Get Out Of The Frying Pan!

Really? I found “Edward”, in my electric skillet taking a nap. Silly cat! My literal “flash in the pan”, cat!

In my dust pan with the broom?! This guy is a character. Absolutely charming and so funny. What a great friend, one who keeps me laughing! I am so glad to have found him!

Window Watching.

Laundry basket dwelling probably because it’s cool…

I had them all with me as I sat in my chair surfing the net…

Tender Years is a great summertime song! I had a few minutes so I put this together. My SoundCloud audio cover with iMovie slideshow.

Tender Years ◀️ click here

I uploaded a few other musical projects to my SoundCloud Channel as well.

I have been battling with slight depression probably like seasonal affective disorder. It’s hot! Too hot for even walking. This is our winter equivalent. Soooo hot! I swear every year that I hate summers here and want to pick up and move! The air quality is awful. When the dust storms hit, (everyday this week), so much worse. With dust storms present, all kinds of fungus and spores are in the particulate. The threat of fungal lung infections and valley fever are in the air. Not to mention allergens and pollution. This concrete jungle becomes a roulette wheel for health related issues. I hate living in Phoenix in the summer! I feel like I’m risking my health to run to the grocery store. Yesterday my daughter and I got caught in a dust storm coming out of the grocery store. We tried to hold our breath while wheeling the grocery cart to the car…

So where would I rather be? Back in California but, who can afford living there now? Not to mention the whacky politics and the idea of dividing the state into 3 separate states? I guess I get the funding part of that agenda. The segregation/ dividing of people inevitably will happen in conjunction if this passes. Almost a political divide in a sense. Oh boy…

I don’t know what it actually is like to live in California right now. When I visited back in March, I was amazed by the number of homeless that wander around San Luis Obispo county! Shocking but with housing and,

the cost of living being so expensive I guess maybe not so shocking? So, I’m clamoring to go back to California where I lived most of my life? Hmmm maybe I should set my sights elsewhere. “Out of the frying pan, and into the fire” pretty much sums up any California dreamin I have.

So as I try to beat the heat and resume a much needed walk, I’ll ponder the next phase of my life. It’s a sure bet that I haven’t accomplished leaving my mark in music! I’ll probably never give up trying!

Yet another Fool’s Overture attempt!

Fool’s Overture ◀️ click track link


Fireworks In My Life And In My Future

Kicked off the holiday with a teen slumber party. I served the up all nighters a continental breakfast.

I spent a great deal of time today in my kitchen making food for the 4th of July celebration with my big kids and G-Kids.

A large pasta salad with all kinds of yumminess. Tri-colored Pasta, onions, celery, red bell pepper , hard boiled egg, mozzarella cheese, diced pepperoni and green onions. I used a Vidalia Onion dressing for flavor and a little sweetness! Salt, pepper and paprika to taste.

I baked a double batch of brownies. I thought I would add a scoop of Black cherry icecream and whipped cream on top adorned with red, white and blue sprinkles…

Then it was onto my soup that was dinner tonight. Cabbage Soup with ginger and all kinds of healthy ingredients

I added Korean Gyoza/ Wontonsto my owls and then poured the soup and broth on top. A wonton soup! It was delicious and always a family favorite.

Living in an Amerasian household, I aim to please all!

Colour My World ◀️ click for my YouTube Cover Link.

Dinner and, a song…

Tomorrow the big kids and G-Kids will be over for dinner and Fireworks. Mid-day, I’ll bake my special, Bacon Baked Beans. Hot Dogs as well. Have a terrific 4th everyone. I wish you good times and safe travels! Thanks for taking time out of your day to read my posts!

Political Strife Being A Wife And Musical Distractions

*YouTube Video Day- Music video live day for me!

Click on the link- ▶️Live The Life (Cover)

Click here on the link- ▶️Silent Lucidity Cover

*Please join in promoting Love❤️

*Random acts of kindness could really be welcome here in the states!

On that note🎶🎹 haha…

I had so much fun making music today. Filling the room with songs that mean a whole lot to me personally. Live The Life has a very powerful message. Especially relevant to me with all of the political upheaval here in the U.S.A. So much anger and hate has been generated and flung around dividing people! The anger and frustration leading to hostility and bitterness among both political parties. I can’t believe the fury this opposition is causing. I just want to hide from the tv and anything news related. So, I did just that today. I wanted my day to be about promoting love and inclusiveness. I wanted to sing about hope and being a light in the darkness that all of this rhetoric is. I wanted to feel uplifted in the knowledge that something/ someone greater exists and I want to feel that love. Who are we to judge anyone? I want to try to be a light for all to see… it’s not always easy to get out of the way of hate but I’m choosing LOVE.

It was an awesome musical break from the stress of life of late. Trust me, I have my own trials but I’m trying like the rest of you!

Never give up on your dreams- Never give up wanting more of and for yourself!

Hibiscus Dreams And Ragweed Allergies

The temps are high like 111 degrees yesterday high. Beating the heat by staying indoors and dunking in a pool are what you do when living in the PHX area. Not much is new because it’s all about survival mode this time of year.

These hibiscus are lucky to have the shade from my 30 year old mesquite tree. My flower pot garden resides there. So far, everything is doing ok under the foliage of my tree branches. My mesquite trees are dropping pods like crazy and the yard is full of life despite the hot temps! Lizards and quail are in abundance. Many species of birds that still have plenty of songs to sing. Kind of like this songbird…

Live The Life ◀️ click here for my latest SoundCloud upload track!

🎹 🎶,This seems like a good song to post for a Sunday!

I’m still trying to promo my channels- Here are a few of my latest free promo vid clips!

Promo Clip ◀️ click on the underlined link for YouTube Subscribe Promo.

Musician For Hire ◀️ click here for YouTube Promo Clip.

If you don’t know my back story in music here goes. I was a childhood savant. I play by ear and have been since I was about 4 years old. The music link below is a collection of songs that I picked up as a child and played as a teen… Bits & pieces of songs I could just play as a teen. They were popular songs in the 70’s… I have continued to pick up songs throughout the years. As well as writing my own songs for the past 3 or so years. I have spent the past 5 years building both my SoundCloud and YouTube Channels. Please browse through my channels and subscribe!

Songs I Could Just Play As A Kid ⬆️click for track…

I’ll leave you with this… My new kitten is such a little rascal. I thought this was precious and wanted to share it with you!

Edward has picked this as a sleeping spot with my dust pan and broom!

Summer Solstice Pasta Salad And Kitten Antics

Happy Summer to all of you! On this 1st day of summer, I wanted to accomplish a good weeknight meal. Not fancy but satisfying. It’s very hot and baking bread pudding probably wasn’t a smart choice but I did bake early in the morning. The house is hot but I suppose it wouldn’t have been much cooler if I hadn’t baked. A good use of the rolls that I had that would spoil in the next day or so.Homemade Bread Pudding!

I will make a caramel sauce to drizzle on top of this as the chocolate sauce on this piece, is over kill lol. I guess it depends on preference! It was delicious even with the chocolate sauce. My girls and I had a preview, tester piece. We had to make sure it was good right?!

I was thrilled that my replacement 3 qt. Temp-tations Round Cook & Look Baker came in the mail. It was wrapped well in bubble wrap and is in great shape! I wanted to try it out with my easy Pasta Salad recipe.

Pasta Salad can be made with darn near any combination of things you want to include in yours. Here I boiled a package of tri-colored corkscrew pasta. Chopped red onion, red bell pepper. Spicy pickle spears chopped, hard boiled eggs and a can of chicken breast. Chopped green onion and sliced hard boiled egg for garnish on top. Salt, Pepper and Paprika to taste. I tossed all the ingredients with a Vidalia Onion Vinaigrette. Garnished with green onion and sliced egg. So light but yet a one pot meal great for hot weather days when you don’t want to cook a large meal. It is supposed to be 110 by 5 :00 tonight here in Phoenix, AZ.

Beyond cooking I have been doing every domestic chore this summer break. I thought I’d share a short clip of my “Edward”, kitty. He’s a rascal! Beating up on my plants and vases lol. Love this baby!


After…”oops Edward!”

Here he is looking for the computer mouse I’m guessing… ⬇️

“Who me?”

It’s a good thing “Edward”, is so cute. He brings out the

little Mommy in all of us!

Have a great first day of summer all❤️.

Madness Sadness Not A Place To Dwell

I haven’t had much to say. Too much sadness and madness going on. With two celebrity deaths back to back… too much!

Trying to survive kitten antics. Edward my new kitty, played with my flowers and knocked over this vase. It broke into 3 pieces! I quickly glued it back together and maybe you can’t tell that it was broken?

Although I didn’t know these people personally, I’m wrecked by their passing! I have really been perplexed and sad! The impulsive nature of these tragic acts has left me searching for an explanation or some kind of understanding so I can make it make sense. I even wanted to believe in a conspiracy theory rather than except that these people would just end it all. Such a violent self harm way to be done too. Ugh, with seemingly no regard for who might find their body. No regard for the impact on loved ones or the children they leave behind. To make a decision to end your life is amazingly incomprehensible. Especially as a parent! The thought process and justification required I never want to understand or experience. That kind of hopeless must be a hell upon hells. Awful! I shouldn’t pass judgement on something I can’t understand so, I won’t. What a shock though!

Speaking of “Madness”, I’m going to work on getting a cover of this “Muse”, original together. I love the song and think maybe it will be a good fit for me to cover. I bet you wouldn’t expect me to cover this song but, I will attempt it. Look for it by the end of the week if you are interested.

Meanwhile, I’m still trying to stay active here in Phoenix while I can. Temps are rising and I have to get out there really early to be able to power walk/ jog. The temp will hit 107 degrees today. At 7:30 am it was over 80 and the sun was blazing so I just got 2 miles in before coming home.

I gave Coco a bath and a trim.Entertaining this one during the summer requires lots of icecream, the pool and the public library! Love all of these things myself!

My cat kids are starting to become friendly toward each other which makes me happy to see!

My teen has been purging her room of her childhood treasures. Many of which 7 year old Amelia is acquiring. Letting go of the past and moving toward new things and new goals I guess. This has been slightly sad as well watching her part with her past so easily!

Summing up my feeling of this strange period of time, we do the best we can I suppose. Wherever our thoughts and divine plans take us, we live our lives in accordance with what truly and deeply is within us.


Live The Life- (My Cover) ◀️ click on the blue link!



Critic’s Choice- (my cover) ◀️ click!



Please subscribe to my YouTube Channel! Here is the link! ◀️


Have a terrific Tuesday!

A Life Hack Project Out Of A Broken Handled Temp-tation Baker

I was so sad yesterday when my new Temp-tations purchase arrived with a broken handle. It had been during a flash sale that I bought this for a ridiculous low price/value. I’m assuming they were trying to clear the remaining they had as it was the only color choice as well. Anyway, I was so excited to find and order this. When, I saw this I was concerned it would no longer be available for replacement. I called customer service first thing this am. They were able to quickly locate a replacement! They sent me a shipping conformation within minutes of my phone call to them. Great customer service which I really am grateful for! A replacement is on the way!

I found the two pieces of the handle that broke off. I glued them together and then back onto the 3 qt. baker. This is part of a set consisting of :

3 Piece Cook & Look set in –

Hot Pink

3qt. Round Baker

2qt. Round Baker

1 qt. Round Baker

1 large Spoon

1 lid that will fit all of the Bakers

1 wire rack and 1 trivet/rack

I glued the handle back on best I could. I decided that I probably shouldn’t use it for food? Then, I remembered seeing a fun project that I wanted to try on the internet. It was a Wayfair video tip in which they used a pretty serving bowl, decorative tape and some pretty real flowers. I used what I had, some scotch tape, my semi repaired 3 qt. Baker and some Dollar Tree artificial flowers lol. Here is my easy craft project!

Tape it across and down in a grid pattern. This helps to stabilize and keep the flowers where you place them.

I added some of the styrofoam packing material from the shipment to the bottom of the Baker for something to put the flower stems into for an anchor