Tax Credit For Career Homemakers

The wind was howling last night. It was a crazy windy night that will have everyone’s allergies at a peak today. I worried about my bird friends in the lantern getting tossed around. I checked on them and Mom was tending to her brood. She didn’t even seem to mind me looking in at them. She looked me straight in the eye and just stayed there! I wonder if she is rethinking establishing her nest in the lantern?

Zoe has a Lacrosse game tonight. Clear across town so I have to sign her out early from school to be able to make it in time. Busy busy always! This weekend is supposed to be a clean the garage weekend. The hope is to build shelves and stack everything on the shelves so we can park the new van in there lol. I will do the dance of joy in the street when we can accomplish this feat. For years the garage has been in disarray and pain to navigate! Forget parking anything as tools and seasonal stuff in bins had taken over. To actually be able to use the garage to park a car in…unfathomable!

I’m in a creative lull as I regroup my energy. Car shopping was a month long distraction with complete laser focus. What a lot of energy spent on procuring a vehicle! Geez… This video depicts my day to day life. The life of a career homemaker with a hope for more. It’s rather comical. I would hope that Rick Davies wouldn’t mind my silly interpretation? No offense intended! 

Casual Conversations- written by Rick Davies 

I think the government ought to give you tax incentives or a tax break/ write off to career homemakers specifically. I think that our free service to the community of family ought to be worth something. I think having a support person at home ought to be worth monetary compensation come tax time. A nod for charity at home. Charity begins at home right? 

Most people receive a paycheck for their efforts. Career homemakers do all of the things that nobody else want to do with no pay other than the success of their family members… The least we could get is a nod or tax incentive for recognition lol!

Where’s My PhD (The School Of Hard Knocks)

I get the biggest kick out of watching them succeed! This you will always have my dears the beginning of your dream. Life’s triumphs are but far and few between- and all that is coming, of yet, remains to be seen.

What I am wondering is where’s my PhD ? A life of hard knocks has been the life for me.. I’ve earned it and I’d like to know which University, hands out diplomas ,to people just like me? Life experience and plenty of hard places…I found my way out of many tight spaces. In retrospect I can see, the wisdom in all thats come to be but I still want that PhD!

That frame-able reminder of all that I’ve been through. Knowing it’s been worth something and that others see it to. The work it’s been to get here and the sense of pride I feel. It might sound silly to you, but to me it’s a big deal! I want that piece of paper that acknowledgement to me, a handshake and a nod from alumni and faculty… The accomplishment that comes after all the hard works done…I want my second act now, it’s time to have some fun!

Be a mover and a shaker and really kick some ass but do it with dignity and hopefully with class. Be a world beater but be kind to those you meet, be the best that you can be and don’t feel you have to compete. For the world has plenty of room for those with PhD’s in life experience, this I tell myself when I’m tired and delirious.

For those who have taken care of others and been the overseers, I want to impart kudos to you for you really are great leaders! For teaching the world that it’s ok to help others accomplish a goal. Makes you instrumental in the world,as a whole! For it takes a village as one wise woman proclaimed. You can take that knowledge and hopefully no shame, that you have helped the greater good and probably overcame- obstacles in abundance, frustration and some blame.

So this I have to say, Congratulations on earning this degree! The School Of Hard Knocks acknowledges your hard work and tenacity! I give to you this honorary degree of PhD in Applied Life Science of Hard Knocks and Misery. Now go out there and make this ole world a better place to be! The possibilities are endless for those with this degree.

Philosophers, life coaches and writers all take heed, their are no greater teachers than our lives that we all must lead. The education comes to us all in different ways, the hows and whys differ but the result is all the same. Whatever our misfortune, our plight to overcome, we look upon our history, this is what we draw from. We find a way to make “it” work whatever “It”, may be and this is how we navigate life’s harsh adversity.

So when you gaze upon my plaque and question my credentials, I’ll have you look into my soul and show you my life’s hurdles. That got me to this place of honor that I hold today . This I will always look upon, cherish and display! For I have knowledge and wisdom that only life can teach. I feel accomplished and confident that I have truly reached, a level worthy of excepting this prestigious PhD, and I’m so glad Ive had the chance to learn all that I can be! Now here’s to fun and happiness for all eternity! Learnings done and funs begun and maybe I will see, the journey that I took, didn’t come from a book…It came from me!
* This is just thoughts that came to me one lazy Sunday morning while I was drinking my coffee. I commend all of you have taken your time and great effort to achieve true education and a degree!


Indelible Ink And Stinky Deals

This is the only copy that I have of a musical that my Mom wrote the year before I was born. She was actually able to put this production together and perform this at the Roseville Civic Theater in California. I hear that this went over well and was a ton of fun to do. I heard about this musical many times when I was growing up. Mom spoke of it often, it must have been her crowning achievement! She was multitalented and I can say, that I never knew a more multi faceted jewel of a person!

Dad wrote this shortly after proving his Vacuum Extrusion Process that is widely known as Owens Corning Pink “Foamular”. This was his life’s work! His invention of a useful polystyrene insulation used in construction and under roads.

My parents were movers and shakers! Brilliant people who together, helped to create a whole new insulation industry…a family project at inception. My father scoped out and rented a hillside in Fairview, PA. He built a pilot plant with extruders and hand designed/crafted dies. My sister and I would carry the extruded test product from the lower building to the upper building for density testing. I watched my mother pull hair pins out of her hair to fashion a clip to use on a conveyor belt that carried extruded bead board to the lower chamber… This took a couple of years to build and fine tune. The extruded bead board had to be a certain denisity and within specific perimeters to be just what Dad needed it to be. Many frustrating, long, arduous days and a painstaking process to perfect but they did! Mom and Dad were the pioneers of vacuum extrusion.

Then came the two year process of proving, pitching and selling the process. My parents had exhausted all of their resources in building and proving this process. Dad had taken a 4 year hiatus from work to build and prove this process. He had been a plastics engineer for many years working for various companies. Zurn industries comes to mind. Sinclair Coppers is another. Anyway, by the time Dad was able to get this process sold, he and my Mom were scraping bottom financially. When NRM, Condec/Conplast picked Dad up, they put together a contract that Dad reluctantly accepted because he felt he couldn’t do better. He didn’t have a good attorney. He wasn’t a big business money man. Dad was a scientist. Needless to say,  Dad and Mom were always dissatisfied with the contract, they knew it was worth so much more! Both of them knew it was far less than what they should have had. They had been desperate and settled for a pittance of what they should/could have had. Within 10 years, NRM sold the process to Owens Corning… Mom and Dad should have been wealthy beyond their wildest dreams…The contract that Dad entered in to was horrible! He died penniless and forever resentful of the contract he had signed… Torturous! So sad! To have spent his life’s work inventing such a widely known product to die a poor man seems un fathomable to me. When I go into Home Depot and see the product he invented on the shelves, I feel proud of my Father! When I see buildings under construction using Foamular, I tear up with pride for my father. For him, these things became a reminder of regret…

Life lesson…#1 be careful of the contracts you sign, you might regret it. #2 get an attorney worth a damn not some hack of a patent attorney from Erie, PA…

Be weary of big companies who just want to roll you and, the Scott Shafflers of this world!!!

*Most important, don’t be desperate for a deal… I have no clue how anyone strikes a good deal. Where is a “Shark Tank”  guy when you need one? Lol…Awwwww!

This is Dad’s clock. I gave it to him when I was 19 and he was jet setting off to foreign countries to design and build polystyrene insulation plants!

A reminder of how time is ticking for all of us!

Practical Wins Out While Colouring My World

Finally, the drama and exhaustive search is over. Here she is, an American beauty. Chrysler discontinued making these. The Pacifica is their new van. This is last years model. With low miles, this just made sense to us. The SUV’s were so expensive. Other vans didn’t have the standard options that we wanted. Stow and Go rather than taking seats and the bench out. The entertainment package with a DVD player, remote and headphones. Leather interior. Tri-Zone AC.  Those kinds of features sold us this car.

I think she drives like a dream. I am thrilled to have this vehicle. No more falling on my head hatch when I would put groceries away. Two clicks on my key and the hatch comes up. Automatic sliding doors on both sides… plenty of USB and technology ports. Just a great vehicle with less than 14K miles on it. Thrilled with this find!

Meanwhile, spring is everywhere here in Phoenix. Check out what I found in one of my hanging lanterns…

Five hungry babies!

What a find huh? Nature is resourceful, just look at the beautiful windows lol. Smart bird! This shields them from the wind for sure! Charming and so adorable. 

Spring Fever!

Colour My World-written by Chicago- My piano, vocal and flute cover.

Have a great Thursday all!

Haggle Free If Only It Could Be Another Kind Of Fools Overture

Car buying has always been a pain. Even with “haggle” free policies, it is time consuming and a painstaking process. You would think that it could be easy once you know what it is that you want to buy? We have searched this valley high and low. We have decided that we want to purchase a 2016 Town & Country Touring Van in either, Granite, Grey or Charcoal. Simple, it should be right?

They seem to be right around our price range. They have lowish miles most around 26K miles or less. The Town&Country Touring has the stow n go seats in the back, allowing you to put them away and haul things. The options are perfect for family life and trips. It just seems like a practical vehicle for our needs. Not the price of SUV’s but room to take kids to games and on trips! My favorite color is the Granite. They are harder to come by because they are highly sought after. The car buying process has worn us down. The dickering and the games… we have been to the table negotiating on two different vehicles. The first deal fell apart over $300.00 difference. Husband got mad and stuck at price point. Don’t blame him, they had us give them a huge check, our old van and another $1500 check on top and then wanted us to make payments on $300.00 bucks… Too much giving lol.. so we left…

The last incident was totally ridiculous!  This particular company, Bill Luke Chrysler on Camelback Rd. here in Phoenix, emphasizes that if you don’t finance with them, the cost of the vehicle you buy will be 1K more! They get a kick back from the lender for every application they generate. They receive more money for every approved credit app they submit. This seems to be a real trend with the dealerships. Cash is no longer king with them. In fact, this particular dealership is hyper focused on financing through them. So much so that they risked and did blow up our deal! After we negotiated a solid accepted offer, we made out the bank draft which is essentially like handing them cash… The sales guy took the draft to the finance guy and came back telling us that we needed to fill out a credit application. My husband was furious! Since when do they have to run your credit when you pay cash for something? They salesperson simply told us that is how they do business. We don’t need another ding on our credit report especially when we have essentially cash for the deal. Our own secured financing!  My husband got so angry that he snatched the check out of the salesmans hand and we stormed out! They were going to run the credit app to get the kickback from their lenders without even giving us the 1K incentive deal… they blew up a cash deal over whatever kickback they thought they could get through running our credit application.

To add insult to injury, the dealership kept calling us the next day to see if we would come back in and do the deal. They offered no better deal, just come back and buy the car. My husband told them if they have no better offer for the trouble and hassel they created, forget it! They had a sizable check in hand that they let walk by trying to be sneaky and underhanded with side deals. Needless to say, we tore up that bank draft.

The research online, along with chatting with salespeople takes my days. We have looked at and have driven many now. I think we have pretty much exhausted the Phoenix market! Boy we are getting an education on car buying. 

We chose to get our financing through a federal credit union. The interest rate is terrific so it will help with the monthly payments. We were approved for up to a certain amount of money. We are trying of course, to stay below that amount and get the best deal that we can! We only pay on what we use of the loan…

We are finding this process to be so not fun! I wish I could wake up to a Granite 2016 Town&Country Touring Van in my driveway lol.. I can’t wait to be finished with this life lesson.

On another note, or several of them…

I was glad to spend some time yesterday playing. Stress relief!!!!

Spring Break Kicking Tires And Irons In The Fire

Clarice is a beauty and such a good friend of mine. You won’t find her anywhere visible when the kids all come over… not a kid type of cat. 
Spring break is here and today is a rather quiet day. Britt dropped the kids with me this am. so that she could get a haircut. I made a nice breakfast for the gang. We enjoyed the patio on this a beautiful Phoenix Saturday. This is the time we really enjoy our patio and yard! Allergies bother most of us and we just deal with them. Pollen count is high here for trees, juniper and mesquite. Over the counter steroid nose spray is a lifesaver especially in the Phoenix Spring and Fall allergy seasons.

Tom is a great student. He is on the Dean’s list and participated in the school spelling bee. 

Lizzy is to be a flower girl in a wedding today. Zoe and I did her hair and makeup for this occasion.

Wish I had video taped this shot rather than just a pic. The shot he took here actually went in the basket! 

Aaron just got glasses. His parents just found out that his eyesight is really a challenge for him. I sure know what that is like as my eyesight has been bad since I was a baby. Thank God for corrective lens and contacts! Hopefully his new glasses will open up his world! I bet it will greatly help in his development in many areas. I’m so grateful that now, he can see well!

All boy! Nate loves all kinds of sports and to dance. He’s a great dancer!  Love to watch him dance.

Some Days you just want to play… this was one of those days…I actually think maybe I would do better it’s my channels if I didn’t try to sing lol…


Have a great weekend! Wherever you go there you are. I think we are going to go out looking at cars. Kicking tires is fun and an education in futility and patience.

Brewing Stewing And Turtle Oohing

I wake up and smell the coffee, each morning when I rise. It’s the first thing that I think about when I open up my eyes. I can’t wait to pour a cup, it’s the best thing about getting up- That delicious rich bold flavorful cup, of Folgers really perks me up.

I look forward most to my favorite cup of Original roast…

No matter how you brew, Folgers has a flavor just for you!

The best part of waking up, is Folgers in your cup!

Folger’s Jingle Contest my SoundCloud Track-

This kind of comes off sarcastic and comical… I wonder if other Jingle Contest entrants felt the same about their submissions? I really feel 😜 silly.  I wish however that I was the vehicle in which to be able to get myself there.There being some kind of success. I think mostly I end up being a joke! Try as I might, that is always where I seem to put myself, at the butt of a joke. In my defense, I’m just an unpaid career homemaker! Kind of like Edith Bunker from the show, All In The Family. Now, I’m dating myself. Meanwhile I’ll stick to what I’m good at, career caregiving and kicking my own butt!

These beautiful creatures were sunning themselves as I jogged by the pond on my route. I had to do a double take and snap a pic. I love these turtles! The duck too …Ooh!