Originals Near And Dear To The Heart.

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Something More Than Nothing

Why, can’t you see that I’m real and breathing- and I have a wish to fulfill. I want to know that there’s more than nothing. In my heart, I know that there’s something.

I know there’s been times before when I, I should’ve walked out that door but I, I sometimes think
that I want to- but I know, how far can I go, it’s not just me, so I have to be.

I find myself trying to explain things away, but the pain of loving you follows me- So I wait for the day I can feel free to be just me. I can’t wait for the day when I can change, something more than nothing.

If I could do it all again differently, I’d write a better part for me. I’d show the world just who I can be, the Queen of something more than nothing!

I’d take the time to invest in me, to see all that I can be. It’s not enough to settle for nothing- If your heart tells you this than find something and you’ll see, just like me, that you can do- Something more
than nothing.

My original song…

Something More Than Nothing

Near and dear to my heart. Part of my PhD in life experience… Some lessons you just never master I guess!

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Great Ambassadors For Their Species…

It’s that time of year again here and we went! The Arizona State Fair started on Thursday. Just in time for Fall break. We had a terrific time even in-spite of the unforgiving, relentless sun! It is still hot here and it was a challenge to spend 4 hours out in that AZ sun! Hot! We are all wanting to be done with the heat, everywhere you go here you hear people talking about how done they are with the heat! Britt picked Zoe and I up early to avoid the sun and the crowd.

We had a lovely picnic lunch that we packed and shared together. As we ate lunch, we listened to a garage band.




Zoe took Britt’s bigger kids on a few rides. They all had big smiles on their faces and were glad to be able to do some rides!





We had the best time at the petting zoo! All of the animals there were terrific ambassadors for their species! I greatly appreciate that all of these kids got to experience such gentle and sweet creatures!

Sweet, kind eyes!

This small ambassador was hanging in there but was quite overwhelmed and shy.

We were lucky to find a place to take a
much needed break from all of the walking. Poor kids really were tired!

This man was so great to the kids! We talked to him for a few minutes and then he pulled out some round wood disks… He had the kids write their names on them. He then engraved their signatures with his wood working tool. He wrote the date, Arizona State Fair and his initials on the back of the disks. A handmade treasure to mark our day! He was great with the kids! Another fine ambassador!


Zoe enjoyed posing with these humongous pillow pets. Truth be told, I bet she secretly desires to own one! I imagine they are exclusive to the fair? I have never seen them this big.
Of course she couldn’t resist a selfie with a lifelike dinosaur! They had an exhibit of these dinos that were robotic! Scary real animation.


This is how we finished our “Fair” experience…
The best Funnel Cake we have ever had! One of the most delicious things on the planet!
OMG yum! Zoe and I shared this… Britt’s kid shared another few with Britt.


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Meow Mix Meezer, She’s Packed And Ready For Hollywood.

Zoe has had this week off for fall break. We are planning a fun filled last few days of this vacation. Yesterday we put together our Meow Mix jingle entry for the annual contest. It had to be a 30 sec. or less submission. It had to include the infamous well known jingle. This is what I came up with lol. I hear from Howard that I should have made it an upbeat jingle. I chose to stick within my genre, whatever that is lol. Oh well, too late, I submitted it to Meow Mix. I hate always second guessing my stuff! It is what it is… If they don’t like it, they won’t chose it! Oh well. For what it’ worth, here it is…

Meow Mix Meezer
Zoe was great with Clarice. We had fun working with the cats. Twink wanted
no part of this. She was camera shy.
Clarice was’t into it either. She did however decide to sit still. I like the annoyed look she has on her face! She was herself…a diva!

Entertaining, My Christmas Pleasure!

Today, I’m wearing my Gram hat again. The boys are on fall break. They spent the night with us. Everyone is still sleeping here so I can steal a few minutes to enjoy my coffee and write this post. I’ve been thinking about what I want to focus on next musically. I think that I want to rearrange a few Christmas songs. In my genre…whatever that is. I talked to my Grandkids about working with me on learning a few Christmas songs for us to perform together at our big annual Christmas party. I’m hoping that all 7 can participate in my “Grammy’s choir”. We host a Christmas party for all of our family members and close friends. We decorate the house and yard for weeks lol. Because we live in AZ we are able to set up tables in the yard and eat outside. We have patio heaters and a firepit.


I know it’s early but I’m starting to plan this years “big” event. Everyone contributes something to the buffet table. The whole table is filled with food. I usually make a few hams or some Prime Rib. I make a few side dishes and bake rolls. What I really enjoy doing is the dessert table. I love to bake and make desserts! Last year I made a bunch of the miniature parfaits.




















We migrate inside and have dessert and coffee in the living room, around the Christmas trees. We enjoy doing the white elephant gift exchange since we have so many. Everyone that wants to play brings a $10.00 gift. My Uncle Ed’s gifts were really fun and funny! He would crack us up! Sadly, he died suddenly last January. None of knew that would be the last time we would ever see him! He will be greatly missed!




<img src="https://tynajoymetzner.files.wordpress.com/
His passing leaves a great big hole in our get togethers as he truly was the life of the party! He enjoyed our get togethers so much! We will go on, as he would want us to do!








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I leave you with this, but of course…
The Christmas Song…

GMA Network Philippines,Used My All Of Me Cover Video In A John Legend Segment!

Thank you GMA Network for letting me be a part of your John Legend “All Of Me ” segment. I was very touched to be the only American other than John Legend in the piece lol! I have no idea why they chose my video or, how they found it? It was buried in the ” All Of Me ” sea, at the bottom of the YouTube heap! When they found my video it had all of 5 views. It had been that way for a few months. I assumed nobody was able to view it because it wouldn’t show up in a search it was so buried. I have to say that it was really fun to see what they did with it. It’s a very small part in the segment. If you blink, your liable to miss it lol. The fun part was seeing how they used it while showcasing the many talented Asian artists. They sandwiched my video in between people singing the song in different languages! I really felt included on a global level. Wow, just wow. What fun!

My debut in the Philippines!The John Legend segment my video was used in. Click to view the YouTube link.John Legend Segment

This really made me feel as if the “World” has big ears. It was a cool feeling to know that my music reached people so far from here! The world could be and is listening! Wow, just wow! This made my day!

My cover video… All Of Me. Click on this link if you are interested in viewing the video.My All Of Me (cover video)

Thanks for sharing in my enthusiasm! Have a great day!IMG_5662.JPG

Embracing My Gram Title…They Call Me Gram!

Most of this week I spent wearing my “Gram” hat. I had Britt’s kids for two days while she interned at the law firm. We had a terrific time together! I had just the boys on Tuesday. I took them on my walking route to the pond. Then we bought lunch and took it to the pool. I thoroughly wore them out!



On Thursday, I had all four kids. I took them to our little pond where we had a picnic. We feasted on peanut butter and jelly sandwhiches, cut apples, string cheese and kettle corn. We took my favorite dog in this world, Coco Rose.



It is still pretty hot here in the afternoon so we went on our adventure rather early.
When we got back we had some quiet time watching G-rated Halloween movies. The big boys are on fall break. They go to a year round school and have two weeks vacation in the fall! This makes it rather hard on the working parents who can’t take the time off! They have to find daycare for the two week vacation period and that can get expensive! My Zoe has this upcoming week off. I will also have the boys again on Tuesday. I suppose I will take all of these kids to a movie and then to the pool.

Nous Vivons Ensemble
Nous Vivons Ensemble (video)

Thanks for letting me bore you with my life!

B-Day Parties And Centerpieces, Life Is For Celebrating!

Looking through the pics on my iPad and I realize that I have really enjoyed celebrating people, occasions and life. I love to get creative and make get togethers and parties pretty! These are some of the pics that I ran across…




I used to really have fun with Zoe’s parties. We would pick a theme and I would decorate around that. Sadly, my youngest has outgrown theme parties…









I would make centerpieces from things that we have and misc. flowers and vases from the dollar store lol.




My friends tell me that I should become a professional party planner. I think they are just being sweet. I don’t know that I could handle the stress of bridezillas and divas lol.








Tablescapes. I love to decorate a table!













Before you know it, the holidays will be upon us again. Today,I hope to come up with some charming backyard Halloween decor. Life should be celebrated, honor those you love and cherish! My aim is to always leave a place better than I found it. Also, to hopefully help warm the hearts of the people I know and love.

I leave you with a song…

Tender Years written by John Cafferty

Life is hard and full of judgement! Where you live shouldn’t be!
Have a terrific day all!