Live The Life (Cover)


Live The Life (Cover)Live The Life is Written by Michael W. Smith- Cover by Tyna J. Phipps


Birthday Introspection And Rum Cake The Housewife Blues

Anymore, birthdays have become so introspective! The older I get, the more this rings true. I’m almost glad to see a birthday go because, I have to really take a harsh look at my life and what I’ve done with it. I feel the clock ticking as I pensively await change! A change in myself for the ability and opportunity to monetarily prosper. Only, it doesn’t change, and I’m so reminded by each birthday! This dissatisfaction is short lived as I snap out of the introspection to live my daily life. My life by choice has been all about taking care of my family. Routine cleaning, caregiving, shopping, meal prep, taxi service, Administrative CEO/CFO duties that are mine here solely. My oldest is 34 and I recently adopted my Granddaughter who is currently 7. My youngest daughter Zoe, will be a junior in high school next year. Two more years and she will be college bound. My daughter Delcee just turned 29. Daughter Lexie, who’s child I’m raising, is 31. The older I get, the more I wish I’d have found and expounded on a skill or craft that I could measure in tangible, gainful, monetary success. When I was younger, none of this mattered as I had an uncanny ability to not think about my self as a successful career type of person. About 5 years ago it hit me, I wanted more for myself. I wanted to leave my mark and ambition in music. So did everyone else apparently. Social Media became flooded with music and wannabe musicians like me. All of us, looking for our big break. I wrote a song about this desire…Click the link⬇️ Lost In The Game Music and Lyrics Written by Tyna J PhippsLost In The Game (Live)⬆️On a lighter note, two of my grown girls made it home to have cake with me! What a nice way to celebrate! By the way, the cake is from AJ’s Fine Foods. This, is the best birthday cake I’ve ever had. An amazing, White Chocolate Marble Rum Cake! Oh, it’s so good! All but two G-Kids were in attendance .Terrible pic of both of us but oh well! My oldest daughter Britt! Daughter Delcee was also there but asked not to be photographed as she had come directly from working a 10 hour shift! Now, to figure out what I’m going to do when I grow up…

Splash Goes A BMW Into Our Neighborhood Pond

The pictures tell the story. I saw a flurry of activity going on at one of the Mountain Park Ranch ponds. I decided to see what all of the commotion was about. I heard quickly that a woman had run the stop sign and drove her car into the pond! Makes you wonder how a thing like that could happen?! Was she drunk, impaired or somehow disabled to navigate her vehicle due to mechanic failure? I guess I’ll never know the answer because I couldn’t find any news/ information about this tragic outcome to a perfectly beautiful late model BMW ! I hear that the woman was ok. Her car, not so much…

Today while on my power walk, I looked to see if I could spot tire tracks and a point of entry…

As I retraced the tire imprints in the grass an eerie feeling came over me. Imagine, in pitch darkness finding yourself veering toward and ending up in the water while driving! Scary oh my gosh! I’m betting she was terrified!

Imagine having to explain something like that to a spouse? Omg… poor lady!!!

If I ever hear a true accounting of the story, I’ll update this post.

For Every Act Of Love Will Set You Free

Live The Life- is Written by Michael W. Smith!

I had so much fun with this challenging cover!

SoundCloud Link …

Live The Life ◀️click on the blue link!

When this came so many times I would listen to this song with tears streaming down my face. It touched a chord in me, pardon the pun. It really was an emotional song for me. I knew I had to cover it someday! Today, was finally that day! I worked on this to post to my SoundCloud Channel. I also uploaded the audio only track to my YouTube channel. I will work on making a video of this another day… I had limited time to practice and upload today but I really enjoyed the challenge that this was! What an amazing original this is. A finer song and message you will not find. If ever an angel walked the earth, Michael W. Smith surely is among them! His songs, especially this one, cut straight to your heart and all that is good in humanity. An ambassador for all that is good… A spiritual giant that lifts us all to want to be better people.

Live The Life-◀️YouTube Link.

Please take a listen and a second to subscribe to my channels as I’m still trying to build them! I appreciate your time and support so much! I hope you enjoy this, drop me a comment !

A SoundCloud Day So Much Fun To Play

Could It Be Magic

⬆️click on this SoundCloud link…

Praying For Time


Songs I Could Just Play As A Kid


Do You Dream Of Me


Escape- Who Controls The Stars


This was a fun, music filled day of recording! I had the best day. I was excited because I put my PA speaker on a stand. I was so amazed at the differencein the overall sound of my vocals it made! A fun day!

Meanwhile, the school year is winding down. The last school day is Thursday. Memorial Day weekend is almost upon us!

The Party Is Over

Needless to say I am glad to get back to walk jogging! I did this as well yesterday. It is nice to take time to do this! The weather was beautiful this am for this! Anyway, if any of you follow my blog posts, I told you I would post pictures of the Sweet 16 Party. Here are some random pics that I took…

It seemed to be a successful party! The

I made 2 pots of homemade sauce for these noodles. I also served pesto spinach and cheese raviolis. They were gone along with 4 packages of boiled noodles! These kids can eat and I was glad, that they did!

I was sad that none of them wanted to do Karaoke… They just listened to the crap rap they all seem to love… Yikes… I always marvel at the crap rap that sells. They all must laugh all the way to the bank… others of us try to write complex, quality compositions an only get a handful of YouTube views and even less SoundCloud track plays… What the hell is wrong with this picture? 🔽 click on the link…

Face To Face (my original composition) Orchestra version

It makes me angry and frustrated when I think of the money these rapper/ producers make and for what effort and talent? What is the moral value? The craft? Anyone can cuss like crazy and act tough. Awful… but like I said, they are laughing all the way to the bank… making money hand over fist… so annoying to me!

Am I jealous? Maybe just a little. I had to work like hell to write this…


Escape / Face 2 Face

Can I get anyone to even listen to this, not really! How many of you actually listen to my music? Lol… I have no clue what it takes! People make a ton of money on YouTube just uploading themselves playing video games! My son in law told me the other day some guy came into the car dealership that he works at and bought a new car with income he earned on YouTube just playing and uploading his gaming videos… Millions of followers and views… Are you kidding???

Jealous? Yes I am maybe… Discouraged? I try not to be yes, maybe! Defeated? Yes, the reality is YES… I’m so sad that social media didn’t like me enough… I liked me lol. I thought I was good… Maybe that’s all that matters?

Heat Don’t Defeat Me

I handcrafted a photo garland with 16 pictures of my daughter. Although she isn’t wild about this photo garland, she didn’t seem too upset. Super easy to make with different colors of ribbon. I spent hours looking in stores and online for a decorative garland to swag on the mirror. They were expensive and senseless to me. I came home and decided to make my own using ribbon. I like the simplicity but yet the additional color this adds to my dessert buffet. Not to mention that I love all 16 of the pictures that I gathered from around the house!

This light panel on the wall won’t be here for the birthday party. We needed a place to hang them on so they could hang out. They are going outside in the yard for some dining ambience.

Ok so this may be over kill… I so wanted to use this punch bowl of my Mom’s. I floated candles, silk flowers and some water centerpiece beads that I purchased from a craft store. This may be pretty as a centerpiece for the gift table. I haven’t decided if I like the look of this yet…

Sunday we spent hours in the yard raking, organizing and cleaning up the yard. It was 105 degrees and so very hot! My 7 year old, Amelia would spray us with water from the hose every 15 minutes or so we could continue working! The following day we were all pretty wiped out. The heat wears you down. We had been working out in the heat for about 5 hours…

Fortunately the evening of the party is projected to be cool and nice! Tolerable! I ordered a few current Karaoke CD’s for the kids to hopefully have fun with at the party. I love hearing the kids sing and have a good time!!! Music is such a big part of life. It’s so much fun being able to hear and share in that with teenagers! Last year we had the karaoke system out there and my mics, amp and P.A. They had a blast! Even the boys! So we hope this year it will still be fun for them.

Amelia hung in there and cooled us off! Summer is here in Phoenix!

Today is Tuesday, at least for another 1/2 hour – Two 4 Tuesday- click on the link


Two 4 Tuesday