Colour My World And My Hair 

Colour My World is written by James Pankow of “Chicago”.

Here is my Piano, Vocal and Flute Cover with family pics…

Kind of my Mom’s Day tribute… I love all of these kids.

They definitely “Colour My World”!

This month has been crazy with all of the end of the school year activities. Here you get my blog post in video form today.

I’m researching what I should color my hair today. I think I would like to make myself over. Time to reinvent myself? Again??? Haven’t done a new hair color in awhile…


Reliving My Youth One Cover At A Time

Here is my YouTube link to my cover of Say It Isn’t So, written by Daryl Hall.

Daryl Hall is a beast to cover vocally. Such a challenge. This is one of those songs that I want to play but wish someone else could sing.  I suppose I could try finding individuals to cover this with me on Bandhub…

Anyway, I have decided that I must be reliving my youth, one cover at a time. This song brought back great memories as I was figuring out the chords and stringing it all together…as I mentioned, it was vocally challenging for me.

Have a good day! Wherever you find yourself in life right now experience it to the fullest. Good/ bad, their is something to be learned, enjoyed and despised in every bit of it. Life is difficult enough stone cold sober! How do people drink and do drugs to cope and mask life? I ask myself these questions as I have known way too many people hooked on prescription meds and alcohol. 

What Do The Chainsmokers And Hall And Oates Have In Common My Attention

 My cover of, Say It Isn’t So written by Hall & Oates is a work in progress. A little rough around the end but coming together. I haven’t had much time to work on it. I will spend another day pulling this together and record it yet again on Audiocopy and then, on SoundCloud. 

It was a fun practice day and when I ran out of tim,  this is all I ended up with lol. 

I am in the midst of getting ready for Zoe’s b-day party this upcoming Saturday. She is turning 15 in a few weeks. We have been scrambling to get her end of the year school projects done and she is attending banquets as well. So very busy. I took a few stolen moments of time today to work on this cover.

Zoe picked out this cute party invitation to give to friends. I think this dog is adorable! A nice choice I think.

As you can see, it is pulling together. Her vision, all of this. She chose all of this.  I did however follow her lead when I ran across these little candle holders…

I think they will be really sweet 3 to a table down the middle of our tables. We are pushing three tables together to make one long table under the pretty colored lights in our backyard. I think this will be pretty…

Yesterday was Zoe’s French Club banquet so I baked 24 mini crossiants and cut up 6 baskets of strawberries. She took two cans of whipped cream as well. She came home with the majority of it as plenty of fine desserts were at this banquet!  Guess what was for breakfast today?

I tried! Just like I tried this new to me cover today. If only effort were the key to success. I try hard e everywhere I put my effort. I work hard at everything I ever strive to accomplish. … many fall short or flat in regard to any kind of success. Still, I try! This is me trying…lol. I wonder how many of you feel pretty much the same way. Never give up and don’t get discouraged! 

We tried to make our daughters birthday by buying two tickets to see the Chainsmokers in concert… come to find out, her lacrosse banquet is the same night and she needs to be in attendance…. they just scheduled the banquet. We have had the concert tickets for weeks! So now, I have them posted for sale on 4 different for sale sites. Omg the things we try to do!!!