Watch “Downstream Written by Rick Davies. Cover by Tyna …” on YouTube

Downstream Written by Rick Davies. Cover by Tyna …:


I’m Thinking Of Rick Davies And I Sure Wish Him Well!

I woke up this morning with this song in my head. This is one of the most romantic songs. This song screams peace,tranquility and contentment with a significant other. It implies that he is just happy to be with her…Lucky gal! His lyrics are very passionate when he writes about his special person. I just love this man’s brilliance!  If you get a chance, listen to Ain’t Nobody But Me. Love the lyrics and it’s great sentiment!  Sounds like a passionate and fiercely loyal guy who loves with his whole heart!
I hope Rick is doing ok. He has been dealing with cancer according to the Supertramp website. I hope to hear that he is doing better!

Frozen In Time Celebrating Kadee Lynn

Today is Kadee’s 4th B-day party day…yesterday was actually her birthday.


I made a name tag wand for her to play with. I affixed it with take to her present along with a jellies snail lollipop.
I had a lot of fun making a “Frozen”, cake for her. I love that after the cake is gone the kids have a whole set of figurines to play with! 


Elsa is her favorite character.


Each side of the cake tells a bit of the story!

I love making figurine cakes!

I am really looking forward to celebrating Kadee’s special day!
I hope that she has a great party. We are going to a local park to let the kids just play and have fun. Hopefully the weather will be cool enough to enjoy the party. It’s been heating up again here in Phoenix!