Watch “Nous Vivons Ensemble written by Gordon Lightfoot.…” on YouTube

Nous Vivons Ensemble written by Gordon Lightfoot.…:


We are taking off on our way to
I will take pics to  post. It’s a nice hike.
Peanut butter sandwiches and snacks for lunch. Backpacking lunch.
Have a great Labor Day Saturday all!


Watch “I’m In You written by Peter Frampton. Cover by Tyna J. Metzner” on YouTube

This was a fun era. I loved Frampton. I thought this song was so great as a kid. I still do!
Playing for fun!


Enjoy this beautiful coolish day Phoenix! It isn’t going to last…
Got my two miles in though yay!


Watch “Us And Them written by Pink Floyd cover by Tyna Joy Metzner” on YouTube

This was my Mom’s favorite of songs that I played as a kid. She would ask me to play it often. Sometimes she would cry. She loved the original by Pink Floyd as well.
My Mom was my biggest fan. She thought I was good enough to really do something! She would be thrilled to know that after many many years, I’m revisiting my musical savant! She would be so happy to know the joy I have found again. I’m trying to get my set list together to audition for a wine

bar here locally. Wish me luck. Making money with my music would be a real kick for me! OMG, my dream come true…


I’m Thinking Of Rick Davies And I Sure Wish Him Well!

Downstream Written by Rick Davies Cover by Tyna J…:

I woke up with this song in my head. I’ m thinking of this brilliant songwriter today. He is undergoing cancer treatment according to his Supertramp website. I hope he is doing ok.
His songwriting is very passionate.  This song is so very romantic. The lyrics suggest his contentment and joy of just being with this woman…Lucky lady!
“Ain’t Nobody But Me” suggests that he loves with his whole heart…Give it a listen sometime.  I just adore this brilliant songwriter!  Hugs to you Rick Davies! Feel better!