Look At Me I’m A Speck Of Sand

Whirlwind California vacation. A flurry of activity and a lot of miles traveled. We put over 2500 miles on our car in six days. The vacation was centered around seeing relatives. We were however able to squeeze in some time to admire the great Pacific Ocean, tour Stanford University, visit the Apple Campus as well as Google’s Campus. We took in some of the wonderful diversity in the Silicon Valley as we were witness to a beautiful Indian wedding ritual. Spuring us to seek out a delicious Indian food dinner while in the San Jose area.

Amelia had a wonderful time looking for shells and small creatures. It was so windy that day! This was taken in Monterey, CA.

Windy and oh so chilly but, invigorating. A 45+ degree temperature change from the 108 degree Phoenix weather we had just come from.

We made our way to my hometown, Morro Bay, CA. We only had about 5 hours there. I loved every second of being home… As soon as I saw Morro Rock, I felt a sense of joy and peace…Such a gorgeous area that I used to take for granted! I lived in San Luis Obispo county for 36 years.

This is a wonderful quaint little place off the water that I would go to for my Karaoke fix. I would come here to sing. I have never been able to completely ignore the musical side of me that wants go come out and play.

While I was in Morro Bay, this song kept running through my thoughts and my heart. Part of me is so frustrated that I can’t get anyone to listen! Going home is kind of lonely thing to do. My immediate family has no ties to the area and they don’t share in my joy for being there.  

“Look at me, I’m a speck of sand…”

Two Of  Us is written by Roger Hodgson. 


Two Of Us Cover With Vocals

I decided that I would attempt the whole cover in its entirety with vocals. Rogers voice is unique and difficult to cover.

Two Of Us is written by Roger Hodgson.  This was a huge challenge to attempt.  I am however quite happy with this. 

I just finished my California vacation. I will be writing a post in the next few days. Hope all of you had a wonderful Memorial Day weekend!

Summer Is Here Oh Dear 

Disappointment is looming within me. All of this that I do in music is close to my heart. Some of the songs that I learn and generate touch me so personally. Others are a brief infatuation. Some, I am so excited to share for a multitude of reasons. Originals of course are always like that because they come from deep inside of your “artistic” place obviously. Some covers though feel more special than others. The challenge to put together or maybe just the chord progressions that grip you emotionally. The intensity and energy that they are to do mentally… Anyway, when you are on fire for what it is you have done that you are really pleased with and it falls flat… such a lonely feeling! You feel so misunderstood and you wonder why others don’t want to share in your joy. Almost makes you question your own perception and perspective! You begin to wonder why you feel so excited about something nobody else has any interest in taking the time to listen to! I pick covers of songs many times that aren’t hits. Obscurity is probably part of the issue with my latest SoundCloud cover. As with originals, obscure sounds are hard to get people to listen to. My originals are so difficult to get heard!  

This cover makes me happy to share because of the intensity it took to produce the outcome. In this, I am beaming…Something about this one is very special to me. 

Here is the link.

⬇️ click on my picture and it will take you there…


This week, actually Tuesday is the last day of school for my Kindergarten gal. I think it’s sweet she doesn’t want it to end! She has been tearful about her school year being finished! She has had the best experience I could have hoped for! A wonderfully patient and good teacher! My little gal is starting to read and has a love of books and reading! Amelia has learned so much and had a lot of fun with the process! I’m thrilled with her progress.

In this past week, I attended two end of the year class preformances and a late Mother’s Day lunch with daughter Britt. Britt took me to lunch at a beautiful outdoor Aviary in downtown Chandler. The weather was beautiful and the birds chirped and spoke to all of us while we ate. The food was delicious and the company terrific! Such a nice Mother’s Day lunch out!

Aaron’s performance….

Amelia’s performance…

It was hat day, crazy hair day, PJ day, Hawaiian and Western Day all this past week… 

Zoe finished school this week and I ran a bunch of her friends around to lunch…

Crazy busy but many fun times for all… We are going to squeeze in a vacation to California here soon. A visit to my native state and the ocean is just what I need. Only a five day trip but a welcome change from the desert! Summer is here…kids will be home and oh boy… 

Have a great Sunday!

Two Of Us Cover

Two Of Us is written by Roger Hodgson. This is my cover of the song. I used a guitar voice on my keyboard in lew of a piano voice. I did the guitar/ piano track on AudioCopy. I played the saxophone solo with my keyboard and lastly, the vocals track. Oh my gosh this was fun to do!!! I tried… it is what it is lol. 

Here is the link to my cover.

I love Roger’s original. It is the most beautiful song! Plenty of unique and interesting chords! I play by ear and really had to listen to be able to discern the chords. I’m sure I missed a few of them but the jist and framework of the song is there. I love being able to get close when covering songs. If you are familiar with my blog posts than you know that I have a real appreciation for the musical talents of Roger Hodgson and Rick Davies. Two very different and unique songwriting styles and sounds! Love them each so much. I believe that Roger Hodgson actually writes large. He composes in full orchestra sound. I believe that Rick Davies songs are a little less grandeous and are played pretty straightforward. I love both styles of these incredibly talented guys.

I cover a few songs of each songwriter… I bring a female perspective to these very male vocals. Lol I haven’t figured out if my female perspective of these songs is appreciated… I do get the most fan comments from my Rick Davies covers on my YouTube Channel. 

Here are a few of my Rick Davies Covers…

This remains my most viewed YouTube cover of all

Now my Roger Hodgson covers are only on my SoundCloud Channel…

Here are a link to my Roger Hodgson Covers-

I have studied these Supertramp songs for many years and I have decided that I feel more connected to them having covered them. A big huge fan of each and every song they ever did. I haven’t researched them as people, only their songs. I have no keen trivia or mind blowing gossip to tell. I have just chosen to know the music from their souls, intimately…

So far I’ve not heard any kind of feedback from either songwriter personally. I did hear that people like me anger and frustrate Roger’s manager… People like me, (are huge fans) who, want to share in the love for the music by playing it! That’s all! What’s the harm in that?! Who, exactly am I hurting? 

I haven’t heard anything at all about ruffling the feathers of Rick Davies “camp”. Not one of my Rick Davies covers have ever been taken down on my YouTube channel. Notice, you won’t find a Roger Hodgson cover on my YouTube channel… just a fact I’ve had to learn the hard way. This particular artist is very touchy about use of his music. I have yet to encounter any one else having an issue with my covers…

Anyway, I was so taken by this beautiful original I just had to learn to play it!  I’ll leave today’s post with my new cover friend,

Ooey Gooey And Just Perfect For Mother’s Day

I usually buy the popular brand of semi- homemade products. I have no clue why I tried this other than it was at least a dollar cheaper. It was for Mother’s Day weekend and I thought what the heck… It was different right from the start. It came with a special cinnamon glaze as well as the icing. You slather the cinnamon spirals with the cinnamon glaze and bake them. After they come out of the oven you ice them with the provided icing. I can not tell you how good these were! I was amazed by how much more delicious these are in comparison to the name brand product! These are amazingly good! I will buy this product over any other I’ve tried when buying semi-homemade cinnamon rolls.

My family enjoyed these so very much. They were perfect! Thank you Kroger!

On Sunday, I was taken to a beautiful brunch @ Talking Stick Resort. We have done this buffet several times before. It wasn’t as good as we were hoping for. Extremely expensive and the food just wasn’t up to par this year. It was however lovely and fun thing to do once you get finished standing in line for an hour and a half…

This Mothers Day was also Zoe’s Birthday. It was the first time that Mother’s Day fell on her birthday that I can recall. So, we shared the day… she enjoyed her birthday party the weekend before this year so it was just our immediate family.

We had a nice quiet day. Now back to the business of life… Wednesday is the last day of school for Zoe. Amelia has another week to go. Crazy busy! 

I think this video depicts my thoughts on Mother’s Day and kids… Colour My World written by James Pankow.

I hope you had a wonderful Mother’s Day! 

A Couple Of Boxes Of Clairol And A New Perspective

I’m not ashamed to tell you that I color my own hair. The salon prices are ridiculous and I would rather spread what little monthly fun money I have on other things… I realize it may not even look that great but I’m okay with just trying to look good lol.

Who the heck cares… I tried lol! I will however use the rest of my gift certificate to get a pedicure. I think I have $10.00 left of a gift certificate that was given to me for Valentine’s Day. I like having nice smooth feet! I beat the heck out of my feet from walk/jogging and running around constantly… I like having nice feet for sandals! 

Praying For Time-

This comes to the forefront of my mind… I am once again reminded of the fragility of life. A sophomore that my daughter Zoe is aquainted with died suddenly this week! A little gal who had a lot going for her who was involved with theater and probably many activities… much like my own daughter! A gal who posted only a few days before her passing about a swimsuit that she wanted to have… No indication of any illness or complaint, just teenage musing in her social media posts. 

Shot down by a brain aneurysm! A catastrophic brain bleed… Here one day and gone way too soon!!! I haven’t been able to let go of and shake the sadness of this gals passing. I can’t imagine the pain her parents are navigating from. A gal so full of promise, hopes and dreams… I keep trying to understand how and why! So very sad. We all think we can make all of these plans and we forget how quickly things can change!

My little “World”, sure did change perspective this week…My heart aches for these strangers that I have never met. I don’t mean to impose my sadness on my readers… just a reminder to savor all of the good that comes into your lives. Leave no stone unturned and say the words to those you cherish.  Figure out what you want to accomplish here and begin trying to execute your desires. Time is fleeting! Be the best you that you can be… Sometimes a couple of boxes of Clariol helps…