I Want To Effect A Change

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Watch “I Put A Spell On You Written By Screamin Jay Hawkins. Cover arrangement, Tyna J. Metzner” on YouTube

My own arrangement.  Not a cover of a cover lol. Please share it! It is my dream to get my music out there!

I’m a  grown childhood savant. I could just play one day when I was about 4. I don’t read music, have never been able to sit and learn. I just want to play!

My goal is to record my originals in a recording studio.  If only for my own enjoyment and to fulfill my legacy, lol. Every musicians dream is to hear something that they wrote in full form. Being the absolute best sound quality, arrangement and accompaniment!  What a nice dream! Please help me by subscribing to my YouTube and Sound Cloud channels!  Not hard to do. Find me under Tyna J. Metzner, and click subscribe!
Would love some fans and supporters!
Thanks for taking the time to listen. I am working on getting a better sound quality for my vocals as I have been running both vocals and my keyboard through one small amplifier. Hopefully this next year, I will be able to have better quality videos as well. It’s a process.
I’m having so much fun!

My email address is: Tynajoy4@gmail.com



A lady that I’ve never met, sought me out to give me some pointers on my sound and  video quality.  She is the Sound Engineer and Videographer for her daughters band, Cherokee Blonde. She mixed my latest cover song, I Put A Spell On You. I have to say, mixing really helps brighten up a song! I didn’t know what I have been missing! Wow! Makes me dream of
  recording in a professional studio
. With studio enhancements, I could be good! I
thought it extremely sweet that she would take her time to mix it for me! She is also trying to help me to make better looking YouTube videos! I wish that I could afford to hire her!
Thank you Kathleen Webb for all of the work you have put in to helping me be better!