance and overall discontent through a song that I wrote last year. I was insistent on copywriting this song as it pretty much sums up life currently. I had hoped that the process of writing, creating and executing would empower me and propell me into my greater self that is in here, I swear. The greater self that has had enough and wishes to be self reliant. I thought that if I had a copywrite, the document itself would remind me that I’m better than a lot of this that I endure. I had hoped that maybe my life experience would help someone else recognize and take steps toward empowerment. So I set about trying to get this heard… I was sad that I really got no response back. Other than Facebook friends claiming to like it, I didn’t see any interest in it. It is however a true extension of my personal experience and hope for change. It was the greatest experience to create it and I am still personally proud of it!

Something More Than Nothing

Why can’t you see that I’m real and breathing and I have a wish to fulfill. I want to know that there’s more than nothing.  In my heart I know that there’s something. I know there’s been times before that I, I should’ve walked out that door and I, sometimes think that I want to- but I know, how far can I go, it’s not just me so I just have to be…

I find myself trying to explain things away, but the pain of loving you, follows me. So I wait for the day I can feel free, to be just me. So I wait, for the day, that I can change-  something more than nothing.

If I could do it all again differently, I’d write, a better part for me. I’d show the world just who I can be, the queen, of something more than nothin!

I’d take the time to invest in me- to see all that I can be. It’s not enough to settle for nothing. If your heart tells you this than find something and you’ll see, just like me, that you can do something more than nothing.

*I still have a burning desire to make this particular part of my life experience count for something. It would be poetic justice on so many levels!!










Author: tynajoymetzner

I've been a stay at home Mom for many years...Have earned a PhD in life experience. My oldest is 33 and my youngest is 15. This year, I adopted my 5 year old Granddaughter. On a quest to see all that I can be now. I am a musician, singer/ songwriter. In the process of trying to become marketable. Please visit and subscribe to my YouTube channel https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCWn_VTumL1QLpukYEamtzcg. Would love to make money doing what I love! I love to do many domestic things also. Nothing I do seems to be profitable. Guess I am at a point in life that I would like to be compensated . My whole life I have given freely. I recently had a the wonderful opportunity to submit my music to Warner Bros Records for consideration to the label! They liked my music but requested that I get in the game by acquiring 20k followers. Appearantly, that what it takes to get signed to a major label! Sure WB, I'm working on it! You have to have a huge following to land a recording contract. Gone are the days where a label can and will make you...

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