YouTube Monetize My Channel!

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Please if you are reading this, I need your help. YouTube recently changed their monetization criteria. I need to have enough followers to keep my ability to try to prosper. I meet the other criteria for monetization just not enough Subscribers! Please help by subscribing to my channel. I also hope that you enjoy something that you find there! I have worked long and hard on creating the content there. I love being a YouTube creator. I only wish that it wasn’t so difficult to try to prosper!

I urge you to subscribe. Please & Thank You!


Love Is Everywhere In The Smallest Things

A Valentine’s Box that I made this year for a school party.

What can be said? Love is everywhere. It’s in the schools, grocery stores, and everywhere I look! an empty serving plate awaiting visitors so I can fill it with treats…on our kitchen table where I serve three squares a day the childrens books that lay around here.where we drop our keyswhere I park myself when I have a my powder room…in the tree in my backyardwhere my Granddaughter/Daughter plays her video games…I’m in love with this tree that blooms this time of year!when this tree sheds leaves, most of them are heart shaped!

this heart was whole when I planted it in my garden. But like mine, it seems to have broken into many pieces while still resembling a heart.looking from the inside out…

looking from the outside in…flowers from rose plants in my front yard.

Love is everywhere…

Escape/I Want This Night To Last Forever

I Want This Night To Last Forever

Even in the songs that I write…

Whatever state you find your heart in… May you surround yourself with love. If not with a romantic partner, with the beautiful bounty and abundance of lovely hope inspired nature made things all around you! Even broken hearts can be mended with hope and love.