I Called Him Stinker Binker

My oldest G-Kid turned 10 today! Tommy is now 10! Boy the years are ticking by and I can tell you that it amazes me how fast time is ticking away. I found these pics of my Grandson that remind me of what an adorable baby and kid he has always been!

I used to call him “Stinker Binker” when he was small, hence the binky in his mouth. Such a cutie and he liked his Gram a lot then lol. He is much more reserved with me now…

Here he is to the right, pictured with his brother Nate on the left, and cousin Korbin, center.

Try as I might, I’m no cake decorator! My cakes taste good but they aren’t much to look at!

Here is my ridiculous attempt. It’s big, that’s about what you can say about it… I don’t know why I insist on trying but, I do! Oh geez…

I started off with good intentions! I made a lemon/ blueberry cake with fresh blueberries. The cakes turned out fine.  I’m sure they are moist and delicious… I am taking this cake to Tommy later this evening. Daughter Britt is having a get together for him with all of my G-Kids and some of Thomas’ friends.

The decorating not so much!

A Grammy original…(this Grammy anyway).

It’s Memorial Weekend as well. With the plate, and the red border, I suppose I have that covered as well lol… Hey, I tried! I was told by my husband that this is lame. He asked me if the theme is a ball? Lol, I am certain that it tastes better than it looks and, it comes from my heart! It will feed an army as well… Lol what was I thinking here?????

Have a wonderful Memorial Holiday!


Disneyland Dreams And The Great Gig In The Sky

The Disneyland gang returned last evening and collected their dog Oso.

I was thrilled to receive this lovely coffee mug that is sooooo me! Robe and all!


This one too!

They had a great time. We will miss having him around. Oso was a wonderful guest. We enjoyed this big guy!



I recalled that I hadn’t recorded The Great Gig In The Sky for my YouTube channel. So, I did yesterday!

Hope you enjoy a wonderful Memorial Day weekend! Stay safe and sane!

This cover I am proud of! I can envision playing this on a grand piano as it is rather a classical piece of music. I love the mood envoking melody and the challenge that this is to execute. I have always thought Pink Floyd brilliant as they come. Their music is thought provoking and out of this world in concept. Nothing has or ever will be, like Pink Floyd. So much fun to cover!

Us & Them on my SoundCloud channel. I love to cover Pink Floyd! I have since I was a teen. This was my Mom’s favorite song that I did as a kid. She would cry tears when I played it.



The School Of Hard Knocks Has Been The School For Me

Memorial Day is almost upon us. My birthday is also just around the corner. A reminder of the life clock ticking… Time is fleeting! Leave your mark upon this earth!  I’m still trying to do this is my own small way. Yesterday, I re-recorded a few songs for my SoundCloud channel. I posted them here yesterday. We have underground electrical construction going on here. Fiber Optic cables and whatever else… SRP and cable company trucks everywhere. I was frustrated that while I was recording, I would get the sound of drilling in my amplifier. I tried to just record around it. It was highly annoying. I found myself saying, “Go to lunch guys”! If you listen closely, you can hear the drilling that I’m speaking of lol. Construction here has been going on for a few months now! Noisy, dusty and just plain a pain to deal with.

Here is is Graduation time and I got to thinking… I thought since nobody really views my SoundCloud channel anyway, I should just have some fun with it. I decided to try a new genre for me, Spoken Word. I have written several pieces, poems I suppose. Don’t know if I will actually post them as they are and sound so angry! I suppose anger motivates my writing lol. This however is not angry! I wrote it just for fun! Anyway, here is my SoundCloud upload of my poem.

Where’s My PhD (The School Of Hard Knocks)
I get the biggest kick out of watching them succeed! This you will always have my dears the beginning of your dream. Life’s triumphs are but far and few between- and all that is coming, of yet, remains to be seen.
What I am wondering is where’s my PhD ? A life of hard knocks has been the life for me.. I’ve earned it and I’d like to know which University, hands out diplomas ,to people just like me? Life experience and plenty of hard places…I found my way out of many tight spaces. In retrospect I can see, the wisdom in all thats come to be but I still want that PhD!
That frame-able reminder of all that I’ve been through. Knowing it’s been worth something and that others see it to. The work it’s been to get here and the sense of pride I feel. It might sound silly to you, but to me it’s a big deal! I want that piece of paper that acknowledgement to me, a handshake and a nod from alumni and faculty… The accomplishment that comes after all the hard works done…I want my second act now, it’s time to have some fun!
Be a mover and a shaker and really kick some ass but do it with dignity and hopefully with class. Be a world beater but be kind to those you meet, be the best that you can be and don’t feel you have to compete. For the world has plenty of room for those with PhD’s in life experience, this I tell myself when I’m tired and delirious.
For those who have taken care of others and been the overseers, I want to impart kudos to you for you really are great leaders! For teaching the world that it’s ok to help others accomplish a goal. Makes you instrumental in the world,as a whole! For it takes a village as one wise woman proclaimed. You can take that knowledge and hopefully no shame, that you have helped the greater good and probably overcame- obstacles in abundance, frustration and some blame.
So this I have to say, Congratulations on earning this degree! The School Of Hard Knocks acknowledges your hard work and tenacity! I give to you this honorary degree of PhD in Applied Life Science of Hard Knocks and Misery. Now go out there and make this ole world a better place to be! The possibilities are endless for those with this degree.
Philosophers, life coaches and writers all take heed, their are no greater teachers than our lives that we all must lead. The education comes to us all in different ways, the hows and whys differ but the result is all the same. Whatever our misfortune, our plight to overcome, we look upon our history, this is what we draw from. We find a way to make “it” work whatever “It”, may be and this is how we navigate life’s harsh adversity.
So when you gaze upon my plaque and question my credentials, I’ll have you look into my soul and show you my life’s hurdles. That got me to this place of honor that I hold today . This I will always look upon, cherish and display! For I have knowledge and wisdom that only life can teach. I feel accomplished and confident that I have truly reached, a level worthy of excepting this prestigious PhD, and I’m so glad Ive had the chance to learn all that I can be! Now here’s to fun and happiness for all eternity! Learnings done and funs begun and maybe I will see, the journey that I took, didn’t come from a book…It came from me!

* This is just thoughts that came to me one lazy Sunday morning while I was drinking my coffee. I commend all of you have taken your time and great effort to achieve true education and a degree!


Critical Thinking About Choices Critic’s Choice

Critic’s Choice written by, Chicago

This is an awesome song that also never was a hit. It was however a remarkable song that touched me as a kid. I was in love with the complexity of the chords that Robert Lamm put together here. I hope that it is relatable to those who know this treasure of a song. If you are a true Chicago fan you know this to be on the Chicago VI album. Thanks Robert Lamm and Chicago for this little known treasure of a song. 

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If At First You Don’t Succeed Win!

Win written by David Bowie. 

I’ll always love and miss Bowie! He left his amazing musical stylings and many hits. This wasn’t a hit! This was just one oh his songs from the “Young Americans” album that touched me.  I hope those of you who know the song, like my cover. 

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Overcoming My Funk

Delcee turned 27 on Monday. Korbin, her 8 year old son was attending school when we had this get together and he was missed! I took a birthday cake over to her to celebrate.

Alissa and Delcee’s Kadee, are partners in crime when they get together. Cousins! Boy do they look like cousins!

I am dog sitting till Friday night. This is my Granddog, Oso. He is absolutely huge! See pic below, he looks like a black bear lol!

I have only had small dogs and so this will be an interesting few days! He is a beautiful well mannered dog who is still sort of a puppy. He is only about 18 months old.

Nothing much is new as I have been in a funk. Some harsh realities have come to light and I am overwhelmed with disappointment. I am trying to work through these issues but I am so angry. Anger is counterproductive if you can’t generate something good to come from it. I’ve often thought that I was resourceful and able to overcome adversities. This harsh  life reality seems to be on a continuous looping-cycle. Every so often I blog about this unfortunate life circumstance that I find myself in. I write about it, blog about it and write songs about this one very frustrating part of my life! I have yet to come up with any answers about overcoming this.

The answer is money. Money, makes the world go round… When and only then, will I be able to change my plight. It takes money! Figuring out where my source of income is to come from is another quandary . I have yet to figure out my steady stream of income that will set me free lol…Meanwhile the clock just keeps on ticking…I don’t know what I’m trying to prove to myself, let alone others. Nobody is looking. I don’t think that I could feel more ineffectual. You know there is something wrong with how you conduct your life when you realize a statement like that! Since I can’t change other people, I better work on me!

I am thankful to have the peace and contentment that comes with this!  This is my escape. My way of validating my Exsistence. My one something that is all mine. I have found that the enjoyment is all mine as well. I get the same reaction with almost everyone that I know that has heard my music. When I bring it up in conversation, the sarcastic eye roll and  far away embarrassed for me look. Funny how my music and the thought of it conjures up that particular mannerism in nearly everyone! Sometimes I bring it up in conversation just to test the waters. I’m always amazed and sad that I get the look… The look that tells me I’m ridiculous and a joke. The look that confirms my ineffectuality. The look that shames me into the realization that I’m not good enough. The look that humbles, embarrasses me and brings me back to my harsh life realities that loop and loop. Leaving me to feel as if I’m in the “Twilight Zone”. My savant, is  and has been just a tease…