Looking For My Big Break, Wishing On Stars


All of the positive affirmations I say to myself get me through tough times but for whatever reason they aren’t helping me to change my circumstances. I try to keep a postive outlook as it keeps me sane. The underlying frustration is ever present.  It stems from my desire to do something with the savant I was given. I keep trying to throw my stuff out there to see if anyone thinks me talented enough to help me make money with it! I have no clue how to play the game or who I should be trying to get in front of. I only know that I have a burning, yearning desire to do this and to get paid. This time in musical history is so cool! A ton of the older bands/ rockers are still touring! Alot are in their late 60’s and 70’s. Still doing what they love and making money! Age is no longer a stigma to over come. I venture to say that if I don’t make it any


OYv4  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GV7z3Iigyro

where with my savant, my age isn’t going to be the reason. I love the fact that so many older artists are still creating and executing great music! Well seasoned voices. Many sound better than in earlier years! This gives me hope. With hope, all things are possible I tell myself. I keep thinking that surely their is a place for me in this vast industry. If even on a small scale! Surely I can do something in music and make money doing it ?

I feel compelled to try to use this gift. Otherwise it makes no sense to me why I was given this savant! Why would I have this ability if not to use it somehow. So I try! I work at it like a job. Even this blogging is part of my effort in getting myself out there. Unfortunately I write a lot of blog posts that nobody reads. Most of my posts are never read. Most people would come to the realization that they should quit. Give up! Go ahead, see where that gets ya…

So I opt to just keep trying within the $ 0.00 budget I have. My Mom had a saying. ” For free take, for buy waste time”. I post my stuff  on every free site that I can find. The little voice in my head tells me ” Never never ever, give up!” Nothing ventured, nothing gained! ” Lady luck can’t smile on you if you aren’t in there “. Lastly, my own original affirmation of ” Whatever I touch, there I will prosper. Whatever touches me, I will make better. As an eternal optimist,I couldn’t have tried a harder industry to be recognized in omg. The things we do to ourselves! 

 These are just a few of my endeavors. I have worked hard on developing both my YouTube channel and my SoundCloud site. Some help and luck would be muchly appreciated! I feel a bit like a middle age Cinderella. “Someday my break will come, someday my big break will come!” 

All Of Me written by John Legend 

Nous Vivons Ensemble written by Gordon Lightfoot

Don’t Leave Me Now written by Roger Hodgson 

Fool’s Overture written by Roger Hodgson

I Believe In Love written by Elton John 

 These are just some of the covers that I do.













Casual Conversations Are Iconically Familiar


This is a song I believe that most people can relate to at some point in their lives. We have all been in a relationship where we don’t feel heard and appreciated. I had no idea that this song was about the breakdown of the musical partnership between Roger Hodgson and Rick Davies. To me it seems to speak of a rotten marriage. That would be my interpretation! I have played this song for years. I’m a big fan of Rick Davies. His voice is so unique and genuine. Not to mention his musical style and phrasing. Oh my goodness, I love his songs! I see that Supertramp is touring this year! Oh how I wish that they would play here in Phoenix, AZ! I had the opportunity last year to see Roger Hodgson here Phoenix. I’m sad that these two great songwriters split! Even though they split years ago it still appears to be such a heated dissolution! I have been following both Facebook fan websites and the fans are so vicious! The loyal Roger Hodgson fans post comments full of angst on the “Supertramp” fan page! So much anger and resentment!

This is really sad. Both songwriters have a tremendous following! They tour the world and are loved and appreciated in every country. I wish they would just come together and resolve their differences. They are both getting up there in age and now would be a good time to hash it out and resolve whatever the creative difference issues are! The fans would go crazy to see them both together again! They would be better together than apart! Just like most marriages that end in divorce.

That being said, I remain a tremendous fan of both singer/ songwriters. Finding both to be beyond talented and vastly creative! Both are my idols! Both are unique in music and lyrical style. I imagine my own personal musical style to be more like Rick Davies. His voice is much more within my register. I never try to sing Roger Hodgson songs as I would embarrass myself lol. I do however cover/ play three of Roger’s songs. If I ever had the opportunity to, I would love to meet Rick Davies! I think we have similar views and ideas about music!

I adore your music Rick Davies! I bet you are a lovely man. I have a real appreciation for the sentiment of this song! I live it… Oh and by the way, it would be a lifelong dream to meet you! In my dreams…






Here is my SoundCloud cover track

Casual Conversations written by Rick Davies cover by Tyna J. Metzner

Flowers For The Soul

This is a romantic Michael W. Smith creation. Most of what he does is inspirational and faith based. This is flat out a romantic notion. I have always thought this to be a pretty song.

I’m not sure how or when I began playing this but it has long been a favorite to play. For whatever reason it is one of my most popular SoundCloud covers…here is the link
Do You Dream Of Me written by Michael W. Smith cover by Tyna J. Metzner

Here is my YouTube video:

IMG_7156I can’t explain in words the awesomeness of Michael. W. Smith. I’m not even a very religious type of person. His musical ability, arrangement and lyrics say so much to the world. A true ambassador to the soul – If ever a true angel lived, he surely is among them…Whenever I need to reflect or pick myself up from despair I listen quietly and with an open heart.

Pardone My French…

New York style cheesecake with strawberry rhubarb topping? I hope that I can entice my G-kids into coming by to enjoy a piece. Otherwise sadly, part of this is likely to wind up in the trash. Great with a cup of good coffee!

I have been reviewing my cover videos. Looking through them with a fine tooth comb. This one comes to mind. This one makes me rather nervous to do because part of the ly

ric is in French. French Canadian to be exact. I learn all of my covers by ear. I’m only as good as my ear can decipher. I tried to get very close on this but unfortunately French Canadian might as well be Greek to me.I decided to really compare the original to my cover and I believe that maybe I’m close enough here?



Here is my cover of Nous Vivons Ensemble

I have a fear that someone who is French Canadian will hear this and laugh their ass off at my lyric/ vocal interp. Worse yet Gordon Lightfoot himself!




SoundCloud You Burst My Cloud And Made This Difficult!

SoundCloud what the heck? You were so wonderful before you updated your App. Why on earth would you change your App to exclude sound recording? That was your whole concept. To capture and post the world’s sound! For someone like me who isn’t very tech savvy this was great! I loved recording my music and then uploading the recorded tracks directly to your site. Now I have to use a third parties App to record on then upload to your site. The App that I dowloaded is awful! It skips! I spent hours yesterday trying to put together and post 4 tracks. They all skip! Omg I’m annoyed! I miss the quality of the sound also on SoundCloud! Never any skips and just class. Awwww! Now I have to look for a better App to record to, this one is pitiful!
For what it’s worth, these are the four tracks that I worked and posted to my SoundCloud account yesterday, skips and all!

Colour My World written by Chicago cover by Tyna J. Metzner
Desperado written by the Eagles cover by Tyna J.Metzner
Downstream written by Rick Davies cover by Tyna J. Metzner
Win written by David Bowie cover by Tyna J. Metzner

I miss the old Soundcloud App! Bring it back please! So highly annoyed!


Update on Lover Boy Rick Davies Cover

An update on the Lover Boy Rick Davies cover. I posted my cover on SoundCloud. Here is the link..
Lover Boy written by Rick Davies
I wanted to post this quick update… I loved covering this song!

In reality life has been quiet for the most part this week. Alissa and I took a few hours yesterday to plant some vegetable seeds. It was relaxing and a good activity for a four year old who loves being outside. I really hope we get these seeds to grow. I would love to have that experience with Alissa of planting, nurturing and ultimately eating our harvest. I think that she would get the biggest kick out of the whole process!


Alissa went to her first day of preschool today. She seemed to do fine and had a good day from what her teacher told me. She is looking forward to going tomorrow so I’m hoping this will be a good school experience for her.
I am trying to do the best I can to get this child settled into her new life with us. She seems to be responding well and she is looking healthier and at peace. I’m so glad to be in a position to be able to step up and step in to help! I hope that I can make a long term and lasting positive difference in her life. She is a precious child. Full of love and appreciation for this new life and challenge! She is an amazing granddaughter!


In Your Pursuit For Romance, Watch Out For The Lover Boy!

What is Valentine’s Day to you? I enjoy it! I’m glad we have a day to sweetly acknowledge the important people in our lives. I think it’s great to have an excuse to think about and say I Love You.

I decorated the house for this occasion.
On Friday the 13th I finished up an old Supertramp song that came to mind. Lover Boy written by Rick Davies. I loved putting this together. It was a challenge! I’m especially proud of this. I have included the YouTube original of this. I had so much fun working on this silly little song. I’m still hoping to be found by someone who deems me to be talented lol. Not sure how I could make money using this skill but it sure amuses me! I get a kick outta trying!