Come Along With Me The Best Is Yet To Be

Come along with me, the best is yet to be…

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I have work to do so just #signme so I can get to it already… lol!
No kidding, I want so very much to accomplish something with my music! I would love to contribute to music history!

Thanks for sharing and supporting my musical journey. I wish to help change the music industry stereo type! Age has no bearing on talent and appeal. Music, is subjective and thank goodness, we have plenty of music to choose from! Even suburban housewives can become rock Stars… Let's show em!!!!


An A For Effort And A Little Silent Lucidity

This was taken during our Sunday brunch last Sunday. As you can see, Amelia was quite taken with her A pancake. We enjoyed making this huge breakfast on the new grill. We would use the grill more if It weren't blazing hot here in the summer…

Plenty is always evolving to do. Today, I find myself deep cleaning. It's funny the chores you can put off because the weather is too hot! I think we all kind of shut down in the stifling heat here! I have been generating music all week! Now that the kids are in school, I'm back at this!

Composing Is So Much Fun!
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Layla, Something In The Air, Great Gig In The Sky

Layla, Something In The Air, Great Gig In The Sky

Silent Lucidity
Silent Lucidity Cover

This is how I started off my week, with some Silent Lucidity! I actually only had Tuesday and Wednesday to work on these. My husband is using up vacation time as it is nearly the new fiscal year and his vacation time doesn't roll over into the next year. Having to prepare meals, clean up after meals, do all of the chores, manage the kids and my first graders homework, showers, laundry, the cat litter box… lol you get the idea. It's a wonder I could sneak theses in on my channel!

If you like what you hear, please subscribe to my channels and my Facebook Music Page. All under the name, Tyna J. Metzner. Thanks so much for your support of my music!

Try Try Again

Try as I might, I haven't got a clue how to promote myself. Over the weekend, I put together a couple of short promo videos and a SoundCloud ad for my channels. Here, they are:


In my SoundCloud Promo, I used one of my original tracks in the background. I'll be damned if the one comment that I received was a person saying, "great ad but you could be more successful if you used my music in your ad." Lol, now that takes the cake!!! All of this promo I have done did get people looking at my YouTube channel. Lots of views but no new subscribers… All of this is becoming more clear and evident. The harder I try, the worse I feel about where I stand which clearly is, outside… I suppose I'll have to let go of the dream as surely nothing but frustration will come from trying so hard wanting so much with little gain. I will not however ever give up on the "Magic" and wonder I feel in actual playing. Sometimes the room just feels magical with the music. A spiritual experience for sure! That, is what I'm really hooked on. That special time when nobody is home. It's just me with my keyboard and I can sit for hours and give it all I've got… that, is the hook. The spiritual connection and the sense of self accomplishment…it's like a feel good drug! So, I'll still create, execute and post my musical endeavors. I wish I was better able to connect with others and gain a following along my journey. It would be my ultimate dream to be able to impart my well received music in music history. That surely is the goal and desire of any musician! When you have accomplished this, you have truly fulfilled your creative existence. I can only imagine what that would feel like! What would that be?! To be able to repeat that multiple time must be nirvana!

Meanwhile, life goes on. Elementary school started here on Thursday. Amelia started first grade. Zoe starts her sophomore year tomorrow. I watched a few of my G-kids everyday for about 3 weeks while my daughter started a new job…I baked cookies, fulfilled my Gram duties, school supply shopping, kept the household running, made plenty of nice meals. You get the point, I'm busy like the rest of you…Still, deep down, wishing and hoping for a personal victory to call my own. Wishing and hoping that the Rock God's would smile upon me!

The kids put a doll crown on this sweet and patient creature… she put up with a lot of extra attention this past month bless her doggy diva heart! Coco Rose is a treasure!

Clarice wore her favorite toy on her head as well… More crazy kid antics…
I can't resist, I too am guilty from time to time of showering too much attention on the adorable creatures that reside here. Love em!
Have a great Sunday, fun day, hope it is for you!

Support From You Is The Glue

The only thing standing between me and a major record deal is 20k followers lol…A major A&R label reviewed my music and told me essentially that if I develop my fan base to 20k or better I could be signed. They are watching me the next 6-12 months to see if I can do that. They liked me as an artist! Please help me and subscribe to my channels! YouTube-
I've been caught up in generating music! Haven't known how to build my fan base. I'd hate to miss out on something amazing because I couldn't get the followers!
I'm a career homemaker/caretaker who dreams of contributing to music history! I want to be the brand and an inspiration to my generation. Never ever give up on your dreams! I want to change the stereotype of emerging artists! Musical ability and record deals aren't only for the young!!!! How bout the 50+ generation with a PhD in life experience! We rock too! Please show your support and subscribe to my platforms!

Tick Tock Goes The Clock The Anticipation Is Mounting

My head has been in the clouds. The what if's, and a whole gambit of feelings and emotions. I suppose that is what the opportunity evokes in everyone. Maybe not just this opportunity but opportunity in general. Read my previous post for details on this specific opportunity… A chance of a lifetime…
Life hasn't stopped and I have plenty of practical, domestic distractions. The kids are going back to school in about 10 days so we are beginning the process of getting ready. I have been organizing and cleaning the heck out of the house. We bought a buffet/ cabinet. Perfect for my random old china.

Perfect for the space that I have. I am in love with this cabinet! This allows me to house all of my Mom's china. This began a whole sorting and organizing project of both my kitchen china cabinet and my dining room space.
I also completely rearranged and cleaned my 6 year olds room. She really appreciated having a room makeover.

I decided that I would get going on the dental work that I have been procrastinating on. I will be spending some time in the dentist chair the next few weeks… Nothing major just minor work…
Of course, I will be spending more time at my keys brushing up on my music. So plenty to do! Why does it feel as if time is at a standstill?

Tick tock goes the clock, the restlessness is mounting. It wouldn't be so bad if I wasn't sitting here doubting…
I find myself wishing on stars and praying with all my might! Hoping upon hope to change my plight.
Lying in wait, while others decide my fate. Hoping they'll think that my music is great.
Reality creeps in, and I wonder where my head has been.
Up in the clouds where you can create your dreamscape destiny! Only seeing the good and contemplating the very best in me.
That, is where I chose to dwell, self doubt, disbelief and naysayers can go to hell!

Never ever give up on your dreams, you never know when Lady Luck wants to smile on you!

I'm realistic, if this goes nowhere for me and they find me ridiculous you will find me under my dining room table for a few days. Embarrassed, humbled and full of sadness for the lost opportunity… the full gambit of disappointment. To never have tried would even be worse than all of that. A chance at success is worth risking failure. Throwing yourself out there is what it is, a roll of the dice…

Fool's Overture is written by Roger Hodgson

Have a terrific day, and remember that wherever you go, there you are, be present.