Our Terrific Evening With Jimmy Tran @ Pho Van


We were invited to a special, traditional Vietnamese dinner courtesy of Jimmy Tran, owner of Pho Van Restaurant. He has come to be our good friend throughout our years of visiting his establishment.

He has the best Vietnamese cuisine in the Phoenix area. He prides himself on being a saucier and truly is gifted at replicating the flavors of vietnamese cooking. We frequent his establishment on average bi- weekly and it’s always consistently delicious! Jimmy Tran is a wonderful host. He makes sure that each customer has a pleasurable eating experience. We think the world of Jimmy and the way he conducts business.

The following pics are of our special dinner. On this evening, Jimmy prepared ” Hot Pot ” for us. It’s like fondue, with a wonderfully seasoned broth.





We were also celebrating my brother in-law, Hilton’s B-Day. I made and took to the dinner a homemade New York Style Cheesecake.


What a wonderful evening we all had. Thank You Jimmy Tran!
Pho Van is located at…
2095 North Dobson Rd. #3
In Chandler, AZ
Tele: (480) 857-8130
Tell him Tyna sent you!




The Observer’s Writings…

Watching you from a distance, the injustices soon unfold.
As if watching in slow motion the moments that are told…
The pain and suffering of a child I love dearly breaks my heart.
I watch you my dear daughter as you completely fall apart.
Big dreams come rushing to a halt as you focus on each minute.
You wonder how you’ll get through this nightmare but yet, you’re still in it.

I hear the screams from down the hall while treatment is being rendered.
Fury blinds me when I think of why we are here and I surrender-
To the depths of anguish and despair seeking justice and some solace.
Understanding that the man responsible is a druggy and is lawless .
I vow to myself to stand vigilant, strong and true-
In overseeing and making sure that justice comes to you.

I wrote this after Liz was injured…

This I wrote after recalling my long ago PhD experience in hard knocks…
(This was from another lifetime lol…)

For Every Bruise That Comes To Me

For every bruise that comes to me, I hope that God will punish thee-
For having been such a brute, God knows my mind just can’t compute-
For every tear that I have shed , May God bring your heart to dread-
For every insult you’ve thrown at me, may God avenge and punish thee-
For all the cruelty beyond measure, may God take away all your pleasure-

May God give me the strength to endure and show me that his love is pure-
May I be reminded of my worth, and that I’m treasured on this earth-
For surely this to will end, and I will be free of you and then…
I will be at peace myself, and I can regain my mental health!
Their will be no stopping me, my mind and spirit will finally be free!
To live and love as I see fit, without the fear of getting hit…

I have been working on lyrics for two more original songs that I have written this week. Here is the first entitled, “Lost In The Game”

What do I have to do to get through here? I want so much to be heard- I have so much that I want to say now- The words are falling into place.
I’m reaching far beyond what’s comfortable- I’m hoping to catch my big break. I don’t understand why it’s so difficult, to find my niche and stake my place. It’s harder than I thought to impress you, I find I’m lost in the game-

Maybe, it’s too late for me- I missed my chance long ago. I was busy living life, you know? Just show me how to play this game.

Lately, I’ve come to see, dreams must be realized in your head. I want this so much, I need some help and luck, to find my way through this maze! I want to play, but I’m lost in the game…Lost In The Game
* I finished Lost In The Game. it’s posted on SoundCloud. Here ya go…
I will post the finished composition when I put it all together…IMG_5430.JPG

Shiny New View

Lost In The Game

Lost In The Game…



This is a pic of “the keys to my happiness”, when it was brand new, not even out of the box. I have had this beautiful keyboard for a year now. I spent a few days putting together a new song that I am writing! I am calling this Lost In The Game. Lost In The Game
I need to write some lyrics for it. A work in progress. I decided that I would like to write enough songs to fill a CD. Wouldn’t that be something?! What a feeling that would be! I’m going to challenge myself to do this… Lyrics…
This song needs lyrics… Tomorrow maybe?


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Lost In The Game…


This is a pic of “the keys to my happiness”, when it was brand new, not even out of the box. I have had this beautiful keyboard for a year now. I spent a few days putting together a new song that I am writing! I am calling this Lost In The Game. Lost In The Game
I need to write some lyrics for it. A work in progress. I decided that I would like to write enough songs to fill a CD. Wouldn’t that be something?! What a feeling that would be! I’m going to challenge myself to do this… Lyrics…
This song needs lyrics… Tomorrow maybe?

IMG_1052.JPGNew View
This is another new song that needs lyrics… I just posted this on SoundCloud.

I Want All Of Me Back…You Can Have My Extra 10 Pounds …

<img src="https://tynajoymetzner.files.wordpress.com/2014/07/20140728-192948-70188467.jpg"

All Of Me

This is my cover of All Of Me written by John Legend.

I chuckle to myself when I recall what a challenge it was to get all of the lyrics to stick in my head. The music wasn’t hard to figure out but the lyrics are a real mouthful… Geez John…You give me all of you, I give you all of me, the way I see it there is nothing left of either one of us…too much giving! How bout I keep some of me and you keep some of you? OMG! I need some of me back!

I think everybody and their brother covered this song. My YouTube video is buried in the sea of ” All Of Me” covers…My daughter and husband challenged me to learn it. They didn’t think that I could. But, here it is. Keep in mind I’m no John Legend. I’m just an ordinary 52 year old housewife…
Be kind lol.

*John Legend played in Phoenix last night. I didn’t have the opportunity to see him. Wasn’t paying attention to the concert listings… I am sure that he undoubtably was terrific!

Whatever I Touch, There I Will Prosper. Whatever Touches Me, I Will Make Better.

Where’ s My PhD?

I get the biggest kick out of watching them succeed! This you will always have my dears, the beginning of your dream. Life’s triumphs are but few and far between- and all that is coming, remains yet, to be seen.

What I am wondering is where’s my PhD? A life of hard knocks has been the life for me… I’ve earned it and I’d like to know which University, hands out diplomas to people just like me? Life experience and plenty of hard places… I found my way out of many tight spaces. In retrospect I can see, the wisdom in all that’s come to be but I still want that PhD!

That frame-able reminder of all that I’ve been through. Knowing it’s been worth something and that others see it to. The work it’s been to get here and the sense of pride I feel. Might sound silly to you but to me it’s a big deal! I want that piece of paper that acknowledgement to me, a handshake and a nod from alumni and faculty…The accomplishment that comes after all the hard works done. I want my second act now, it’s time to have some fun!

Be a mover and a shaker and really kick some ass-but do it with dignity and hopefully with class. Be a world beater but be kind to those you meet- be the best that you can be don’t feel you have to compete. For the world has plenty of room for those with PhD’s in life experience. This I tell myself when I’m tired and feel delirious.

For those who have taken care of others and been the overseers- I want to impart kudos to you for you really are great leaders! For teaching the world that it’s “ok” to help others accomplish a goal. Makes you instrumental in the world, as a whole! For “It Takes A Village” as one wise woman proclaimed. You can take that knowledge and hopefully no shame, that you have helped the greater good and probably overcame- obstacles in abundance, frustration and some blame.

So this I have to say, Congratulations on earning this degree! The School Of Hard Knocks acknowledges you hard work and tenacity! I give to you this honorary degree of PhD, in Applied Life Science of Hard Knocks and Misery. Now go out there and make this ole world a better place to be! The possibilities are endless for those with this degree.

Philosophers, life coaches and teachers all take heed, their are no greater teachers than our lives we all must lead. The education comes to us all in different ways, the hows and whys differ but the result is all the same. Whatever our misfortune, our plight to overcome- we look upon our history, this is what we draw from. We find a way to make “it” work, whatever “it” may be. This is how we navigate life’s harsh adversity.

So when you gaze upon my plaque and question my credentials, I’ll have you look into my soul and show you my life hurdles. That got me to this place of honor that I hold today. This I will always look upon, cherish and display! For I have knowledge that only “Life” can teach. I feel accomplished and confident that I truly reached, a level worth of excepting this prestigious PhD. I’m so glad I’ve had the chance to learn all I can be! Now here’s to fun and happiness for all eternity! Learnings done and funs begun and maybe I will see? The journey that I took, didn’t come from a book…it came from me!


Ps. This is a pic of my daughter Delcee. She graduated with her AA this May. I couldn’t be more proud of her! This post is in fun and sarcasm and does not take away from her genuine accomplishment! Love this kid, she truly is a world beater! On to ASU in the fall!

Loyal Chicago Fan For 41 Years!

My all time favorite band is Chicago. They are genius at arranging their music. Each instrument playing a complex intregal part of each song. Amazing!

I cover a few of their songs…

Till We Meet Again
Saturday In The Park
Critic’s Choice
Alma Mater

Here are some of their originals that I love so much….Enjoy!
Street Player

Brand New Love Affair
Hide Away
Hard For Me To Say I’m Sorry/ Get Away
King Of Might Have Been</
Critic’s Choice

These are my two favorite Chicago songs that feature the great voice of Terry Kath. I cover these, see earlier links…
Till We Meet Again
Alma Mater

These are just a few that I love and listen to often. As you can see, they aren’t all hits. Great works by a great band. My love for this band is unwavering. I have loved them since I was 11. I have seen them 15 times. It was always my dream to meet them but sadly, I haven’t yet. When I was young I used to fantasize about sitting on my piano bench with Robert Lamm. In my fantasy, he would play different songs and tell me about what inspired him to write the song he was playing. I had the biggest crush on Robert Lamm!

Everytime I see them in concert I feel as if I have gone home! Strange, unexplainable feeling really.
My first Chicago concert was at age 13 in Cleveland, OH with the Beach Boys! Phenomenal! Saw them in Erie, PA., Los Angeles, CA a few times! San Francisco, a few times, Paso Robles, CA, and in many, various Phoenix, AZ venues.
I was such a fan that my artistic Mom sketched a huge replica of their logo on my wall when I was 12. I thought it was the coolest thing ever and it really was! I carved out the piece of wood with their logo as you see on my featured pic. When I was about 15. It still sits on my old family piano… Love you Chicago! It is still a big dream of mine to meet them one day…

<img src=”https://tynajoymetzner.files.wordpress.com/2014/08/