When The Stone Falls Out And The Shine Is Obliterated


If I had a lot money to donate to a cause… I would donate to help survivors of domestic violence get a fresh start.

I would want to be the hand up and out of a bad situation!

I wrote this song about Domestic Violence since I didn’t feel I could do much else at this point.

Something More Than Nothing


Bake It Like A Boss And A Fake Baker

To make this cake I used 2 Cake Mixes. A White Cake, and a Chocolate Cake. This was a four layer cake alternating chocolate and vanilla layers. I also used cherry pie filling in the middle of 3 of the 4 layers. See pic below. I only put the cherry pie filling in the center of each layer.

I alternated chocolate frosting and whipped vanilla frosting out from the circle of cherries. I frosted the top and sides of my cake with the whipped white icing. I piped a border around the bottom and sprinkled pink sanding sugar over the cake and border. I piped a border of flowers on top and put a cherry flavored dragee in the center of the flowers. I purchased a set of candy letters , fool proof and cute! Before Thanksgiving , I found the cutest set of small princess doll figurines. I immediately thought they would be cute on a little girls cake. I had these in mind to adorn Amelia’s cake. The figurines make my cakes special to the kids I gift cakes to. Mostly my G-Kids have been the recipients. As long as you center and space the letters well, these candy letters are darling!

I am really happy with the outcome in design and in taste. This was my most awesome cake to date I think. Although I’m not a great cake decorator, my semi homemade cakes are fun and a hit with my G-kids. They like getting a homemade cake with fun figurines. A one of a kind Gram original fashioned just for them…

Executive Homemaker For Hire

Caught up in my dreams, my desire to make money using my skill set remains. If music isn’t something I can make money at then… How about being a homemaker/caretaker/ assistant to someone in the entertainment industry? Now there is a big dream lol… I could work at helping to make someone else’s life better/greater and get paid doing it! That’s a more realistic dream than making it anywhere on my own musically. I could relocate to CA, with my G-Daughter and visit home,when we can. Executive Homemaker for hire lol! The money and esteem would be so worth the life change. Trust me, I’m ready…

Professionally minded…

Self Preservation And Renewal 2018 Resolutions

The pink candle is representation of self love. I spent so much of the past few months giving of myself and time. Its time to take some “me” time back! The kids are still on winter break until Monday. I find myself depleted and ready for time doing what I love to do most, this…My YouTube Channel Link


Here is a look at some of my holiday pics.

I baked for days lol. Gave away a lot for gifts.

Decorated and recently undecorated for days. Made trips to the ER, Urgent Care and Pediatrician because Amelia caught it all starting just before Thanksgiving. She is doing well and better now! The break has allowed her to eat, rest and play hard.

The caretaker part of me has been in overdrive

Cabbage Soup & potato pancakes. Not in the same meal mind you…

I put on two parties. A B-Day celebration/ Christmas… Teenager Christmas party…

One more to come on Friday. Another B-Day for my 7 year old involving a cake lol… So plenty of projects not to mention the major garage clean up/ organization Day Britt talked me into. Bless her ❤️. I wouldn’t have done it without her! <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
ry clean out lolwhich lead to putting Christmas away! <<<<<<

< img src=”https://tynajoymetzner.files.wordpress.com/2018/01/img_4773.jpg&#8221; class=”size-full wp-image-3789″ height=”3024″ width=”3024″><<<<<<

, I have no resolutions. Just ideas, renewed energy and big dreams.

Mox8 take me away! < img src=”https://tynajoymetzner.files.wordpress.com/2018/01/img_5166.jpg&#8221; class=”wp-image-3792 size-full” height=”1859″ width=”1141″>

Our Christmas Village 2017

My original music set to this video of our Christmas Village. Howard put in long hours getting this up and ready for me to decorate today. I am thrilled to get this finished up today.

So much labor but worth it in my opinion. I love having a Christmas Village to admire. I didn’t grow up with fancy Christmas decor. We were very basic and simple. Christmas was low key as I grew up. For whatever reason, my husband dreams big. He’s very good at artist creation and will spend hours perfecting whatever it is he wants to create. He’s been burnt out this year but did a fabulous job on this piece of Christmas.

I created the backyard decor lol…

Now for the baking and homemade goodie giving…

I hope you are enjoying the wonderful spirit of Christmas!

Musical Endeavors I Have Cast Into The Sea Of YouTube

Christmas is emerging and along with the decorations, a small intro came to mind as I sat at my keys a Tuesday…

50 seconds of a Holiday inspired melody…

Christmas Teaser


I so enjoy writing songs! Even if they fall on deaf ears. It is a rarity that anyone takes the time to listen to my originals. The majority of plays that I get on my channels are of my Supertramp covers. I get many views on a daily basis of those! Other popular retro cover songs as well, daily. Originals, are tricky to promote. I have yet to figure out the magic formula.

Here is my growing catalog of “Originals”. If I’m honest, I am proud of these! I like them and they hold a special place in my heart. I am always hopeful that something great will come from this energy and creativity. I’ve learned to overcome the disappointment that results from not being well received after I cast them into the sea of YouTube and SoundCloud… I come up empty and sad but then I realize, it’s the process that is the hook. Not the outcome. The creating, the thrill of the process is what I enjoy personally.

I would love to have these songs heard and enjoyed but the reality is, it’s a personal journey for me and if others don’t enjoy or get my music, it’s meh…

For Real One Night

Eye On The Prize

Lost In The Game

Something More Than Nothing contrabass

Face To Face

Something More Than Nothing

These are my babies… all songwriters must feel this way. They are insanely personal. My hope is that others will like them. Of course, I realize they aren’t mainstream.

Meanwhile, Real life marches on. Meals to cook, kids to oversee and a cat litter box all call to me. The endless revolving chores that are my life, beckon my attention. Have an exceptional day!!!!

Thanksgiving Tidings And Blessings To All

This is a current 1st grade homework assignment that Amelia and I just finished. We had fun putting this together. I hope her teacher will like it.

I spent the morning on my original music! Tightening it up and daydreaming of actually professionally recording this. I have a whole vision for an album. How I wish I could record an album! Oh what an amazing dream come true that would be! Wow! Anyway, if you are interested, check out my SoundCloud Channel!

Here are the links to my uploads for today


I Want This Night To Last Forever

The Queen Of Something More

I had a great day with a ton of creative energy. Yesterday, I recorded this video together for my YouTube channel.

Nous Vivons Ensemble written by Gordon Lightfoot

This video, carries a message and tidings for a wonderful Thanksgiving to all of you. Those of you who support and acknowledge my creative endeavors, I thank you from the bottom of my heart!

Wishing you a wonderful, happy and healthy fun celebration! Enjoy a peaceful holiday!