Happy Halloween Near Far And In Between

This was Zoe’s first year of pumpkin carving with a knife all by herself. I love the cupid pumpkin that she did! She loves hearts and always has! Hearts seem to find her… Heart shaped rocks, leaves and misc. things. I have always thought this phenomenon interesting.
We had an enjoyable evening carving a few pumpkins last night. I love this tradition and always will. Something very calming about taking the time to carve a pumpkin. We watched The Great Pumpkin while we crafted. I’m happy to say that the LED strobe lights that I purchased from Dollar Tree are nice. Very pretty and a nice addition to the rest of my Halloween treasures.

I’m taking the day off from stress. I just intend to enjoy every spooky, amusing moment that Halloween conjures up. Zoe has a school dance right after school and then trick or treating. I have been doing her makeup for her for years. Somewhere in there I need to feed the kid, before sending her off with her friends. My friend Mel will be taking the kids out. I will be passing out candy.
I’m glad for all of the kids that Halloween falls on a Friday! Plenty of time to really enjoy this fun filled holiday!

Here is a recap of some of the images I have had fun with this holiday…















Have a terrific day and evening. Stay safe and sane!




OMG,The Things We Do To Ourselves!

Change is in the air here. The mornings are nice and cool. The afternoon heat is tolerable. I imagine in a few weeks it will be cold here lol. Cold to us anyway. When you live in extreme heat for so many months, cool feels cold to you!

Halloween is almost here and I’m ready. Like a lot of you, Zoe and I will carve a pumpkin tomorrow night. I bought a couple of LED strobe lights. Good ole Dollar Tree! I find more little things there!

Zoe is going as a blue crayon this year. Her BFF is going as a pink crayon.

I stole a few hours on Monday that I worked on and posted a few more songs. Here are the links…
Downstream written by Rick Davies
Oh Darlin written by Rick Davies
Lost In The Game my own original.
Something More Than Nothing my own original

I had really hoped that I would find that I’m talented enough to make money doing this. The reality is that I’m not. I find like a lot of other artist that the dream is all in my head. It stays with me but the appreciation is all mine. The challenge of learning a new song to the arrangement and production- the pleasure is all mine. Not a marketable skill… Awwww! I hate that my husband was right on this! He’s been telling me all along that I don’t have a sound that fits in with this market. He told me he doesn’t like my music and he doesn’t “get it.” He rolls his eyes whenever I try to tell him anything regarding my music. So, I gave up trying to include him in it. I just hate that he was right. Part of me so wanted to succeed and show him that I could! I wanted so much to make it.

I could envision a whole other life… One of my own design and happiness. Freedom from the barrage of negativity. Like so many other women, I find myself in increasingly difficult circumstances. I’m fighting overwhelming insurmountable feelings of oppression/ depression too. I’m realizing that at 52, I gave my life away to everyone. I took care of people. I gave all of my time and energy to helping others achieve. I own this, I chose to do this! Looking back though I see that I failed myself miserably. I take care of people all day- There’s no pension or 401K. I have looked after kids, my husband and this house and everything that our lives are about… My Mom for years…
So my reality is overwhelming to me. I find that I need to be employed so that I can move out of this daunting, bleak and uncertain future. I gave away all of my power… god knows my husband is constantly reminding me of this with his words and actions. OMG.
I simply must find a way up and out of this condition. I’m sure the magic cure for all of this is to make money. Then, I won’t feel so helpless and hopeless. If anyone has any sage words of advice or encouragment for displaced housewives they would be so welcomed! I don’t think my heart could bare another negative comment or more ridicule. I have lived a lifetime of that, trust me on this…


Perfecting The Art Of Doing The Dance Of Joy, In The Street

I just got back from my walk and it occurred to me that I always say to myself that when I get through a difficult period of time, I’m going to do the dance of joy in the street. Ask my kids, they have heard me say this many, many times… So today, I did exactly that. I had my headphones on and my iPod. I looked up and down the street to make sure that nobody was watching and, I danced. I was listening to Earth Wind and Fire so it was easy to bust a move right there, in the street… I urge you to do the same today… Go do the dance of joy in the street! It’s liberating, silly and so good for your soul!
My revised original, Something More Than Nothing.

my newest cover. You Know Like I Know written by The Ozark Mountain Daredevils.

Have a great day and don’t forget to do the dance of joy, somewhere, anywhere!

Chicken Soup And Bread, My Cure All

I have had a week full of domestic chores. Yard clean up and watching kids.

Even some that don’t personally belong to me. I have hit the pavement hard this week with trying to run as much as I walk. This week I have jog/walked 8 miles. So, I feel good about that!

I made chicken soup, a favorite around here…




The broth was sooo good. This Costco chicken stock is the best. Not too salty! The vietnamese egg noodles make this really special. Such an easy recipe. Slow simmer the chicken. Remove chicken from the water. Take the skin off and debone it. Add your chicken stock.
Season your broth and put your vegetables in. I added a teaspoon of sugar and a bit of granulated garlic. I also threw some diced shallots in.
Slow simmer and return chicken to the broth and there you go! We cook the noodles separately because they have a floury starch on them to keep them from sticking together. Rinse. Serve separately and add them to each bowl of soup as desired!

Here is the ” Bread ”
Guitar Man

Seasonal Shopping, Boy Do They Have Me Pegged…

Halloween is coming soon. I love fall and all that it promises…(cooler temps soon in Phoenix). I was just noticing how influenced I as a consumer am by the seasons. I want/ desire seasonal products. I am a gullible consumer! They have me pegged. Companies are so good at packaging and labeling. So much of what we buy is emotional and impulsive. Well, it appears that I have fallen for this a lot!

I look forward to this product every morning. It is scrumptious and it helps me start my day in a fun way.

Here is another fun product. This really is enjoyable on many treats lol…

This, I am planning to make this weekend for Kadee’s Bday celebration…



Who doesn’t have these laying around the house. They look great in a dish. I don’t actually eat them… Someone around here is eating them I see…

<img src="https://tynajoymetzner.files.wordpress.com/2014/10/img_

These also look great in a dish or in cookies…

These are just a few of the many products available to consumers. All of these products are desired and purchased from emotional spending. Be it impulse buying or planned purchasing, it’s emotional. Thats ok… I quite literally eat this type of buying up. I’m not likely to change in this area of spending. I like buying seasonal products! I did however become conscious of this while drinking my pumpkin spice coffee this am. Lol.

On that note, I leave you with these note click here➡️ .Remember These???


Oh My, What Will I Be? The Halloween Saga…

This is what I remember about growing up in Pennsylvania. The fall leaves were spectacular! I miss this scene so much! My Grandparents lived in the woods of Elmenton, PA. This was a very familiar landscape there. I loved to walk the woods when I would visit them. No matter the season, the area was postcard perfect! I don’t miss the gloom of winter in PA. As a child I’m sure that I suffered from season defective disorder. Big time depression!
The scenery and the feel of fall were always my favorite time of year. My Mom always sewed the most beautiful Halloween costumes for me. She would ask me every year in August, what I wanted to be. We would go shop at Woolworths for a pattern and fabric. I loved that about my Mom! She was so very talented in so many ways. Creative beyond words.

One of the best costumes she ever made for me was a bride costume. She made it from an old lace tablecloth we had. It was so beautiful! I wish that I had a pic of that one. I always wanted to be something pretty. Never scary. I was a southern belle, a spanish dancer to name just a few. These were the most elaborate costumes! Just beautiful.

When I performed in a talent show in high school, she made a beautiful jumpsuit with sequins and rhinestones. So flashy! I loved wearing that outfit so much. This was the 70’s and bling was the thing!

When my kids were young, I recall that she made these elaborate Hershey Kiss costumes for each of the girls. Made out of gold satiny material. Soooo cute!

She would outfit all of my school plays,the entire cast, not just me! School clothes, my sisters prom dress. My winter formal dress. Beautiful coats. Sometimes without even a pattern! The woman could sew! What a lost art.
I did not inherit that ability or desire. My sister sews. Very few people sew anymore.

So, as a result, I will pay the $30.00 dollars for a cute/ decent and presentable costume for Zoe to wear this Halloween. She and her friends have decided to go as different colored crayons. Zoe wants a blue crayon costume. Her best friends will be purple and pink crayons.

Daughter Britt always fashions her kids costumes and here is a pic she sent to me yesterday of what she came up with for Liz to wear… So cute huh?!

Good job Britt!

Lexie also shared a photo with me the other day of Alissa in her costume for this year…


This was Kadee’s costume last year


Zoe the flapper a few years ago…



So here it is a few weeks from Halloween and I have yet to get Zoe’s costume. This is the goal for today. A little sad that I’m not as creative as some Mom’s ! My mother took the cake on this so I’ll stick to what I can do… Decorate and bake the cake…




Have a great day all! I would love to hear from you and about you too!


Reaching Back In Time While Attempting To Move Forward?

The following is only audio although I posted this on YouTube. I posted it without video because of the way I had to record it. I played the piano piece first. I used a second iPad to record the piano and violin piece I composed to accompany the piano. The sound quality is not great. When I played it back, I imagine that it sounds as if it’s being played on an old victrola . Lol hence the photo that is featured here.

I do hope that you can get the jest of what I was striving for?

Today I composed. I recorded a a few songs on SoundCloud . Actually, I spent some time composing. I had fun with my original, Something More Than Nothing.


✳️You won’t see any video, only audio… This is in part due to how I had to record this.

Have a terrific day!