To What End Will We Gain?

This came to me this morning as I was reading and scrolling through Twitter. My followers and people that I follow are all trying to make it in the music biz. I am also trying to do something in music but not to this extent lol… Please leave me something of my soul to keep! OMG we are all so incessant!
Mirror mirror on the wall, who’s the most desperate of them all? “They” clamor, conspire and congregate. To what ends will they try to seal their fate? Divisive, cunning and thoroughly wrought- they truly think that success can be bought!

 For the price of one’s soul, is usually the toll. Oblivious, obstinate and utterly clueless, they wander the earth become complacent and ruthless. Until one day they realize the void, become angry, distant and overly annoyed- For the impact of their strife to prosper, catches up with them and they count their losses. Greater are those, than monetary gain. Vanity and lack of humanity fan the flame…

When the ash settles around them and they return to status quo – they realize the err of their ways and, they secretly want “you” to know-

“They”, wouldn’t change a thing…



Speak The Word That Everyone’s Heard Isn’t The Way Man…

Father’s Day was a mixed bag of crazy busy. It always is as I try hard to spoil and show appreciation to the closest Dad figures in my life. This is my first Father’s Day without my Dad on the planet. After 53 years of celebrating him on this day I find a big hole in my heart and my whole thought process! To say I miss him doesn’t adequately describe  the profound sense of loss. I didn’t show this sadness to anyone as it was a day to honor the other Dad’s in my life. I’m feeling it now that all is quiet and I have a few minutes to myself.  

Click here on the link please! ➡️You Know Like I Know written by Ozark Mountain Daredevils ( my cover ).This is a song that for whatever reason, reminded me of my Dad today.  I enjoyed doing this cover and posting it on SoundCloud today!

My Granddaughter made a card for her Dad on Saturday. She hasn’t seen him for a few weeks now. He couldn’t take the pressure of the CPS expectations and his addiction. He has left the state and his daughter behind. Bless her heart, she doesn’t realize what is happening but she senses he is gone for good. She loves him a lot inspite of the difficult life she lead with her parents. It’s truly sad! These holidays are a reminder to her that her parents have fallen short of being considered safe enough to live with. Awwww… Just sad. I helped her to make a card for her Dad. We don’t know where her Dad is so I posted the finished card on my Facebook page. Her Dad’s Mom is a contact of mine on Facebook.  We assume he saw the card. Such a sad and strange situation.

I tried to spoil the Dad’s in my life. I made a really nice dinner last night. Steak, pesto noodles, sauteed mushrooms with chopped garlic. Grilled eggplant and this for dessert…


  • Crossiants with assorted fruits. Make your own crossiant bar!
  • This crossiant was mine. I really enjoyed every decedant bite! 
  • My brother in-law was solo because his family was vacationing out of the country.  It was nice to have him over for dinner!  Zoe enjoyed visiting with Uncle Hilton! 
  • Have a nice evening! Stay cool!

It’s Not A Project Till You Get Dirty!


 Darn, I think this paint is not a match to the stucco block wall that I’m trying to cover! Ugh. I just painted all along the wall and all of the cracks that I found! Lets hope it dries lighter! Ugh… I may end up having to paint the whole exterior block wall!

The extreme dust storms seem to just knock the paint right off the wall! I imagine the extreme temps and dry conditions don’t help. The dust is terrible here! I am forever dusting in my house!

This is while the paint was still wet so I hope that it dries to be close enough in color so that I don’t have to paint the whole darn wall!

It’s not a project till you get dirty! That I am! Paint on my legs and arms, fingers and even my nose! After I painted this am. I did my two mile powerwalk. It was so HOT! I thought I would be ok going out at 8:00 am… It was miserably hot and I was lucky to get done when I did! I drank two full glasses of water before I left so dehydration is not the problem…Just HOT! It will be 115+ the rest of this week here in Phoenix.

I have to run errands and get groceries in a bit… Trying to beat the heat! Have a great day!

Repaint, Repurpose And Colour My World

I am forever painting things! I have a lot of painting projects this week. Our block wall is in serious need of paint touch up so I took a small piece of  loose stucco to Home Depot to color match. I’m hoping that it is really close. Home Depot usually does a great job with color analysis!

I guess that I don’t mind having to paint. I have done a lot of it in my lifetime. I really enjoy the finished product! I like my home to look clean, fresh and nice. That is what a fresh coat of paint does for you!

My daughter Zoe is getting a room makeover from paint, new lighting and shelving for her entertainment components. I am in charge of painting the walls, nightstand and her desk. I hope to be able to do this by the weekend. I have completed the nightstand. I painted it yesterday.

I loved using this product! It covered so well and was easy to apply! I highly recommend this! Her nightstand was pretty beat up so I knew that it wouldn’t look new but I’m happy with the outcome!

My older kids recall me painting everything when they were little. I was a single Mom of three and never had much money when they were young. I always wanted us to live in “nice”. Just because we didn’t have much money didn’t mean we had to live sloppy. I was always repainting something lol. Tables, chairs, nightstands, dressers, coffee tables and the walls. We always lived in  “nice”.

My daughter Britt has taken this to heart. She and her husband live on a tight budget as they are both finishing up school and have four kids. Britt is always painting and repurposing things! As a result, she has a lovely home all on a shoestring budget. She is always finding little home decor projects on Pinterest.

The sooner I finish all of this the sooner I can get back to doing what I LOVE!!

Have a great day! Thanks for reading my post!



Downton Has Left Us Wanting More And Needing Less…

My youngest daughter Zoe and I recently watched the whole Downton Abbey series. She had given me the whole collection for Christmas. While we watched, we would drink tea in cups and saucers with one of my fancy teapots. Sometimes we would have tea and cookies lol. It was a special time, just the two of us enjoying this brilliant and entertaining look into history. Now that we have finished this series we are looking for something else to follow that is not too racey as my daughter is just 13!

The other day I decided to make a fun breakfast that would remind Zoe of Downton Abbey. I served her breakfast in bed and referred to her as “Lady Zoe”. I think she got a kick out of it. If she didn’t, she was very gracious! It’s funny how little things can be so much fun!

Love this wonderful girl. She is amazing! I’m so proud to be her Mom!