Two Year Old Left Unattended By Drug Impaired Father, Falls Into Fire.



This story is hard for me to tell. Everytime I think of this it makes my blood boil. I get so pardon the expression, Pissed Off! This is my beautiful Granddaughter, Elizabeth June. She is four years old now. The pic in the pool was taken just a few days ago on our vacation. The featured pic of her on the swing was taken right before the tragic misfortune and she was two. I’m going to tell this story from my Gram perspective. I’m sure my daughter Britt has her own…

Britt had just gone through divorce. Her ex had serious drug impairment/ addiction issues for which he chooses not to address. In court this was known and the judge had set up supervised visitation for him. His parents were to be supervising his visits with the children at their home. The ex lived with his parents. Britts’ three kids…

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Indelible And Incredible, Ink Your Life!

A while back I think that I wrote a post about leaving your mark upon this earth? Well this is my own personal way of doing just that. I had my first original song copywrited! For some reason this was so extremely important for me personally to do! It is copywrited and entered into the Library of Congress. Which, for whatever reason makes my heart sing! As I said, this is my way of leaving my mark…

If you are interested, Here are some links to this original…
Something More Than Nothing
(violin piece)
Latest version

I have so many reasons for wanting to do this you have no idea! A very deep down to the core reason of which I won’t speak about. Intensely personal…but very poignant and relevant to the lyrics of this song…A terrific sense of validation.

Also, I mentioned to you in an earlier post about my father being unable to
complete writing his book due to his decline with Dementia. Watching my Dad yearn to finish his thought process, propelled this need in me to do more with my life. Possibly also this particular stage of my life… My kids are all accomplishing their education and I don’t want to live vicariously through them! I want and need to have my own set of accomplishments. Even if they are not realized by this world as such.

This whole music thing that I am trying to make happen for myself, is all so personal. It is genuine and authentic to me, since I was just a little kid! If I never get anywhere with it, if the universe, (lol) doesn’t recognize me …
I will have been genuine to myself in putting it out there! This I feel passionate about… Personal validation is critical!

I urge all of you who read this to make this a priority in your own lives. What are you passionate about? What really means something to you? Find whatever that thing is and throw yourself at it or into it! When you are genuine and authentic to yourself, inner peace starts to permeate through you. Genuine happiness begins to emerge from the core of your being…confidence and a sense of well being take over your life. Replacing doubt and inner unrest. Life becomes this incredible journey toward….? You have to decide the ?, goal.

I’m learning that I am not defined but anyone, anything or any wrong decision that I have made. It’s a journey and navigation process through this thing called life. You can be the creator, the orchestrator just pick something that you want to accomplish and work toward that. Make your life purposeful! Also realize that the journey, the quest, is the real reward! Isn’t a purposeful life what we all want and strive for? That is our right of passage here on earth for everyone, I believe.

Money is great to have while here on earth but we don’t get to take it with us! I remember this real epiphany I had after my Mom died. The finality of life was so in my face as she was the closest person ever to me, to pass away. I recall thinking to myself as I was surrounded by her belongings…”She didn’t even take her lipstick!” Such a strange but humbling thought.

So to be cliche and use this phrase, Carpe Diem …( Seize The Day! ) Time Is fleeting so leave your indelible mark upon this earth! You will be happy that you did no matter how small a contribution others perceive it to be!

* The copyright process is straight forward. Did mine all online through the U. S. Copyright Office. Cost me $35.00. The feeling of accomplishment is well worth the money!


Halloween, The Spooky, High Spirited Holiday Is Just Around The Corner…

Although it isn’t quite time for Halloween, I dug out the bins of Halloween decor that reside in the garage most of the year. I think I am still missing some in the garage somewhere. This will bug me enough to prompt another in depth search through…stuff! Order is still needed in the garage as we put off the project last weekend.
I’m not sure yet how I will utilize the decor that I have. That just comes together year to year. These pics are from previous years… I love to celebrate and decorate for every holiday. Including Chinese New Year. My husband is Vietnamese so technically they celebrate Tet rather than Chinese New Year… That will be a future Blog post lol.

Halloween has become one of my favorite holidays! I love everything it conjurers up in your imagination! From the possibility of paranormal activity, to the whimsical and fun tradition of dressing up and passing out candy.
Carving pumpkins is still fun and I will be carving them even when my youngest leaves the nest. I have seven grandkids now. I decorate for them too. I want them to remember Gram’s house as being a fun place that had a different feel every season/ holiday. My Gram didn’t decorate for the seasons. My Mom didn’t either but somewhere along the way, I decided that I wanted to. It’s my “thing” I guess. My husband tolerates my enthusiasm for this at Christmas but he’s not wild about it the rest of the year.



Front yard last Halloween…

Backyard and Party set up last year…




This image was conjured up for Zoe’s age group of kids that like to be scared… A different get together than the G-Kids..


The spooks come alive at night…




And finally, these are a few of the craft projects I have made for the occasion throughout the years. From centerpieces to wreaths. Several other craft projects are pictured in other photos here.



I have to say that this last, final image, really puts me in the Halloween spirit!
It was taken in our yard through my favorite, majestic mesquite tree.

It’s not too early to think about a possible Halloween project! This fall holiday is all in good fun! Even if you just do a little something to note the spirit of Halloween…you will enjoy that you did. Brings out the kid in all of us!

Music Is The Gateway To Your Soul. Listen, Often!



I worked on a few songs yesterday. I recorded them on SoundCloud, here are the links.

Guitar Man
Could It Be Magic

I wrote a fan letter to the band the Ozark Mountain Daredevils. I got this email back, which I thought was very nice…

Thanks for the honor of a Daredevils song by your version on Youtube. We sent it on to Larry Lee, the song writer and singer of the original. It would be great if the band could get a show in Phoenix. Not real likely as they seem to be staying closer to home these days. It really takes an interested venue owner or promoter to want to book the band, and that is done through an agency. We haven’t much control over the booking.

If you want to see the band in concert the best way to do that is purchase the reunion DVD set that we have. It’s a great production and you can see them right in your own living room.

Check it out when you have time. Merchandise

Thanks again and best wishes,

New Era Productions for The OMDs

In a message dated 9/7/2014 10:08:58 A.M. Central Daylight Time, writes:
Hi, my name is Tyna. Just wanted to tell you how much I’ve enjoyed your music throughout the years! I have a real appreciation for your collaborative efforts. Thanks for the wonderful music!
I cover one of your songs, ” You Know Like I Know “. I do this from my spare room, not making money! Just appreciate this beautiful song. Here is the link to my cover… This is my interpretation, I don’t read music so I learned this by ear many years ago. The original of this song is beautiful!
Any chance of seeing you in Phoenix, AZ? Wild Horse Pass is a popular venue bands from your era play at…just saw Roger Hodgson there.
Hope to see you live one day.

With warm regards and great appreciation,
Tyna J. Metzner
Sent from my iPad
=Here is the link to the original song by the Ozark Mountain Daredevils…You Know Like I Know
I hope on this day, September 11, 2014 not only do we reminisce about the history but look to the future for hope. Take some time to listen to some music that you love and just reflect . I promise, you will feel better!

Music is the gateway to your soul…


Hurricane Norbert Catches Phoenix Unaware And Unprepared, Record Breaking Rainfall!


Well we were told to expect some rain but what we got was a record breaking, crazy amount! I live in an area of the Phoenix Valley named Ahwatukee. We got almost 5 inches of rain in about 5 hours. The governor issued a state of emergency… When it pours in AZ watch out! The soil has baked for months and is beyond hard so water can’t be absorbed. Add the run off from South Mountain and you have this mess!IMG_5652.JPG
This is a wash that is usually dry as a bone on my walking route. Today it looks like a river with falls! Amazing. This is what I saw today on my morning walk through my neighboorhood. It was very dramatic weather with a lot of thunder and lightning. We are all tired as we didn’t sleep much with all of the noise and lightning. Not to mention our dog who hates storms making a ruckus! Hope this area dries out ok…

Have a great rest of your day all!IMG_5651.JPG

Fall Ambience, It’s An Illusion For Now In Phoenix, AZ…


As you can see, I love fall. The weather here feels nothing like fall it’s still HOT! I live in Phoenix, AZ. I grew up back east and have wonderful memories of what fall really does feel like. I do however enjoy trying to inspire that fall feeling with fall decor and the flavors of fall. Along with dragging out the fall decor, I made a pumpkin pie. My family doesn’t enjoy pumpkin pie . I do however lol. The house smelled like fall as I was baking the pie. The following pic is my favorite fall cake to bake…

Just as with spring cleaning, I do fall cleaning. Here in AZ we get terrible dust storms in the summer. After the monsoon season is over, everything needs a good cleaning. So I will be cleaning and reorganizing things for awhile. We are hoping to get the tail end of hurricane Norbert from Mexico, today. We have garage clean up on the agenda for today. Not my favorite way to spend a Sunday but needed!

As you can see, I haven’t much to write about today, it’s an action day. If you saw my garage you would think us hoarders. Maybe we are closet hoarders… Between his tools and my seasonal stuff, quite possible! Hopefully I can end my day feeling like I accomplished some organization!
Whatever you do today, have some fun! Even if you just snack while sitting on the couch watching football!IMG_5643.JPG


Dream’s Must Be Realized In Your Head…

I just realized that I have had my YouTube channel for a year now. In this year I have spent a lot of my energy and time trying to learn, produce and execute solid pieces to post on my channel. It’s been a lot of fun, mostly personally rewarding. I have also spent a great deal of time trying to learn how to use social media. The etiquette and learning involved is a whole world within itself. I’m ashamed to admit that it took me a while to realize that I had been tweeting my YouTube links to myself rather than to whomever I was trying to tweet. Lol. I have put a lot of energy into trying to navigate through… to…??? My hope was to try to be discovered. You would think that by this time in life, I would have given that dream up long ago!

Not me, I wanted to prove somehow that I was good enough to get paid. I suppose you can call me a dreamer… I thought maybe now that I have time, I could get back to where I left off before I raised my kids. I have had fun revisiting that part of me that just wants to play. I will continue onward.
My husband has been very vocal, ( pardon the pun), about my music. He told me that he doesn’t ” get ” my music. He doesn’t like it. It isn’t funky or trendy enough. He’s always telling me that I need to play current stuff. Imitate what is popular. I tried as a test. I learned and posted All Of Me, a John Legend cover. Everybody that does covers, covered that song! To this day it is my least viewed YouTube song! It was buried in the sea of All Of Me covers…

I decided that my music is just that… mine. I haven’t even figured out what classification/ genre I am! It is however an expression of what comes from my heart and soul. If it is never realized by anyone else as special, it is to me.
I have enjoyed the gift of being able to play without having to read music. It flows through me. It’s an intensely personal treasure. There it seems, it will stay…just for me to appreciate. In this past year I have come to know that I can write songs! This I hadn’t tried when I was young. I have enjoyed the process of doing that and have written three original songs so far. Here are the links…

Lost In The Game
Shiny New View
Something More Than Nothing
Something More Than Nothing (violin piece)

Over the past year, these two songs are my most viewed songs.
Tender Years

Here is a complete list of the rest…
Color My World
Till We Meet Again
Do You Dream Of Me
You Know Like I Know
Saturday In The Park
Nous Vivons Ensemble
The Christmas Song
Critic’s Choice
All Of Me
Songs I Could Just Play As A Kid
Alma Mater
Could It Be Magic
Casual Conversation
Us And Them

Fool’s Overture even though this is a SoundCloud link I am including it in my cover list.

I have had very little feedback on any of this. The silence has been deafening. I ‘m sure I should be glad that I haven’t had to endure negative, critical and nasty comments! I did have a few comments on the Terry Kath covers that I do. The comments were from his loyal fans thanking me for doing the songs. They would also tell me how sad they are that he is gone. He died 35 years ago and is still revered. *Terry Kath was the husky voiced guitarist from the band Chicago.

I guess every hope and dream I have of doing this can be played out in my head. Next best thing to actually being there doing it! “Dreams must be realized, in your head!” A line from my most recent original, Lost In The Game.

Lost In The Game

What do I have to do to get through here? I want so much to be heard. I have so much that I want to say now, the words are falling into place. I’m reaching far beyond what’s comfortable, I’m hoping to catch my big break-

I don’t understand why it’s so difficult, to find my niche and stake my place. It’s harder than I thought to impress you, I find I’m lost in the game! Maybe- It’s too late for me, I missed my chance long ago. I was busy, with life you know- Please tell me how to play the game.

Lately, I’ve come to see, dreams must be realized in your head. I want this so much, I need some help and luck- To help me find my way through this maze. I want to play but I’m lost in the game.