Birdy Hospice I Hadn’t Intended To Be

On this the first day of my 53rd year here upon this earth you would think by now I would have learned the following…

You can’t save the world so quit trying. Prime example, I found a baby bird that couldn’t fly in my front yard. I saw the bird as I was venturing out on my walk.  I vowed to check on it when I returned. I had a conversation in my head about how I really didn’t want to get involved because I have never had much luck rehabilitating injured wildlife. When I returned it was still in the same spot. The flys were biting him and the AZ temp and scorching sun were intensifying with every minute. I decided that I really didn’t have the heart to leave him there to bake…

I grabbed a nice basket that I had and lined it with a hand towel. I picked him carefully up with a washcloth in hand. That’s when it happened… I looked into this birds eyes and I felt his desperate need for help. He was precious as can be and he seemed to almost appreciate being in the basket. I found an old lid to a jar, filled it with water and raised it to his beak. He appeared to drink. My thirteen year old was enthralled with his cuteness. I had a ton of family obligations for the day as it was my grandsons birthday. I had to go shopping and attend the birthday party along with other errands. I was beginning to stress out about how I was going to be able to care for this precious befallen creature. I knew that I would have to figure out what to feed it. I tried digging for worms in the yard and mashing them up. My daughter and I looked online and found that I could feed it with a paint brush. I boiled an egg and soaked cat food to try to feed this little guy…

It became apparent that I really needed to get him some professional help. I took him to two different vets. Neither vet could help. They gave me a flyer with phone numbers for private wildlife rehabs locally. It was a Friday afternoon and no one was answering the phone. As the day wore on I fell in love with this sweet creature. I  just adored him. I was very worried  as I was unable to get anyone with real help to call me back. 

We went to dinner and I was worried about what I was going to do with this sweet baby. When I got home, it was the first thing I did. I checked on him only to find him dying. I made another attempt at feeding him. He died in a washcloth, in my hands within 10 minutes of my return. This for whatever reason made me furious! I felt so helpless and so angry! I couldn’t believe how this impacted me. This little beautiful creature that I could’nt save, broke my heart to pieces. I cried, I swore, I was beyond frustrated… I quickly realized that my fury was beyond the death of this bird. I hate being faced with situations that I can’t fix! I really get pissed off when I feel helpless!  I don’t  do feeling powerless well. Omg I was just devestated by this birds passing. I also realize that I have unresolved feelings about my father recently passing away. Most likely about death period. Losing people and pets to death is painful! 

  R.I.P. My bird friend… We cared about you!

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Author: tynajoymetzner

I've been a stay at home Mom for many years...Have earned a PhD in life experience. My oldest is 33 and my youngest is 15. This year, I adopted my 5 year old Granddaughter. On a quest to see all that I can be now. I am a musician, singer/ songwriter. In the process of trying to become marketable. Please visit and subscribe to my YouTube channel Would love to make money doing what I love! I love to do many domestic things also. Nothing I do seems to be profitable. Guess I am at a point in life that I would like to be compensated . My whole life I have given freely. I recently had a the wonderful opportunity to submit my music to Warner Bros Records for consideration to the label! They liked my music but requested that I get in the game by acquiring 20k followers. Appearantly, that what it takes to get signed to a major label! Sure WB, I'm working on it! You have to have a huge following to land a recording contract. Gone are the days where a label can and will make you...

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