Fall Is In My Heart Not In The Air

Fall is in my heart. It’s still hot here in Phoenix but with September fast approaching I decided to decorate. I feel like making a pumpkin pie. My favorite season from the autumnal colors to the fall holidays that I cherish and look forward to every year. 

I walked in on this yesterday morning. Sooo very cute, touched my heart. Alissa was reading her library book to Twinkle. I actually think this kitty enjoyed being read to!

I set out on a mission to find some dollhouse furniture for this little gal. I thought maybe Goodwill might have something random like that. I have two Goodwill stores close by to shop between. I searched high and low. I didn’t find any  furniture but I scored 7 of these! Such a precious find too!

I purchased all 7 that were different. When checking out, one of the employees told me she had just put them out. What a find! I got them all for $13.00! I was thrilled to bring them home and wash them up. They are all in terrific shape and gently used. The look on her face when she first saw all 7 of her new friends, priceless! She was truly in awe and amazed when she walked into her room after school. Now, she has something to collect as well. I think different princess dolls are out there to be found. She is beginning to acquire My Little Pony as well. A heart warming day indeed! I love a good find! It’s nice to “Win”

Have a wonderful last day of August!


Near And Dear They All Disappeared

I put together a video over the weekend. I used my 70’s Compilation SoundCloud track in iMovie to make it. I guess you could call it a tribute to those who have meant the world to me who have left the planet. I have had to say goodbye to many cherished people. It still seems so odd that they are just gone…vanished but never forgotten. My father’s birthday was Friday so I suppose, that inspired my deeply felt nostalgia. Anyway, for what it is worth, here is my newest YouTube upload…

Lemon Pudding Pie And My Grandson Cutie Pie

Busy bustling Wednesday!

Here is my musical effort today. The kids get out of school early on Wednesdays. I was lucky to get this and two applications finished and ready to submit. The normal daily cleaning chores as well… This was fun to do!My 70’s Compilation Revisted…

Fool’s Overture written by Roger Hodgson

These have nothing at all in common. Although,they were all written in the 1970’s.

I actually enquired today at a small venue in Ahwatukee called Cactus Jacks. I was told that I could play my keyboard there if I could bring in a following of at least 25 people… The gal that I spoke with informs me she only books people with a following…. Hmmm. Well, we shall see…how do you get fans if you don’t have an opportunity to play  live? Open mic nights somewhere maybe?

This looked like a nice end of summer treat to make. Lemon Cream/Dream Pie.

Lemon pudding with prepared Dream Whip folded into the pudding. I pre-baked  and cooled my pie shell before spooning my pudding mixture into the crust.

I haven ‘t had a piece but I hear that’s it’s very good!

Tomorrow evening we are celebrating ( my Grandson), Korbin’s Birthday. He is turning 9! Daughter Delcee is making dinner and a cake for him. Gram isn’t into Pokemon but boy oh Korbin is. I just don’t get the whole chasing after fictitious creatures with your phone?

My 70’s Compilation Don’t Let The Sun Go Down On Me

 I did as I said that I would, I recorded my 70’s Compilation.  Free Bird, Imagine and Don’t Let The Sun Go Down On Me. I arranged this cover, using three songs that were relevant and popular in the same era. Two of the three songs featured were written by artists that are long gone from this world. The last of the three songs was written by Sir Elton John and his lyricist, Bernie Taupin. Although Sir Elton John is very much alive, this song works here because it suggests  facing mortality. At least, that is my interpretation of the lyric. I will have to re-record this as I still have the tail end of this sticking virus I’ve been struggling with for a week now. My Granddaughter went to the Dr. just yesterday . She was prescribed an antibiotic. I’m hoping to avoid having to take antibiotics as they just mess up my gut! Even my Kefir probably won’t be enough to compensated  the ill affects of an antibiotic to my gut!

 I think that I put these three songs together in part because I have been grieving the loss of one of my childhood friends. This great friend of mine died rather young, in his late 40’s, he suffered greatly and was sick for many years. I hadn’t heard the details about his passing until about a week ago. I am sad upon learning about his long suffering!  Years he was ill and when he died, he had lost his mind!  Such a sad end for such a young man. Anyway, I loved Mark and he always will be near and dear in my heart. A special friend of his found me and I’m so glad to have a common tie to Mark. This man had cared deeply for my friend many years ago. It was so great to have found out that Mark had a man in his life who had truly cared about him and knew him well. It gives me peace and happiness to know this about Mark’s life. We had lost touch years before his death. I always just thought Mark to be sad and lonely. It was so nice to find that he was not always alone!  

Anyway, I think that I have many questions and few answers about facing ones mortality. It is something that we all must do. We all have to come to grips with losing people and pets that we love. Keeping memories alive and enjoying the nice ones. Understanding that we don’t get to know when our time will come. Knowing full well that we need to make the most out of our lives each day. The clock ticks for all of us! 

I’m still working on resolution and grappling with the things I can’t seem to change. I’m also enjoying playing and creating music. My childhood savant still wants to come out and play, this thrills me no end! My personal escape from all things difficult and heartbreaking.

This is for you Mark, may he rest in peace. 

I still remember you…

Bucket List Dream This Fool’s Overture

I posted this today on my Facebook Page. I actually recorded this about a month ago.

I was hoping to try to score some concert tickets or meet & greet passes. I have tweeted the radio station who is promoting the Dec. 2 concert at Celebrity Theater. If you follow my blog, you know how much it would mean to me to be able to meet Roger Hodgson! It would be a bucket list dream come true opportunity for me.

Lost In The Dust And The Game

An ominous thick wave of dust came over my house yesterday. This dust storm was interesting because it came much earlier in the day than most of the valley dust storms that I have experienced. It was about 11:30 am. when the house became dark. I looked outside to find the sky was the color of dirt, rather orangey. You could just see the wall of dust coming. I put throw rugs up over the door thresholds and shut the doggy door. Yuck! 

These are not my pics but this is the wall of dust that came over my house! Haboob! They are forecasting rain for this morning. I hope it’s enough rain to wash this all away! What a mess!

I find I’m Lost In The Game

Have a great Wednesday !

I have decided that all of life, is an interview. An interview is just a conversation!

Summer Dread The Grass Is Dead The Pools Are Full Of Crypto


Alissa caught a cold the first week of school. This doesn’t surprise me in the least. She may acquire a few this year as she will be exposed to plenty of viruses in kindergarten. She had a very bad case of RSV when she was only 5 weeks old. It seems to have left her vulnerable to chest/lung issues. I have an inhaler for her. Every cold she gets seems to linger in her chest. I gave her this tea shortly after she got up very congested yesterday. It helped her greatly! It  definitely loosened up the congestion and she was able to get a productive cough from it! I love this tea.  The ginger in it helps with stomach issues as well. Tea with honey, not a bad way to treat a cold.

I have recently been experimenting with creating different skillet brunches. This one is my best yet with cooked potatoes, onions, garlic, bacon, egg, italian seasoning, paprika and colby cheese.  So yummy! I baked some wildberry muffins to go along with this skillet meal.

I am looking into part time jobs near me. Meanwhile getting my ducks in a row around the house in an attempt to become more organized. With less time to devote to chores while working a job, I decided to deep clean my kitchen. I have touched and cleaned everything in it.

The heat of the summer has pretty much rendered all of us pretty useless! The day in day out heat has really gotten to us this year. It wears on you. We don’t feel like doing much. The SRP electric bills are through the roof expensive! Over $400.00 this month. The public pools are warm and not refreshing not to mention full of bacteria and viruses. We can’t use the pools anymore to cool off. By this time in the summer, they are just gross! Our local news channel warned us about an intestinal virus being found in our neighborhood pools called Crypto. Yuck, no thanks! Our soil and dust, is full of Valley Fever, and the mosquitos are testing positive for West Nile virus. Zika virus has been found in a AZ mosquito or two as well.  So, that said lol, we are done with outside activities. 111 degree temps with blazing scorching intense sun rays yes, we pretty much stay inside… My poor grass and veggies are gone… Mesquite pods are dropping all over from my trees. The yard is a mess.

This is what remains of my backyard grass…This is a current picture that I took just now for this post.

This was a picture of the same view back in April of this year…

Damn desert…summer is depressing. Pretty much everything dies off and turns to dust. This year has been especially dry on this side of town. The monsoons have all but missed us here in Ahwatukee. A real disappointment. We look forward to having a few nice storms to provide some atmosphere and a brief cool down.

Why do I live here? We all ask ourselves this question in August. By the end of October things will start to cool down. In late September, we can reseed the grass and begin starting the green up process… Summer’s are long and unbearably hot! I’m finding it a challenge to appear cool and fresh for job interviews lol.  Getting into hot cars that take a long time to cool down don’t do much for prestine make-up and pretty hair.

I actually was offered a job the other day after an interview. I may take it but the pay is dreadful. I’m looking to see what else is out there before I jump and get myself stuck in a minimum wage job. It was however good practice and to find that interviewing is not at all nerve wracking to me. I absolutely wasn’t a bit nervous. I think that I have done enough of this kind of putting myself out there in my music that an interview, is just a conversation…

*  Casual Conversations is written by Rick Davies of       Supertramp…I find myself having way too many of these kinds of conversations lately!