Grateful For Stolen Moments And Silent Lucidity

Busted! Clarice is always on my piano bench. Perfect perch for her to look out the window. She sits there more than I do by far these days! I’ve been busy doing things that are not nearly as much fun for me. Mostly chasing my tail. The cycle of domestic chores that loop continuously. Dishes, laundry, bills to pay, grocery shopping and cooking! Not to mention taxi services for kids… The norm.

I did however take time yesterday for a few songs for my YouTube channel. Although I’m not in the Christmas spirit yet I thought I would sing a Christmas song that is popular on my SoundCloud channel right now. Lots of listens on my SoundCloud track of, So This Is Christmas. I thought I would see what my phone could do. I used my phone to record the video. The camera was pretty awful. The audio quality was better than I had thought it would be! Anyway, my effort for today…

Silent Lucidity…

My husband would so be annoyed if he knew I spent part of my day doing this…he hates this part of me. He thinks it’s a huge waste of time and he resents my doing this. Many arguments have occurred over my music. Few things push his buttons as much as my keyboard. He has always been the furthest thing from supportive here. He’s the first one to tell me how much I suck at this… I very well may suck at this but, it nourishes my spirit somehow. So, I value any time I can afford to sit at these keys! I can’t tell you how difficult it has been to encounter so much hostility toward a part of myself that I treasure. The need to play music is way deep down inside me. It defines my spirit in a way that makes me who I am. I only have stolen precious moments to play… So much opposition! If I were to make money doing this he’d be fine with it he says. It’s only ok if it makes us money…

On a lighter note (haha), Thanksgiving is next week. I’m gathering my recipes and the ingredients to create our feast. My daughter Delcee and her fiancé Eric will be joining us for dinner. Instead of traditional pumpkin pie, I have decided to make a Pumpkin Cheesecake. I have never even tried Pumpkin Cheesecake so this will be different. I have also opted for a Marie Callendars frozen Dutch Apple Pie since I have a nice dollar off coupon! It also comes with a free Reddi-Whip container!


Ps… *The Affordable Care Act that is taxing the middle class is infuriating! We had to sign up for health care for the new fiscal year this week. Just adequate health care coverage will now cost us $350.00 a paycheck! Our deductible is sky high to attain as well. I cried… Such a horrible thing to have happen to our family! Also, no raises this year or for the past 5 years where my husband is employed. If you do the math, you would understand why change could be good?! President Obama, please take your Affordable Health Care Act with you when you leave the White House! If you love him then I mean no offense! Having had to live his political agenda here in Arizona has left us broke and heartbroken! Such a huge negative impact on our disposable income! UGH! A few weeks ago I told you that what we have been paying per month what could have made a car payment with car insurance ! As of January 2017, it will be as much as a our mortgage payment each month! You can love him all you want but for me, the facts are the facts and I am not smitten!



Author: tynajoymetzner

I've been a stay at home Mom for many years...Have earned a PhD in life experience. My oldest is 33 and my youngest is 15. This year, I adopted my 5 year old Granddaughter. On a quest to see all that I can be now. I am a musician, singer/ songwriter. In the process of trying to become marketable. Please visit and subscribe to my YouTube channel Would love to make money doing what I love! I love to do many domestic things also. Nothing I do seems to be profitable. Guess I am at a point in life that I would like to be compensated . My whole life I have given freely. I recently had a the wonderful opportunity to submit my music to Warner Bros Records for consideration to the label! They liked my music but requested that I get in the game by acquiring 20k followers. Appearantly, that what it takes to get signed to a major label! Sure WB, I'm working on it! You have to have a huge following to land a recording contract. Gone are the days where a label can and will make you...

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