Loyal Chicago Fan For 41 Years!

My all time favorite band is Chicago. They are genius at arranging their music. Each instrument playing a complex intregal part of each song. Amazing!

I cover a few of their songs…

Till We Meet Again
Saturday In The Park
Critic’s Choice
Alma Mater

Here are some of their originals that I love so much….Enjoy!
Street Player

Brand New Love Affair
Hide Away
Hard For Me To Say I’m Sorry/ Get Away
King Of Might Have Been</
Critic’s Choice

These are my two favorite Chicago songs that feature the great voice of Terry Kath. I cover these, see earlier links…
Till We Meet Again
Alma Mater

These are just a few that I love and listen to often. As you can see, they aren’t all hits. Great works by a great band. My love for this band is unwavering. I have loved them since I was 11. I have seen them 15 times. It was always my dream to meet them but sadly, I haven’t yet. When I was young I used to fantasize about sitting on my piano bench with Robert Lamm. In my fantasy, he would play different songs and tell me about what inspired him to write the song he was playing. I had the biggest crush on Robert Lamm!

Everytime I see them in concert I feel as if I have gone home! Strange, unexplainable feeling really.
My first Chicago concert was at age 13 in Cleveland, OH with the Beach Boys! Phenomenal! Saw them in Erie, PA., Los Angeles, CA a few times! San Francisco, a few times, Paso Robles, CA, and in many, various Phoenix, AZ venues.
I was such a fan that my artistic Mom sketched a huge replica of their logo on my wall when I was 12. I thought it was the coolest thing ever and it really was! I carved out the piece of wood with their logo as you see on my featured pic. When I was about 15. It still sits on my old family piano… Love you Chicago! It is still a big dream of mine to meet them one day…

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My Original Lyrics…Maybe Not My Own Experience But Near And Dear To My Heart.

Something More Than Nothing written by Tyna J. Metzner

Why can’t you see that I’m real and breathing and I have a wish to fulfill- I want to feel that there’s more than nothing- in my heart, I know there’s something! I know there have been times before, I should have walked out that door and I, I sometimes think that I want to. But I know, how far can I go- It’s not just me, so I have to just be-

I find myself trying to explain, things away- but the pain of loving you, follows me. And so I wait for the day I can feel, free, to be just me. I can’t wait for the day, that I can change something more than nothing-

If I could do it all again differently, I’d write, a better part for me. I’d show the world just who I could be, the Queen of “Something More Than Nothing”…

I’d take the time to invest in me, to find out all that I can be. It’s not enough to settle for nothing. If your heart tells you this,than find something- and you’ll see, just like me, that you can do something more than nothing!
Something More Than Nothing

Something More Than Nothing ( violin version )
*About a woman in a unhappy relationship who feels stuck there, in it. She desperately wishes that she could change things in her life. She has regrets beyond her bad relationship, she takes ownership of her own unhappiness. She decides that if she changes her thinking, she can find/ realize her accomplishments and possibly change her life!

Two Year Old Left Unattended By Drug Impaired Father, Falls Into Fire.


This story is hard for me to tell. Everytime I think of this it makes my blood boil. I get so pardon the expression, Pissed Off! This is my beautiful Granddaughter, Elizabeth June. She is four years old now. The pic in the pool was taken just a few days ago on our vacation. The featured pic of her on the swing was taken right before the tragic misfortune and she was two. I’m going to tell this story from my Gram perspective. I’m sure my daughter Britt has her own…

Britt had just gone through divorce. Her ex had serious drug impairment/ addiction issues for which he chooses not to address. In court this was known and the judge had set up supervised visitation for him. His parents were to be supervising his visits with the children at their home. The ex lived with his parents. Britts’ three kids would spend the night on Saturday’s over there. This ex had been a mess for a long time. He didn’t care who knew it. I had seen him so impaired he would fall asleep standing up. Just out of it! Britt did all of the driving because he was always drug impaired at the end of their marriage.

The kids were very young. The oldest Tommy, was 6. Nathan was 4 and Lizzie was 2 years old. During what was supposed to be a supervised visit with Dad, the unthinkable happened. Dad started a fire in a pit outside in the yard. He had the two youngest out there with him. Dad went to the garage to go get high as was his routine… Before leaving, he told 4 year old Nathan to watch Lizzie. In Dad’s absence, Lizzie got up and fell into the fire! Her left leg lingered on those coals… Dad had left the kids unattended by the fire to go get high?! Grandparents were inside when this all took place…no supervision…

When I first got the call, I dropped to my knees… I knew the Grandparents had been in denial about the seriousness of his drug addiction but I thought they would see to it that the kids were safe. Along with being terrified for Liz, I was so angry that this could happen! We didn’t realize at first how extensive the injury was. The Grandparents had down played it to my daughter. When my daughter arrived at the Maricopa County Burn Center, she could see that things were serious. My daughter Delcee and I watched the boys for Britt so she could be with Liz. Two days in, I went to visit Liz. When I got there she was in a treatment room receiving treatment. I could hear her blood curdling screams all the way down the hall! This made me furious! Tears welled up and I saw the nursing staff look at me with compassion… I will never forget hearing those tortured screams…

When my daughter got back to the room with Liz, we discussed the incident and she went to talk to the social worker. She had been so busy with Liz that she hadn’t a chance to discuss the situation with the staff. The social worker called the police and CPS when he heard the accounting of the incident. Meanwhile, four year old Nathan was feeling horrible because his Dad had told him to watch Liz. He saw the whole thing happen and thought he was responsible for not watching his sister. We of course explained to him this wasn’t his fault.

Meanwhile, the Grandparents that had been down playing this tragedy were not at the hospital much. When they did come ,they would try to feel out the situation by grilling the nurses about who had been to the hospital rather than how Liz was…they were insisting it wasn’t a big deal. Liz remained in the hospital for over two weeks! She had two pig skin graft surgeries within a week. She went through weekly treatments for over a year…. My daughter Britt did daily treatments with medicated creams. She had to dress the wounds, wear compression garments. For awhile we didn’t know if she would have issues with her knee joint . She had 3rd degree burns all down her leg to her ankle. It was horrific! The care that she received from the Maricopa Burn Center was exceptional! The outcome today is terrific considering the depth of the burns. She is however very scarred for life in many ways.

The pic of Liz holding the stuffed doll was taken in the hall of the burn center on her last day of treatment after more than a year of visits to that center. We are so grateful for the level of care they provided to Liz! She is a tough little girl with a ton of spirit and determination! I’m so relieved with how well she has done through it all! I also appreciate my daughter for having been so patient and dedicated to keeping up with the therapy, treatments and special care she had to administer daily for months!

You are thinking alls well that ends well right? No…thats just the medical aspect. The legal aspect has not been mentioned. The police went to the Grandparents home and concluded that Dad left the kids unattended. They charged him with three separate misdemeanor charges. My daughter bless her heart was so busy with all of her children, trying to get her AA online and a full time job she had no energy to fight. She asked me to take that up for her, so I did! Having her signed proxy, I went to court for her. I talked to the prosecutors and took them pictures of the injuries. The prosecutor looked at me and asked “why aren’t they charging him with a felony?!” So, they sent the case to the county for felony filing. I’m not sure where the case got hung up and messed up but it did… The case was never excepted by the county for felony filing. We couldn’t tell if CPS failed or if the police did from the beginning . The case was heard in Mesa Municipal Court and it never made fit there! We would sit and listen to shoplifting, traffic violations…. This case was far different than the other cases we would hear. I tried my best to make sure that justice was done and that this druggy Dad had to realize what he had allowed to happen. This court case went on for two years! Dad would ask for repeated continuances for as long as he could. Meanwhile, he had other pressing legal issues like domestic violence involving his new girlfriend. Even contempt of court, probation violations…all within the municipal court system in Mesa, AZ!

When all was said and done and we finally got to court, we were really disapointed… He was given a mere slap. He spent only a few days in jail and more probation. It was really amazing to see how the judicial system works…the prosecutors were sorry they couldn’t do more…somewhere this criminal case went terribly wrong! We are sure that CPS dropped the ball with this case as they did with many other cases. Our AZ Governor Brewer took our CPS agency to task because is was so fatally flawed. They are rebuilding a new child protection agency. Anyway, I fought long and hard for justice for Liz…I didn’t get it through criminal court…

Several times within the two years of legal issues I had the press wanting to do the story. I was in such dismay over how the criminal aspect was playing out. My daughter feared retaliation from the family of the ex. She never felt secure enough to tell her story. She was so busy living daily life trying to keep everyone going that she didn’t have the energy. No body was interested in hearing the story from me, I’m just the Gram…I never heard an apology of any kind from the other Grandparents…when we went to court the other Gram would be threatening toward me. She would follow me into the bathroom to corner me asking what I was doing there…If the kids had been hurt during my watch I would apologize up and down to everyone.

I never understood why they fought the insurance claim against their property. I would have called my insurance company right away to instruct them to please take care of my Granddaughter! Strange bunch those people are! They still enable that son, to this day he still lives with them. He doesn’t pay child support to my daughter. He doesn’t have a job and still does drugs. My daughter is convinced he will just die one day.

I want to give you some insight into my view of this. When this all happened, my daughter Britt was working full time at a daycare. She took the kids with her to work and made very little money for many hours of work. She was attending Community college taking a full class schedule of online courses. Not to mention trying to attend to the needs of her small kids. Being a single Mom was tough enough! After the horrific thing happened, my daughter and her kids started this downward spiral. Britt had to miss three weeks of work. So, that translates to no money for nearly a month. She had to drop her classes because she couldn’t do school. She had physically, emotionally way too much on her plate. We tried to help but she just went under. I watched her have a breakdown. A disconnect…she physically cared for the kids but emotionally she shut down. She handed the legal crap to me and didn’t seem to care but, she did care… She just couldn’t fight…

I felt helpless in all of this and I was so angry! I had to watch my kid with her three little kids go into this downward spiral through no fault of her own! Her situation seemed so hopeless and daunting! I kept wondering how she was going to get through it? She chose to just stay emotionally detached and just kept on doing what she had and could do. She is working at a gym daycare, taking the kids with her. Working tons of hours. She got back into school with a new goal. I’m proud to say that she is almost finished with her AA and a Paralegal Certification! Almost to the point of making much better money! She is a wonderful Mom and a great person! I couldn’t be more proud of her. We are very close and I really understand all that she has been through. I even understand her not wanting to fight. I took that all up for her…I’m glad I can be done now… That was exausting…


Maybe now I can put to rest all of this awfulness. I wasn’t able to help with getting justice for Liz in criminal court, that was unfortunate. I would love to figure out where this criminal case went wrong, lobby the injustice that precluded Dad from taking a mandatory drug test. That would have been our whole case right there. Lobby that part of the law and call it Lizzy’s Law…
* I have added a pic of the injury so that you can see and understand how serious it was. I warn you, the following pic is graphic! It doesn’t show that the injury extends down to her foot. The pic is right after skin graft surgery.

Talk about turning lemons into lemonade…
*My daughter Britt is finishing up the last of her classes. She will graduate in Dec. with her Paralegal Certificate and her AA. She just started an internship with a personal injury law firm! When the accident occurred Britt had no clue which direction to take her education. She was unsure… Since, she changed her direction, worked like heck and soon will find herself in a terrific career! Oh my goodness, I’m so happy with what she has been able to do. I think she is so incredibly awesome! I couldn’t be more proud of her!




Ready, Set, Go, The Clock Is Ticking…

I’m on a mission to be all that I can be. I keep searching myself to see if I can find some sort of greatness. So far, I’m finding nothing notable lol? I have been inspired by the realization that time is fleeting! I keep feeling as if I have a need to try to leave my mark upon this earth. In whatever way that may be. If not in music, then in some other way. I keep searching for a way that I can fulfill that desire. I know the exact moment this became my mission…Hence my mantra in everything of late, ” Something More Than Nothing “.

Being a domestic engineer, ( housewife/ caregiver ) I have given all of my energy and time away for free. I chose this and so I’m not complaining! I just realized that I have given so much away. I’m on a mission to find something that I’m good at and get paid. It goes beyond the desire to get paid. I want something for myself. To fill a void within my spirit with a sense of real accomplishment. I keep thinking that surely after all of these years my domestic engineer skill set is worth something to society. Prompting me to write ” Where’s My PhD “. (See earlier Blog post).

I can tell you exactly how I have become so consumed with my desire to realize and achieve my greatness…My brilliant father, whom I adore. This man in his hay day invented a polystyrene insulation process called “Foamular”. You know it as Owen’s Corning Pink. (the “Pink Panther”), foam board sheets of insulation that you can buy at Home Depot. He developed and designed dies and extruders and a revolutionary process of polystyrene insulation that is used everywhere! A brilliant invention and contribution to the world.

In his recent later years, he became convinced that he had stumbled upon some realization /information about the universe. Information that was so compelling it would change the whole dynamic of what the world thinks they know about the universe! He was on fire about this new revelation that he had come to. He was in the process of writing his book about this topic when sadly, before he could get it all on paper, alzheimer’s robbed him of the ability to be able to complete this great work. This man has a Master’s Degree from Cornell University in Organic Chemistry. He also literally was a rocket scientist at AeroJet General in the 1960’s.

To this day, my father still goes into his home office with an idea that somehow, he can unlock the shackles on his brain to accomplish his goal of writing this perplexing book. He has asked my sister and myself to help him with this task. The progression of this disease has robbed him of the ability to carry out his thought process. Sooooooo sad for me to see this! Sad that this goal my father had, will never be realized in his lifetime. Of all the things to go, his brilliant mind? To see him still have this intense burning desire to fulfill this quest but being unable to do so, struck a chord in me.

Time is fleeting! Do whatever it is that you want to do now! ! Leave your mark upon this earth! Tie up your loose ends. Say what you want to those you love. Leave no stone unturned in your lives. Fix your relationships, right the wrongs… Get to a place that when you leave this earth you have no woulda, shoulda, could ofs…No Regrets!

That is why I am where I am….maybe you find yourselves kind of here in a similar state of being?IMG_0270.JPG
Arthur L. Phipps, the ” Father Of Foamular “





Of these, he has many…




Domestic Bliss, The Walls Of Silence…


I spent a couple of hours making these mirror candle tablescape pieces yesterday. It was a fun, mindless type of craft. The things you can do with some gems and a glue gun! The picture doesn’t do them justice, they really do sparkle in the light. I’m envisioning them down the center of my Christmas party table along with other Christmas Decor. My husband is thinking about investing in some laser lighting. These will be fun with the laser lights I think.

Yesterday was the first day of school here in our area. Zoe attended her first day of 7th grade. I kept busy all day doing various domestic tasks. Overall, a very productive day! Today, I plan to spend some time working on another song that I am writing. Have to get a power walk in also before it gets too hot here! Still focusing on my affirmation… *Whatever I touch, there I will prosper. Whatever touches me, I will make better!

Have a terrific day, whatever you choose to do with yours!20140805-064519-24319011.jpg

Seeking Prosperity And Something More…

My cover of Saturday In The Park. On this, the last day of July. I had fun finishing this up. It was a real challenge for me because for whatever reason, I had a few missing chords. I really had to listen and pick the rough spots apart. I did finally get it! I love this song mostly because it’s upbeat and happy. Although if you look at it from the writers perspective, he was on the outside looking in and could have been very lonely? Glass half full, glass half empty take your pick.

A dear friend turned me on to a movie available for view on Netflix called the “Secret”. It was a very interesting movie based on the Law Of Attraction. A whole philosophy mind you, on getting what you want in life. It really motivates you to tweak/ change your thinking to attract those things your heart really desires. By eliminating the negative mind speak, we can change the course of our lives through positive thinking. Replacing the negative with a clear and personal visual manifesto creation of what we truly desire. This movie also gives you permission to want and ask for “things” and money for yourself. I love the message and concept here. I urge you all to watch it!

As I was walking yesterday, this affirmation came to me clearly. Everything I touch, there I will prosper! Everything that comes to me, I will make better! I’ve decided that is exactly the mind speak that portraits the life I want to lead. I would love to hear about your success with these very ideas and principals! Have a great day! Oh and, what is it that you truly want and desire for your life? Take time out to really ponder this. As my friend and Mom would always tell me ” be careful of what you want, you might get it ! “


I Believe In Love…I Wish The World Worked This Way


I can’t tell you the countless times this philosophy has burned me. The older I get the more cynical I find that I am becoming. In my younger years I was told to take off my rose colored glasses. I refused to adhere to that kind of cynicism. Then that education leading to my PhD in life experience started coming to me and well maybe you realize the wisdom after a few hard knocks.


Have a great day!