Hurry Up To Wait ,More Wishing On Stars

So now I wait. I wait for an artist consult with someone in the music biz that has the power to make something of me if he likes me well enough. My contact person who has set this review of my work up just sent me an email. Explaining to me the probability of my not making the grade. She tells me in no uncertain terms about my age being a factor. She says the music biz is a young persons game…she spoke of my lack of experience and whatever she could think of to prepare me for possible failure. Oh geez! Wonder why she even thought that we should try to do this. It’s hard enough to realize that I’m throwing myself into the lions cage. I have the audacity to think myself good enough to go before this major heavy hitting star maker?  This icon has the ability to change my whole life though!  Scary! If I think about it too much I will find excuses to think myself not worthy of the chance to try… The man is after all, just a man who puts his pants on one leg at a time…never mind he is who he is?! Huh? Is this really my reality, somebody pinch me! My Mom would be do the dance of joy in the street for me with just the possibility to go before this guy…too bad I can’t share this with her!

I don’t want to jinx this by giving you a name. I will share the who info. whenI am through with this process. You would flip if I dopped the name. I still can’t believe the opportunity. I must be crazy or just so ready to try to get something going right for myself!  This trying bit is a test of bravery or stupidity , take your pick.

I’ll believe any and all of this when I see it. Right now it’s all just a daydream of endless possibilities with a huge chance of heartache depended on which way the pendulum swings. Regardless of the outcome, the sun will rise and set. The tide will come in and go out…The dishes, laundry, dogs and kids will all need to be tended to. My husband will want dinner and clean house to come home to…so my daydreams just have to wait lol…


My Morning Cup Of “Silent Lucidity”

I start my day with a cup of coffee. The kids in the house occasionally are spoiled with a cup of kid coffee. This is kid coffee…no matter the beverage, it’s always great to start off with a little Silent Lucidity..,

Click here ➡️My cover of Silent Lucidity written by Queensryche.

I learned the music the other day. Had a great afternoon with this! I play by ear aka (savant style). So it’s a matter of really listening and hearing a song. This is a song near and dear to my heart. Lyrics will be next to learn and put with it. This is an awesome original! The lyrics grab and tug at your heart strings. The melody is hauntingly beautiful.

This is the song that I equate with my mother’s passing. It makes me think of her and tear up like no other! I listen to this song when I want to feel close to her. It must  be an amazing ephinany to write a composition like this. I’m sure the writers cried tears of profound accomplishment upon the completion of this. Just beautiful!




Yes, I Call This Working

 This is the prettiest balloon I think I’ve ever seen. I love this! It was given to Zoe by her father for a job well done. She was excepted into the National Junior Honors Society. So proud of this kid! We took her out for her favorite, Boba.


Zoe loves the House special at Tea And Snow in the Mekong Plaza. The House special has various fruits, and lots of Basil Seeds. 

This is my favorite, Mango smoothie with honey flavored Boba. I order this every time we visit Tea And Snow.

When I’m not wearing my Mom and Gram hat, and I have some time to myself, this is how I choose to relax…

Click here ➡️Pieces Of Songs That I Could Just Play As A Kid

Click here➡️My cover of Fool’s Overture written by Rodger Hodgson.

Yes, I consider this work. It would be if I was getting paid to do it! For now, it’s just fun. Till then I’ll keep wishing on stars and hoping for my big break …


I Want To Be An Asset Not Just An Ass



Yet another day hard at wor

k trying to get my originals ready for submission. I won’t say where but I have an opportunity of a lifetime coming up here I think. A family friend just happens to know a very influencial music person that could make or break me. It could be a harsh reality or a welcomed critique of my music. If I really think about it, the fear could and would be crippiling. The fear of failing and looking like an idiot is always a possibility. The kick in the ass I would be feeling having not tried is probably even worse. I didn’t get here to not try. Over the past year and a half I have been putting together my YouTube channel and a SoundCloud account.

I have really tried to get myself out there with social media. That proves to be a seperate challenge within itself. I’m still trying to learn more about that, the hows and where to post my stuff. Meanwhile, I have tried to Blog about my life journey along the way… I have written poetry, song lyrics and a few songs along with many covers. I have worked this like a job while keeping the family and house going. My house is clean, meals are on the table. I have kept up with life.

I can tell you that I want beyond want…I yearn to do something with my music. My husband is brutally honest with me and has said that he doesn’t like or get my music. He feels that I will probably be crushed to learn that I’m not that good. He says I’m on par with your average lounge singer. He has been my worst critic worse than myself! He doesn’t think much of my trying to do this. He thinks I will embarrass myself. Maybe he is just being protective? Either way it’s painful. I’m just like anybody else. I just want someone to believe in me!

When I think of how much my life could change if the right person thought enough of what I can do I get excited… When I think about the possibility of being shut down I see the epitome of emptiness/ hopelessness and maybe embarrassment too for a period of time. Still, I will be glad that I tried. How can lady luck smile on you if you don’t put yourself out there? Most things worth doing are not without risk. All that being said, I’d be lying if I told you I wasn’t scared. The rejection could really be painful in all of this.  Though I suppose that I should be used to it being married to my worst critic. God, I hope he’s not right… I would love nothing more than to succeed in spite of him!       

If I could just work in the music industry in some capacity I would be forever grateful! I just want to feel like an asset somewhere, not just an ass! My opportunity is still a few weeks out but you can bet I will use the time that I have to try to improve!

Apricot Jello Salad, My Gram’s Recipe


My Gram made this at Easter when I was a child. I know seems strange with the sharp cheddar cheese. Trust me the sharp cheddar makes this great!

Easy to make too.

1 lrg box of orange jello

1 small can of apricot halves

1 small can of crushed pineapple

1 cup of mini marshmallows


1 small tub of Cool Whip

Grated sharp cheddar cheese

Open cans of fruit and drain into a measuring cup. Add water to make 2 cups of liquid.

Bring liquid to a boil.

Add liquid to the packaged orange jello and stir well. About two minute.

Cut up the apricot halves into medium chunks. Combine with the crushed pineapple

Add both fruits to the jello.

Add mini marshmallows, they will float to the top and thats fine!

Chill for several hours in the fridge.

Top with a generous amount of Cool Whip

Sprinkle the sharp cheddar on top.

Return to fridge for a few hours

Serve and enjoy! 

This salad pairs well with ham. I have even served this at Thanksgiving with turkey!

Trying to keep family traditions alive even if they seem strange. The strange ones are the best!

#bring jello salads back!


Sometimes A Little Thought Is All That Is Required

Having seven G-kids and raising one of those along with our twelve year old, I need to budget holiday spending. Along with Christmas and birthdays I like to give the G-kids a little thought at Easter. I had fun putting these small gifts together. I made little name tags with lots of blingy glitter glue to attach to these bunny lollipops. I’m hoping that these are enjoyable to the kids



This year I have Alissa with me. It has been so much fun sharing holidays with her. She gets so excited and enjoys participating in all of the activites we do. I am enjoying this time with her! 



We have all really been enjoying Spring in Phoenix. The weather has been a bit warm but pretty darned nice overall.


 I’m sad that yesterday in broad daylight a javelina came into to my yard and ate all of my flowers! I mean all of them! I had planted snapdragons and pansys in my tree circle as well as all of my potted plants! Living in the desert is a challenge for gardeners. I’m not sure if I will try to replace what was lost.



I made this centerpiece for fun last Easter. It isn’t fancy but I love the punch of color it gives my dining room table.


The Cadbury eggs and candy dish were left by my door with a sweet little note from a couple of my friends. Such a sweet little Easter thought. I will enjoy this candy dish every Easter.


I made this wreath with Dollar Store items. Everything on this wreath was from the Dollar Store…

Sometimes it’s just some effort and thought that makes holidays memorable and special. It’s the little things!


                                                                                   Happy Easter!