Yamaha Take Me Away

Fool’s Overture (cover) written by Roger Hodgson
I took a day this week to practice and practice! I very much needed this day as it has been far to long since I just lost myself, in music.  It’s amazing how rejuvenated I feel after a day to just play. Mind you, I played and worked on my music till my hands were stiff and sore. A good type of stiff and sore! So much of what we do here on earth is a mental challenge. To overcome doubt, insecurities and negativity is more than half the battle! Playing music is the one place in my life that I have all of the control. The one place that is my domain. I can choose to zone out or work on something intently and diligently. I can experiment with piano/ keyboard voices to achieve a different sound…I did that here. Everything that I played, was in “Vintage Case” keyboard. I like the definition of a grand piano sound better but I thought that I would just experiment and have fun…

Downstream & Casual Conversations- both are written by Rick Davies. Part of my Two For Tuesday campaign…

I posted this to my Facebook. Not my Music Page, just my Facebook…

This is a practice video… it’s raw and rough in spots. It’s, how I do my process. It’s in the works, and maybe if I played more, it wouldn’t have the flaws that it has… this is a Roger Hodgson tribute. I incorporated four of Roger’s songs here. Four of my favorite Roger Hodgson songs.

Two Of Us, Hide In Your Shell, Dreamer and Don’t Leave Me Now.

I am looking forward to playing more and getting back to writing. I need more focus and will have that again when school starts. I have been running kids around and worrying about running the household. Housewife/ Homemaking stuff lol. In my daydreams, I see myself differently…

“Yamaha, take me away”! My MOX8 is great! I do however wonder what it would be like to play my music on a grand piano… what would it be like to own one of those? Talk about lose yourself in the music! That, it what I envision owning a grand piano would be. Grand! A gal can dream…


Add Hot Flashes And Stir The Pot 

Patiently waiting for the monsoons to fire up. Day in, day out of this kind of heat in Phoenix. No real relief in sight! The air quality is so bad here right now as well. Yuck! Why do we live here again? Phoenix AZ is freaking HOT in the summer! My poor grass in the backyard is dead. We didn’t reseed / overseed with summer grass this year. We will try to establish once again, the backyard lawn in October.

Meanwhile, daughter Britt asked me to participate in a fitness class at her gym. I was able to keep up with the instructor but oh boy am I paying in soreness. I detest being this sore and stiff. I miss power walking already. Last week I was cranking out 3.5 miles at a stint,  tackling a huge hill within that. Ugh… This week the heat has been so intense that the community pools are like bath water. Not to mention that the warmer they are, the more likely they are to host Cripto and other pool related illness.  Living in the Sonoran desert during the long summers has it’s challenges! As prohibitive as winters are back east although you don’t have to shovel the heat.

Father’s Day and my Mother in-laws Birthday are both in this week. I decided to bake a few things for them. I made Craisin/ Orange loaf, Lemon Pound Cake and Boysenberry Cinnamom Strudel.

They really don’t want gifts and have asked us not to send them “stuff”. I did however want to recognize and celebrate them somehow though!

 I got my baking done by 10:00 am. before the intense heat kicked in. I shipped my goodies in a plastic shoe box that I bought for a dollar from my grocery store. I added a lot of light weight tissue paper to cushion my baked goods. I do so hope that it arrives in good shape!

Although my baking was done by 10:00 am, I had to cool, package, decorate and get this project shipped. Took my day pretty much. A labor of love… I tried lol,  I gave my all!

All Of Me- is written by John Legend whom I can’t stand. He is way too in your face politically, to a fault. He will hit you over the head with his political agendas. Yuck,  bluck and WTF…that’s what I have to say about that! I’m not even politically interested and have no real affiliation or interest in politics but he sure turned me off…

Here is what I feel about all of this political crap and the fallout! I wrote this poem regarding the political upheaval that is still ongoing with both parties! The great divide…

Clamor Conspire And Congregate-

Mirror mirror on the wall, who’s the most desperate of them all? “They” clamor, conspire and congregate. To what ends will they try to seal their fate? Divisive, cunning and thoroughly wrought- they truly think that success can be bought!
 For the price of one’s soul, is usually the toll. Oblivious, obstinate and utterly clueless, they wander the earth, become complacent and ruthless. Until one day they realize the void, become angry, and overly annoyed- For the impact of their strife to prosper, catches up with them and they count their losses. Greater are those, than monetary gain. Vanity and lack of humanity fan the flame…

When the ash settles around them and they return to status quo – they realize the err of their ways and, they secretly want “you” to know-

“They”, wouldn’t change a thing…

I guess I’ve had my rant for the day thanks for putting up with my heated post!

Even my hair is turning red, I’m on fire! Add hot flashes to the mix and I may just combust! 

Beat The Heat Father’s Day Retreat

Father’s Day is a mixed bag for me. I vacillate between missing my Dad privately and immensely, to busting my butt to make sure it’s nice for my husband. Honestly a busy day from the minute my feet hit the floor when I get out of bed. I have to say that I was so happy with the way the day progressed! I even got a chance to hang out with my oldest daughter and her husband to be. That, was a nice impromptu surprise. My husband bought a 36 in grill that he had been eyeballing for awhile. The price was right and he picked it up for a great deal.  We are thrilled to own this beautiful outdoor cooking tool! This pic was of our first grilling experience. Father’s Day he decided he wanted to make street tacos for dinner. Mind you it was 115 degrees outside! Anyway, we adults drove to the nearest Food City for carne asada meat, homemade salsa and all of the trimmings. I have to admit that dinner was delicious!

Father’s Day Dinner!

Earlier I made brunch for all of us… French Toast with homemade whipped cream and strawberries. I spent a great deal in my kitchen yesterday with food prep but mostly cleaning up! Dishes and organizing took time… I’m always either loading or unloading the dishwasher… I do my fair share of hand washing dishes as well… Hence my dishpan hands…

I see in my pic here that my whipped cream was fading fast…

Daughter Zoe had put together a beautiful slideshow presentation of some of our family excursions and events. This really touched us both! It was awesome and such a great way to celebrate her Dad. We have dubbed her the, “family historian”. Last year we asked that she take pics at all of our get togethers as we are too busy hosting. 

My gift to my husband was also picture related. I thought maybe he could use new pics for his desk at work. Walgreens had an awesome 50% off coupon online for these wooden plaque type of pictures. I choose my three favorite  family pics from our recent trip to California. The plaques turned out prettier than I could have imagined! So pretty that I dreaded parting with them! My husband suggested that we put them on the piano. I found a perfect space for them lol. I suppose they will never see the office. Yay!

My husband went to the grocery store for propane and ice, and came back with this little blow up pool… I thought this gesture was sooo sweet! The kids had a great time in it! Perfect for the heat we are anticipating 120+ degree temps are possible this week! Look at my poor dead grass! We didn’t overseed for summer this year… too much going on. We will reseed in September or October. Desert Living is about adapting to the heat!

After a busy day of cooking and running around in the heat I was glad he found a shallow retreat! I actually did too! A 15 min. submerge made all of the difference! A nice cool off was the recharge we needed…

Hope you had a wonderful Father’s Day as well. This one for us will go down in the record books as one of the best! It was truly just special. Sometimes, it really is the little things…

I Believe In Love-written by Elton John (Cover)

Casual Conversations And The Ties That Bind And Gag

Trying to figure out what my next musical project will be as I have taken some time off to settle into summer… I keep getting sidetracked with real life lol. Domestic bliss… I am in the process of setting up my Music Page on Facebook. Yet another personal scrapbook that embodies a mass of work with little return or gratification. Gone are the days of thinking that if I post it, “they” will watch/ listen. Social media baffles me. How anyone can use it to get anywhere without buying followers and subscribers, is beyond me… God help all of us wanna be anythings out there who don’t have money to throw at exposure. 

My daughter Zoe just returned from a week long stay at Massanutten Resort in Virginia. Her bestie and family invited her on an all expense paid trip. It was her first time flying and as I had predicted, she loved it! She will surely have the traveling bug now. She had a great time but was ready to come and get back to her friends. It was her first time being gone a whole week. I missed her! 

She brought back souvenirs for all of us which, impressed me. Very thoughtful gifts, here is mine…

Used this earlier this am.!

She was gone for my birthday so when we were talking, she remembered that she had bought me a gift before she left for her trip. She presented this to me. Being a teenager, I found humor in that she, gave me this!

I was very touched by this gesture. A while back, I had shared with her that Erma Bombeck was my favorite author. I was stunned that she remembered the conversation as it was just small talk just the two of us, over tea and cookies at home. She told me that she searched Barnes And Noble for a specific title of Erma’s that I spoke of, “The Grass Is Always Greener Over The Septic Tank”. She was only able to find this treasure in Erma’s collection of hilarious works. I thought this was so very special!

I loved Erma’s books because they were funny but so true! She wrote them from her Mom/ Housewife perspective about everyday life and living. So relatable to anyone who is a Mom/ Housewife! The more of her books that I read, I find her to have been a philosopher in her own right. She had amazing insight and could lay life and living out for you. Her wise owl perceptions of any given “life” situation she could convey with honesty, humility and humor. What a treasure she was. What a legacy she leaves behind! As I said, philosopher in her own right.

Although she has been gone for awhile, her books remind me to find humor in those  similar situations in which I find myself regarding homemaking. She actually lived in Phoenix. I wonder if  I have truly ever walked on ground that she used to walk on? I live in the suburbs, a town called Ahwatukee, specifically Mountain Park Ranch area…

Anyway, I will leave you with this, my own attempt a little bit of  housewife humor…

Casual Conversations is written by Rick Davies

Have a terrific weekend. If at all possible, take some time to laugh!

Tag You Are It

This is my attempt at portraying my mundane, housewife exsistence with a little humor. This is the life of a housewife in a nutshell. … The music is all me. I however give credit to the wonderful Rick Davies of Supertramp, for the original to my cover. Casual Conversations has always been a favorite song of mine. So relatable!

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