Friday The 13th Prosperity Day

Friday the 13th…the optimist in me wants to believe that it is entirely possible to have an extraordinarily exceptional day today! I could even ponder a daydream of having my dreams realized on a day like today.  On a day not likely to be synonymous with good fortune and prosperity. I don’t know what that says about me other than my intense desire to beat the odds. My dreams of pursuing a music career in which people from all walks of life and geography choose to like and support my musical endeavors. I dream of acquiring an extensive and awesome following… So much of life and success is about visualizing what you want to accomplish. Never give up…ūüėĄ

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*For Real One Night (my original)
*Eye On The Prize written by Tyna J Metzner

Fake it till you make it! Right?!!!


Into Each Life A Few Tree Limbs Must Fall

In my heart of hearts, making money playing /creating music would be my biggest dream come true. In reality, I’m a career housewife with big dreams… 

I just finished a work week long stint of watching these g-kids during their fall break. 

We went on a picnic and enjoyed the shade of a lovely tree!

Yesterday, my last endeavor with the kids was to create “Birthday” greetings. It was my son in laws B-day. I made homemade cookies and we crafted Birthday tidings for the patriarch of their family.

It is always my intention to leave a place better than I find it and to spread joy. My personal mission statement. I’m glad when I can do this! 

Back on my own home front, I have many chores to undertake. A huge tree limb recently fell in my own backyard! Metaphorically, it seems to have mirrored my need to shed a few personally painful emotional things. Maybe in cutting this all up I will shed a few pounds as well! 

Seriously, I will be using my clippers to clip off foliage for days. This limb is massive! I appreciate being able to work physically hard sometimes but this is… Work! Just think of the sense of accomplishment this will give me at the end right? Kicking some limb butt… 

Have a terrific weekend all!

Eye On The Prize

If you wonder where I have been, I do as well! I took some time off to sort out some things in my head. I have been taking inventory of my newly acquired funk /slump. I am sure honestly that it stems from the heat lol. It is HOT and has been since May and it gets old day in day out. We have had next to no monsoon action at all this summer to break up the constant heat. I know, I have some nerve to complain considering what has been going on in Texas! It does however become depressing to try to motivate and navigate in the oppresive heat here. I find myself going into stores just to get a glimpse of fall decor. Taking in the beautiful colors and design reminds me that cooler temps are coming! We don’t really have fall here. It is in the triple digits until almost November. Then, it just gets cold and we are into winter for about a month or so. Usually by January, we have some nice days!

I have been busy with domestic chores. I have been doing projects and organizing around here. The picture of my cat watching me prepare my chicken was so funny to me. She watched me from across my little island, on a bar stool. She was highly interested in watching me dress this bird. I couldn’t resist snapping a pic it was so cute! I could tell she wanted my bird! ¬†Clarice is notorious for photo bombing my pics from around the house. I adore this charming creature! My little dog as well!

As sweet as she is cute!

I bought some LED puck lights that come with a remote. My kitchen cabinet lighting had gone out. These are the stick on white puck lights. I found them at Costco and decided to see if they would dress up my drab little cabinet. Actually, I have put my seasonal Temp-tation pretties in their so that alone, dressed up my cabinet.¬†IMG_2942Kind of fun to be able to control the color of each shelf! Don’t mind the cooler that lives in my kitchen full of ice cold bottles of water… Ugly and rather redneck to have a cooler sitting in your kitchen. It has been nice to have icy cold drinks this summer!

After reorganizing and the many cleaning projects I have done lately, I finally got around to coloring this picture frame. My friend had given me this picture and frame from “Adoption Day” last year. In October it will be a year since I adopted my Granddaughter. Anyway, I enjoyed coloring this frame. Amelia helped by picking colors and encouraged me to finish this little project. I haven’t colored in years, I forgot how wonderful coloring is!


I actually purchased a couple of really pretty jigsaw puzzles a few months ago. I may get one of them out and going on my coffee table next. ¬†Sometimes, it’s the little things that remind us to find relaxation and joy. I think that I may be addicted to trying to accomplish. It doesn’t seem to matter so much what it is that I have set my sights on, accomplishment or the feeling there of, seems to be the end goal. ¬†If only monetary gain was in the equation somewhere. My whole life has been about giving of my time and energy for free in taking care of those around me. That is the caregiver role in which I have navigated from since I was a teenager…To step out of that would be foreign, ¬†but rather welcomed.

Rather than bore you with a link to my music I will leave you with this last thought and my hearts desire. Check out my channels if you like. If you don’t well, that’s okay too. This is however, the point to most of my being of late. It just means something to me to play music! It has done a world of good for me these past few years. I have grown so much in every way, so it’s personally changed me for the greater good as a person. Putting yourself out there and risking a little forces you to become more confident and stronger somehow. Kind of like, Toastmasters! Good comes from some risk taking like public speaking, Karaoke or this… It hasn’t been wasted time for me to put together my channels! I think it has empowered me to just in executing and realizing my dream. Fake it till you make it comes to mind! ¬†It has proven to be just a hobby that I take pride and ¬†joy from doing. It has not however impacted my life in terms of actually accomplishing anything. No monetary gain or promise for something more. I did however enjoy my small recent ¬†musical boon… Maybe you will glean some insight into my journey.

My husband is not a fan of my music. He comes right out and tells me that he doesn’t like my music. He doesn’t think it’s good, he doesn’t get it and wonders why I choose to play the covers that I play. ¬†He doesn’t get my music at all and says and does everything he can to discourage me in that endeavor. He will minimize me in this every time I ever speak of it to him. ¬†I never play when he is around. No joy comes from trying to share any of it with him…. so mostly I don’t try.

Anyway, this story is still amazing to me when I think about the irony and it surely must be of a higher power. It was such an amazing, baffling and wonderful experience…

I noticed in reviewing my YouTube and SoundCloud stats that my originals were getting some views/plays. When you are a musical creator, nothing is more satisfying than seeing something that you wrote, an original getting plays! It is so hard to get anyone to listen to unknown artist orginals! It occured to me, that I had never shared with my husband any of my original music. I thought since I was actually getting some plays, maybe I would try to share this with my husband.

I struck up a conversation with him about this and I asked him to listen to my SoundCloud track “Face to Face”. I handed him the headphones and my iPad. He listened to my track expressionless all the way through. When the song was finished he took the headphones off and began handing me the iPad. He said, ” yeah and ?…” Not surprised by his lack of support, I reached my hand out to retrieve my tablet. In that very moment, my iPad dinged with a email. I looked down as the device left his hand and I saw that the email was from Warner Bros. Records! It was an email from the VP of Warner Bros. Records telling me that someone from their team ran across my music. They invited me to submit my music for consideration to their label! The timing and the opportunity were surreal. I just stood there stunned and shaking my head in disbelief. OMG, that moment I won’t forget! I quickly knew that the gift in the opportunity was probably in the email invite itself. I can’t express the joy and the sense of accomplishment that boon was to my spirit!




A Super Hero BDay Executed By My Super Hero Daughter

It's HOT and and it's difficult to get motivated in Phoenix. So much time spent trying to dodge the heat! Still things must get done! It finally rained here in our little suburb of Ahwatukee. The monsoon storms elude us for the most part here due to South Mountain. They usually skirt this area we have cloud cover with no action. It was nice to hear the downpour and rolling thunder in the distance! I took a two mile walk/ jog this morning. It was getting too hot… 91 degrees with a bunch of humidity so I came home at the 2mi. mark.
The kids are off to school, I've done my grocery shopping and plan to spend some of my day gathering yard clippings, boxes and misc junk from around the yard for our bulk trash pickup next week. The city of Phoenix schedules these quarterly misc trash pickups. I always have things to put out…

This weekend was a mixed bag of crazy… my G-Son Aaron turned 5. My daughter had a wonderful party for him with lots of his neighborhood friends and cousins. My Amelia included.

Plenty of activity and noise for one evening… Amelia and Kadee. Both are my G-Daughters.

It was nice to celebrate with them though! A good time was had by all as my daughter always does a great job with party planning and kid activities! She had a decoupage craft for them all to do that was the party favor. She bought big letters with the first letter in each child's name in attendance. They cut out super hero wrapping paper and decoupaged the paper onto the letter! Here is Amelia's finished project.

I thought this was a very special party favor! They have the memory of making this craft project as well!
My daughter also made a replica of a super hero shield out of berries lol…it was so pretty!

My gosh she put effort and work into this party! I wonder where she gets it from, lol… The cake was adorable, a Costco cake. Delicious as well with plenty to feed her large crowd and a lot, left over!

A great success! Way to go Brittany Paige! She is amazing!

A "Super Hero" Birthday executed by my Super Hero daughter! Britt works full time as the head secretary for a charter high school and, has a part time job as well. She is attending W.P. Carey Business school online at ASU! She will be graduating next year with a Bachelors Degree. Her kids are all doing well in school, I couldn't be more proud of this gal!
Here is a family slideshow set to my cover of Tender Years…

Have a terrific Monday!