Love Is Everywhere In The Smallest Things

A Valentine’s Box that I made this year for a school party.

What can be said? Love is everywhere. It’s in the schools, grocery stores, and everywhere I look! an empty serving plate awaiting visitors so I can fill it with treats…on our kitchen table where I serve three squares a day the childrens books that lay around here.where we drop our keyswhere I park myself when I have a my powder room…in the tree in my backyardwhere my Granddaughter/Daughter plays her video games…I’m in love with this tree that blooms this time of year!when this tree sheds leaves, most of them are heart shaped!

this heart was whole when I planted it in my garden. But like mine, it seems to have broken into many pieces while still resembling a heart.looking from the inside out…

looking from the outside in…flowers from rose plants in my front yard.

Love is everywhere…

Escape/I Want This Night To Last Forever

I Want This Night To Last Forever

Even in the songs that I write…

Whatever state you find your heart in… May you surround yourself with love. If not with a romantic partner, with the beautiful bounty and abundance of lovely hope inspired nature made things all around you! Even broken hearts can be mended with hope and love.


Soul Searching An Upward Climb

In a pursuit for personal fitness. I have been pretty good about jog/walking the past 10 years I guess. The summers are impossible to navigate the heat so maybe not so much for a few months. I am however persistent if not consistent. I have found the toughest workout has been hiking. I went hiking the other day with some sweet ladies who thought to include me. I loved the feeling I had when I finished but it was an intense uphill climb! 35 floors up lol! Only 2.7 miles but quite a pump up! Today, I tackled a long hill by my house on a route that takes me exactly 3 miles round trip.IAnyway, you can see that I am in pursuit of feeling fit.

I suppose making and eating some of this isn’t the best way to support my efforts but oh well lol. I made a homemade Blueberry Pie just because the other day. Two of my G-girls were recognized in a school award program that I attended. Here they are sporting their achievement certificates!

Amelia has come a long way in overcoming her tough beginning. She is still learning to navigate the changes in her life since I adopted her a year and a half ago. She is enjoying school and learning although reading doesn’t come easy to her. I hope that with practice and patience, she will acquire enjoyment of reading. I am so proud of her winning attitude and fortitude to try. She is the first to try new things as well. She is an amazing person!

Music has eluded me this week although I have listened to some of favorite artists.

Hide In Your Shell is my Roger Hodgson cover. I think that this ties in well with my personal feelings and thoughts this week. I have been doing a lot of soul searching regarding religious affiliation!

The Little Things That Colour My World

It’s amazing what the little things can do to boost confidence and give you a boost. Even in kids! I gave Amelia a haircut. I don’t typically cut hair, in fact I don’t have any training in cutting hair. I just got lucky and we think, that it’s darling!



I found a smoking deal on some USB chargeable light up shoes for fun. I found them on Clearance @ Sam’s Club for 6 bucks and some change! I bought a few new shirts and a couple of cute sweatshirts and bam, renewed confidence! I’m going back to Sams Club today to see if I can grab a pair for my G-Daughter Kadee as she would love them too.

Doing good with good always makes me happy! It’s always my mission!

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Colour My World