Praying For Time And Easter Greetings To All


Happy Easter! I hope that you had a wonderful time today. I just now sat down to chill out. I have been cooking and cleaning all day. I made a big dinner. I never plan on it being so much work but it always is. I like to cook but the clean-up takes awhile. Always longer than I anticipate.

I made two big meals and cleaned up after two big meals as well lol. I made a nice Easter Brunch. Eggs, bacon, fruit and home baked wildberry muffins.
 We didn’t even get to coloring eggs until this afternoon. Zoe had a busy social weekend so she finally had time to sit down with me today to color them with me. Silly really because I just turned around and peeled them to make deviled eggs to go with the ham dinner.

Although she wasn’t happy to have her picture taken, she spent a lot of time on the patio coloring eggs with me. She made the muffins for breakfast! Helped with dinner. She offered to help! She is a great helper in the kitchen now. I appreciate this precious kid!
Egg coloring fun!!!

image A friend of mine brought flowers to me this morning! She is a sweet friend that I’m so grateful for. We have fun. She surprised me with these beautiful Stargazer Lillies. 
Ham dinner with every side you can think of it seemed lol… 
No G-Kids today as they all had their own egg hunts and things to do. We had been invited to Britt’s Egg Hunt and festivities yesterday. I went to see daughter Lexie and Alissa yesterday. Only to find that my daughter isn’t doing well again and I fear that she is slipping into a deep hole that will lead to her losing custody of her daughter… Awful. I’m heartbroken but I can see the writing in the wall. This isn’t going well for Alissa. So sad to see! I am realistic to know that I can’t save the world either. I have no idea how this will all play out. I do however know that something needs to be done!

The darkest song that I know but so true to life and living…


Great Gig In The Sky Wishing For Some Silent Lucidity

It was still here today  but anything but quiet! They SRP, (our local electric provider ) is doing underground construction / running fiber optic cables underground in my as I have been trying to record around the noise!  It’s been a challenge to focus here in the house as the jack hammers have been going for days now. I did however work hard on a few things today!  Here is what I uploaded on SoundCloud today!
The Great Gig In The Sky
And… ➡️ Silent Lucidity

*So, I actually got a lot accomplished this week musically! With Could It Be Magic and my original Something More Than Nothing instrumental .

Easter is in the air as well so plenty is going on in and around this holiday!

More bunnies!

I worked on Hide In Your Shell. A very challenging song written by Roger Hodgson. I will never be able to post it on YouTube. If you read my blog you probably understand that Roger Hodgson’s manager has employed social media people to find and take down any music  of Roger’s that isn’t put on the Internet by him or his employees. The only artist that I have encountered that has a problem with my covering him. I play from my little golden room and haven’t earned a dime for anything that I have posted. Awwwww! How I would love to make money! I hardly command even recognition so I’m not sure about the fuss but ok… Anyway, the challenge of the song keeps me wanting to play it! It would be hard enough to play the keyboard but to play it and sing at the same time is crazy complex!

Enjoy the Easter holiday as it is a fun holiday to participate in! Color some eggs, eat some jelly beans…enjoy spring!

Pink Floyd Pink Bunnies And A Rainbow Of Big Dreams

Hip Hop … I’ve been doing my stent as the Easter Bunny. I know a lot of you have as well! You have o get more creative as they (your kids) get older. I only have one left at home and she still looks forward o celebrating Easter. We will color eggs and make deviled eggs with the eggs we color. I’m making a ham with all the trimmings. Mashed potatoes (per Zoe’s request). A few yams, deviled eggs, peach jello with chopped apricots, asparagus and wild berry muffins! Zoe is making a carrot cake for dessert.

Lots of food …

Bunnies, ducks and chicks are everywhere in my house!

I was thinking about Pink Floyd today and how they completely changed the way that we hear music. What a bunch of genius musicians! Absolutely so talented and brilliant. Amazes me how these guys thought to come up with the music they wrote! Along with my cover of, Us & Them, I cover a small portion of the Great Gig In The Sky. Here it is at the end of this compilation of songs that I could play as a kid. A collection of three songs from the 70’s that I could play by ear… They just kind of came to me, I could just play them one day…?


Could It Be Magic Or Just The Easter Bunny 

Click on this link➡️ Could It Be Magic

This, I really like! Not much for vocals, more about the music! The focus was on the arrangement and execution of this old, classic song!

Easter is coming so I’m doing my hippity hop stuff as many of you are. It gets more expensive the older they get lol. Fun though! We are still going to color Easter Eggs because neither Zoe or I want to give that up! No more egg hunt in the yard this year as she clearly told me no Mom!  I will do my best to keep with tradition for the rest of this special holiday. Although I have no religious affiliation presently, I still feel spiritual. Especially when I play and sing!

Crafting is fun. These are a few of my creations that I enjoyed putting together!
My Mom would probably chuckle as she was a true artist…she would probably appreciate my effort even though it’s ticky- tacky lol. You never quit missing them. I’ll never stop missing her, she was my best friend! She would so appreciate this cover of Barry’s  song. She loved Barry Manilow! Thought he was the best of the best. I’m rather sad that she never got to hear my cover of this. She, was my biggest fan, (my only fan!)

This song is for you Mom!

click on the SoundCloud Link


Could It Be Magic

Shamrock Dreams Magic And Irish Soda Bread

Corned beef & cabbage.

Like many of you, I made this traditional St. Patrick’s  dinner. Along with tasting good, it happens to be pretty healthy with cabbage and plenty of carrots, onions and red potatoes. We have this a few times a year, not just on St. Patrick’s Day it’s so good.

  Lime jello & pear salad. Sliced, canned pears make this super easy but tasty fruit salad!
  This is so very easy to make and delicious this really is! Off to the oven…
Finished Homemade, baked Irish Soda Bread. This is the first time I have made this and I will make this again. It was delicious! My family really enjoyed this bread.

I worked in the yard yesterday trying to incorporate so new insightful teachings that I am reading about in my Feng Shui manual. Lol. So far I have yet to see any new changes or happenings in my life lol..

Along with plenty of cooking , I took some time today to rework this cover. I thought it rather fitting on this fun, whimsical and magical holiday. This is my arrangement that I put together. I hope that it does this beautiful song justice!

I feel that I truly enjoyed every aspect of fun that this holiday has to offer. I did St. Patrick’s Day to the best of my ability today lol. I hope that you my readers also took a little time out to acknowledge some of this folklore and tradition.