Our Lovely Staycation At Marriot Starr Pass Resort in Tucson, AZ.

We just got back from a wonderful vacation at Tucson’s Starr Pass Resort. Everything about our stay there was relaxing and serene. The accommodations were clean and the views beautiful! The staff was very pleasant and even would address my husband by name. We thought that was impressive since they have so many visitors on any given weekend.

We had a three night stay there. We tried to have dinner once off property. My husband wanted Italian food so we tried a little place in town that had good reviews. We were so disappointed that we decided to stick with the fare within our resort. We found the food to be a bit pricey but, adequate. Eating lunch poolside was fun! The onion rings were about the best I have ever had!

Our youngest, twelve year old daughter Zoe, brought her best friend along. They had a great time traipsing around the resort trying out all of the different pools. Our favorite was the lazy river. We spent most of our time in the lazy river! I have a intense sunburn to show for it! Sunscreen is no match for the brutal AZ sunrays. Wow. By day three we were all wearing shirts and shorts in the pool.

My oldest daughter Brittany came to join us with her four kids. I was so glad that they got to experience this lovely place with us! They all seemed to have a terrific time! I had the most fun just watching all of these kids experience the environment around them. One thing I really appreciated was the all of the various water stations! This resort promoted hydration in the most spectacular way! They had big clear water dispensers infused with all kinds of fruits, all over the property. Beautiful, inviting and so responsible! It was easy to keep everyone hydrated. The kids tried many of the different fruit waters.
















For us the drive to Tucson is only a couple of hours. Precisely why we chose this destination. The perfect get- away for us. We have decided to try to make this venue an annual event. This gives all of our family members time to save up and get ready for this! What a wonderful experience we all had together!

Where’s My PhD? ( School Of Hard Knocks ) written by Tyna J. Metzner

My husband graduated a few years ago …


I get the biggest kick out of watching them succeed! This you will always have my dears, the beginning of your dream. Life’s triumphs are but few and far between- and all that is coming, remains yet, to be seen.

What I am wondering is where’s my PhD? A life of hard knocks has been the life for me… I’ve earned it and I’d like to know which University, hands out diplomas to people just like me? Life experience and plenty of hard places… I found my way out of many tight spaces. In retrospect I can see, the wisdom in all that’s come to be but I still want that PhD!

That frame-able reminder of all that I’ve been through. Knowing it’s been worth something and that others see it to. The work it’s been to get here and the sense of pride I feel. Might sound silly to…

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Wow This Coffee Is Good! (Thoughts while drinking my coffee)

I’m sitting here pondering my day. It’s 6:28 am. on the 4th of July 2014. I have been around for 52 , 4th of July’s. Last night our town attempted their annual firework display. Everyone had to go home due to our first Haboob of the Monsoon season. I live in Phoenix and summers can get very exciting! Haboob is a silly name for a dust storm. A big wall of dust is picked up and forms like a wave. The sky gets orange as it passes over you. From a distance it looks like it envelopes you. My sinuses go crazy… Lots of lightning and hopefully some rain. The best part is the cool down. We endure sweltering days of 110-119 degrees. If we get a storm the temps can drop 30 degrees in 30 min.

Today I’m in family mode. I want to make today fun for my 12 year old daughter, Zoe. She is the youngest of my four girls. My oldest Britt, is going to be 30 this month! Now that makes me feel old… Lexie is 27 and Delcee is 25. Zoe is the only one left at home. The older gals are all married and have family’s of their own. From these daughters I am blessed with ” 7 ” G-Babies. The oldest is 8. They all call me Gram. Trust me, it’s crazy when we all get together for family events. It’s a terrific crazy, all these sweet little people running around! I adore my family!

I have to run to the store and figure out dinner for tonight. Maybe BBQ? Corn on the cob? Potato salad? Hope you have the happiest of 4ths!


Something More Than Nothing

Hi, my name is Tyna. I decided that I wanted to try Blogging. I am a full time Domestic Engineer. I am also, a musician-singer songwriter. In this past month I wrote my first original song that I entitled “Something More Than Nothing “.The experience of writing this song was intensely personal and straight from my heart. I loved every minute of the process. I have a YouTube channel that I post my cover videos on and have been building my song list little by little for the past 10 months. I bought my new keyboard 10 months ago and have been working hard to try to make myself marketable in music. I haven’t yet figured out where or how I fit in yet. Heck I’m still trying to figure out what Genre I fit into…I am developing however into an artist and I’m enjoying this so much! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zTSXMZrgLyg<

Introduction, Hi My Name Is Tyna.

Hello! I decided to try my hand at Blogging so here I am. I think life in itself is interesting to write about. Everyone has their own slant eye view on what they are experiencing. If I’ve learned anything it’s this… So much of life is about perception!  You will only see posts from me about my own genuine life experience. I won’t pretend to write about things I have no real knowledge of. I’m a Wife, Mom and Gram. I am also Me. I am a singer/ songwriter musician. About a month ago I wrote my first song. The process of writing the song was a soul searching straight from the heart ephiphany.
I hope to do more of that in the future. I will picking different things to Blog about, it won’t always be about music. I hope to write about many different things as they come up in my thought process.
I look forward to learning more about my fellow Bloggers here to! I will be reading your posts also. I’m looking forward to this new community!